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“Test and Dine” – the latest draconian policy

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As we predicted, proposals have been put forward for a “test and dine” scheme in what authorities claim is a bid to help the struggling hospitality sector, a sector only struggling thanks to the authorities draconian rules. The authorities also hope the scheme can be extended to “help” the arts and events industries as well.

The scheme has been put forward by Birmingham City council, with council leader Ian Ward telling a regional briefing that the local authorities were discussing the idea which would see people wanting to eat out tested for Covid-19 a few hours earlier.

Test and dine' proposed to support Birmingham restaurants - BBC News

It comes as hospitality businesses across the country consider legal action after being forced to close under tier three measures.

Ian Ward said, “We would pilot it initially with a very small number of restaurants,” Mr Ward said. “If it worked we would look to expand that going forward.

“If people book a seat at one of those restaurants to eat out, we would allow them to be tested, and provided they tested negative and the booking was within six hours of that test, then they would be able to go and dine at that particular restaurant.”

Test And Dine' Scheme Proposed To Get People Back In To Restaurants And  Pubs - LADbible

It can be expected that this type of scheme will be extended to other industries, meaning the public will have to pass a test to go the cinema or theatre, or to see their team play football. This is predictably going to be replaced with “freedom passes” once the authorities have had chance to offer their emergency approved miraculous vaccines to everyone. Meaning if you refuse the vaccine, you forfeit your legal right to freedom. This was confirmed by conservative MP, Tom Tugendhat, you can read the story here.

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