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The Plague of Fear breeds paranoia and stupidity as demand for Underground Bunkers surges due to fear of Covid-19

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Thanks to 24/7 propaganda on a supposed novel virus with an official fatality rate of less than 0.2%, a plague of fear has been unleashed on the nation which has duped millions of people into a fight or flight response and managed to reduce their capability for rational thought. This has lead to an increase in paranoia and stupidity which has resulted in a 2000% surge in demand for underground bunkers and survival equipment.

No, we are not making this up.

Preppers UK: Surviving Armageddon - National Geographic Channel -  International

Vivos, a US company which describes itself as the “World’s largest bunker survival community”, has announced 2000% increase in enquiries in 2020 which has lead so far to a 500% increase in sales. The company now has close to a million members.

Meanwhile in the UK, the coronavirus propaganda has lead to a huge increase in sales of freeze-dried products. The Sales Director, Justin Jones of UK Prepping Shop said “Sales have gone up by 487% in the last 3 months, with many first time buyers.”

“I don’t think people expected there to be empty shops,” he continued. “It’s always been laughed at when preppers have talked about this in the past. It came true and now we’ve got a nation of preppers.”

Under ground shed/ bunker/ man cave | Man cave home bar, Underground  shelter, Underground homes

A “prepper” is the term used to describe a prepared individual considered a survivalist. They are supposedly self reliant and do not require substantial assistance from an outside resource, e.g. the authorities. In other words these are people who prepare for doomsday scenarios.

Many people have not left their homes since March of this year due to an irrational fear of catching Covid-19. An irrational fear brought about thanks to the constant doom mongering on every media service available. But 10 months later the official statistics do not support the reaction and prove it has been the biggest over reaction in history.

Will you be buying an underground bunker any time soon?

Who's crazy now? Mocked preppers get last laugh | World | The Times

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