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Covid Vaccines “could be mixed if necessary” – Are the conspiracies true?

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“Conspiracy” theorists state that there has long been a plan to vaccinate the entire human population. Some of these theories state there is a conspiracy to create mass infertility and depopulate the world, others that they want to inject microchips into everyone that will be capable of unfathomable things. Both theories lead to the fact that the “miraculous” vaccines that have been created to combat the supposed Covid-19, have been ready before Covid-19 even entered our lives and the “powers that be” just needed an excuse to get them into our arms. The Daily Expose can today reveal some shocking evidence that adds some weight to those theories…

The Pfizer vaccine and Astrazeneca vaccine have both recently been “approved” in the UK. We say approved, but they’ve only been approved for emergency use. What this means is that the safety checks are not as stringent and the manufacturers are not liable for any side effects, in other words you cannot sue them. Both of these vaccines apparently require two doses, several weeks apart in order to be effective.

Pfizer Says Their COVID-19 Vaccine Is More Than 90% Effective

So we currently have two big pharma companies making billions on the back of the taxpayer from a concoction of chemicals that they want to inject into our arms for a disease that official statistics show kills less than 0.2% of those it infects. That number is of course actually lower because we know these people are dying of other causes but are added to the statistics if they receive a positive test result from the unreliable PCR test within 28 days of their death.

But nevertheless these are two SEPARATE big pharma companies, who have not worked along side each other, have not carried out tests alongside each other and have produced two separate vaccines. So with that being the case it is very odd to hear comments such as this –

Professor Jeremy Brown, who is a member of the UK government’s Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation (JCVI), suggested patients could receive one jab of the Pfizer vaccine and another from AstraZeneca.

The professor said, “trials are being run, of one vaccine being followed by a second.

“They largely depend on the same spike protein, it’s just the carrier in the vaccine that’s different between them, so, in theory, you could mix between them.

“We’re not planning to do that at the moment but we’ll get the data and see whether it’s feasible because, from a pragmatic point of view, it might be necessary.”

These comments are of course backed up by the Government’s own advice which can be found here.

The advice states –

‘If an interval longer than the recommended interval is left between doses, the second dose should still be given (preferably using the same vaccine as was given for the first dose if possible).’

‘For individuals who started the schedule and who attend for vaccination at a site where the same vaccine is not available, or if the first product received is unknown, it is reasonable to offer one dose of the locally available product to complete the schedule.’

So it’s okay to complete the course of one vaccine by using another vaccine as the second dose? That can’t be right. Unless of course the conspiracy theories hold some truth and these vaccines are actually one and the same, and have been sat waiting to be injected into the human population at the first “reasonable” excuse to do so.

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