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80% of Public say they will “Refuse” the miraculous Covid vaccine

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A recent poll of over 1000 people conducted by The Daily Expose has revealed over 80% of those who took part will refuse the Covid vaccine.

The poll, which took place via Twitter, asked – “Will you be taking the “Covid” vaccine if/when you are offered it?”

With 1,087 votes the poll found only 14% would say yes, whilst 80.1% would say no, with 5.9% saying they currently don’t know.

Several people also commented with one saying –

“The scales fell off my eyes a number of years ago when I realised my chronic illness was caused by medical harms that started with my childhood vaccinations. There is no health care, only sick care. Big Pharma create customers and keep customers.”

Another said –

“I’ve been offered (pressured) through work (support worker). I politely but firmly declined Management not happy My stance has changed a little over the last few months Want it? Have it. Don’t? Then don’t Unfortunately, I feel the gov are going to go along a coercion route…”

A third said –

“No. I have an immune system and I will trust it.”

A fourth added –

“For a flu with a 99.98% survival rate!! NO!!”

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock recently revealed the government had secured over 355 million does of a “coronavirus” vaccine, more per capita than any other country.

Yet the population of the UK is 66.65 million, that works out at over 5 doses per person.

And with our poll showing 80% of people will refuse it that is an awful lot of tax payers money that is going to be making “Big Pharma.” rich in return for nothing.

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2 years ago

[…] poll which we conducted of over 1000 people on Twitter in December found that over 80 percent would refuse the Covid vaccine – it is no surprise that the government and big pharma are throwing everything they can at […]