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Twitter tried to silence us – Please follow our new account…

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It’s finally happened – Twitter have silenced us.

Please follow our new account on Twitter –

Or find us on Gab –

Or Parler –

Or Telegram –

This is why we urgently need your support to bring you the facts that the mainstream refuse to… Please consider donating to our March Fundraising Campaign –

Thanks for your support

Daily Expose

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2 years ago

They deserved it spreading for spreading hate and lies

2 years ago

Hi guys, thank you for your site.

Forget twitter or rather twat-ter. They removed you, use gab, telegram and parler.

By using assholes like facebook, google, twater, instagram, amazon, you give money to your worst enemies, give them users they don’t deserve and perpetuate their monopolistic fascism.

Be brave, boycott them and say it out loud!