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Sanity still exists – Poll proves you can stop fearing what the Neighbours will think

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The Daily Expose can reveal that over 86% of people have stated they will not comply with the recent Government announcement that “Christmas is cancelled”.

Yesterday, immediately after their 4pm announcement we ran a poll on twitter asking “How many people are going to change their plans and obey the Government after their recent announcement?”

After 1,000 people voted only 13.4% / 134 people stated that “Yes they will obey” the Government, whilst 86.6% / 866 people stated their was “Not a chance” they would obey the Government.

The Daily Expose Twitter Poll

So many people are only complying with the Government’s ridiculous dictatorial, authoritarian rules because they are scared what the neighbours will think. We know this by the fact the majority think the wearing of face nappies is ridiculous but do it anyway because of the irrational fear of the consequence of what other people will think.

But we need the people to look at the bigger picture and fear the much larger consequences of obeying ridiculous rules. Such as wearing a face nappy to protect others from a supposed virus, when it isn’t supported by the science. By obeying the Government without question because you are ‘scared what the neighbours will think’, you are supporting and enabling a regime of Dictatorial Tyranny to reign across the country.

But our poll proves you can stop ‘worrying about what the neighbours will think’ as over 86% of you are all thinking the same.

This won’t end until we all say it does. You must do what you know to be right.

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