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Police arrest lady for sitting on a bench…then arrest another!

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Dictatorial Tyranny is officially in full swing in the UK. In March 2020 the Prime Minister took away our rights and freedoms on the promise that they needed just “three weeks to break the curve”. Ten months later, it is now 2021 and our right and freedoms have become a distant memory.

Police today arrested a woman out with her husband for sitting on a bench. No we’re not making it up.

They also arrested another woman at the same time for…..sitting on a bench.

What’s even more tragic about this is it is NOT against the law, however the police who say they are “just following orders” (that’s what people living in the nazi regime said in the 1930’s/40’s), are interpreting the laws entirely wrong and imposing orwellian actions on the people they are meant to serve and protect.

This all comes after police illegally entered a family home this week and assaulted the parents in front of their screaming children. See for yourself here.

These video’s need to be viewed by the general public so please share them on all social media platforms, this won’t end until we all say it does.

Watch the video of two ladies being arrested for sitting on a bench below…

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2 years ago

[…] Police arrest lady for sitting on a bench…then arrest another! Children scream as Police enter home without permission and wrestle parents to ground! […]