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Is the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson about to resign?

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The Daily Expose can confirm rumours are circulating that Boris Johnson may be on the verge of resigning and it is all planned to take place in January of 2021.

Let’s take a look at the evidence –

In August it was revealed that the father-in-law of Johnson’s closest aide (now ex-aide) Dominic Cummings has been in conversation with a woman named Anna Silverman, and stated that “Johnson plans to stand down in six months because of lingering health problems”.

We know this because Silverman repeated the conversation to the mainstream news.

Cummings’ father-in-law, Humphry Wakefield was quoted as saying, “If you put a horse back to work when it’s injured, it will never recover,”.

Then in October news stories appeared reporting that Johnson would resign by spring due to the fact he cannot live off a salary of £150K a year as Prime Minister. The stories stated he would see the UK through to the end of the Brexit transition period and then resign. Before becoming leader of the Tory party the PM was reportedly earning over £275K a year, and also made £160K in one month from giving two speeches.

Boris Johnson pictured with son for first time as PM and partner speak to  midwives | UK News | Sky News
Boris is 56 and has a 9 month old baby.

And now members of his own party are turning against him. Sir Roger Gale, the MP for North Thanet has called for Johnson to stand down if he cannot deliver a deal. Writing on Twitter the MP said “If Mr Johnson fails to reach an acceptable trade agreement with the EU the Prime Minister will also have failed the people of the United Kingdom. As a lifelong member of the Conservative Party, I believe that Mr Johnson’s position as Prime Minister would be untenable. As an honourable man, he would have to make way for somebody more able to pick up the pieces, to re-unite the whole country and to show the leadership that Great Britain and Northern Ireland deserves.”

Boris himself has already told us to prepare for an “Australian style” deal, a.k.a no deal. And we can see from his demeanor he does not seem very enthusiastic about it.

Boris Johnson to resign in 2021, says Dominic Cummings' father-in-law -  Business Insider

Finally the decisions he has made this year thanks to him falling hook, line and sinker for the doom mongering “scientific advice”, have devastated the country. He has overseen the UK falling into the deepest recession out of all the major economies and due to his constant U-turning he has devastated small businesses and peoples lives. We don’t imagine he’s really having a ‘very nice’ time at the minute.

So as a middle aged, overweight man with a 9 month old baby does he really have the energy to overcome the unprecedented disaster he has helped to create?

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