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Investigation: Has the NHS been overwhelmed during “the pandemic”?

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Boris Johnson imposed dictatorial, authoritarian measures on the British people on the 23rd March 2020 for a three-week period. The Prime Minister said he was doing this to “Protect the NHS” and “Save Lives”.

We are now almost a quart of the way through 2021 and the British people are still living under a dictatorial tyranny where it is illegal to have loved ones inside your home, illegal to socialise, illegal to walk into a shop without a face covering, and illegal to open your business if it is deemed as “non-essential” by the Government.

The list of draconian measures is endless, and apparently it is still all in the name of “Protecting the NHS” and “Saving Lives”. So ‘The Daily Expose’ decided to investigate exactly what it is that we are protecting the NHS from, and this is what we found…

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Boris recently set out his roadmap out of lockdown which is dependant on the uptake of an experimental “vaccine” and the NHS not being overwhelmed. So we took a look at NHS data for the whole of 2020, to see if the “stay at home” orders have ever been justified and whether the NHS has actually been overwhelmed.

The data showed that on the 22nd December 2020 there were 76,193 beds occupied across all NHS England hospitals. Of those occupied 14,902 were by people who had received a positive test result for coronavirus. It is important to note that the statistics only show people who have received a positive test result, from what is a flawed PCR test that shouldn’t be testing for viruses. So they could be in hospital and being treated for a heart attack but receive a positive test result and be added to the Covid-19 patients statistics.

Non-Covid Occupancy Data
Positive results for Coronavirus Occupancy Data

The number of occupied beds has remained around 76,000 throughout the whole of December in 2020, so we took a look at the data for December 2019 next, and this is what we found –

On the 22nd December 2019, there were 90,085 beds occupied throughout all NHS England hospitals. That means there were around 14,000 fewer people occupying beds on the same day during the “deadly pandemic” when hospitals are supposedly overwhelmed.

22nd December 2019 Statistics

The average occupancy throughout December 2019 was around 96,000. Which means in reality there were actually 20,000 fewer occupied beds within NHS England hospitals during the “deadly pandemic”. December 2020 average – 76,000, December 2019 average, 96,000 – where were the calls for national lockdown back in 2019?

Don’t believe us? See for yourself here.

This got us thinking, they’re clearly not overwhelmed by bed occupancy or availability right now because they have 20,000 fewer occupied than at the same time in 2019, so maybe it’s because of how overwhelmed they were during the first lockdown? Maybe it’s to “Protect the NHS” so it doesn’t get as busy as that again. So we took a look.

We examined the data from 2017 – 2020 looking at the months of April – June. Again this is for the total number of beds occupied.

  • In 2017, April-June there were on average a total of 91,724 beds occupied which equated to 89.1% occupancy.
  • In 2018, April-June there were on average a total of 91,056 beds occupied which equated to 89.8% occupancy.
  • In 2019, April-June there were on average a total of 91,730 beds occupied which equated to 90.3% occupancy.
  • In 2020, April-June there were on average a total of 58,005 beds occupied which equated to 62% occupancy.

Thirty-Percent Down! As you can see every year prior to 2020 has an average occupancy rate of 91,000 / 90%. Whereas 2020 has 33,000 / 30% less beds occupied. What’s the difference between 2020 and all previous years? 2020 is meant to be a year where a “Deadly Pandemic” is raging throughout the world. Just what exactly did Boris and his circle of one-dimensional Scientists lock the country down for? Judging by the statistics so far you could have put half of the NHS Doctors and Nurses on holiday and the NHS would still have coped.

Data for Bed Occupancy April-June 2020

Data for Bed Occupancy April-June 2019

Our journey through the data so far hadn’t convinced us the current draconian laws making the British public’s lives miserable were justified, so we thought we’d take a look at A&E attendance to see if this was overwhelming the NHS England hospitals.

We took a look at A&E attendance in the months of April (Lockdown 1) and November (Lockdown 2) for 2020 and compared this with April and November in 2018 and 2019.

  • 2018 – April – 1,984,369 attended A&E / November – 2,036,847 attended A&E
  • 2019 – April – 2,112,165 attended A&E / November – 2,143,505 attended A&E
  • 2020 – April – 916,581 attended A&E / November – 1,485,132 attended A&E

Fifty-Seven Percent Down! A&E attendance at what was the supposed height of what the authorities dubbed the “first wave” was 57% down on the previous year. November was busier but it was still 31% down on November in 2019. We hope you are as shocked about this as we were?

April, 2020 A&E Attendance

Still don’t believe us? You can see for yourself here.

The official data shows NHS England hospitals being far from overwhelmed throughout the year of the supposed “Deadly Pandemic” so we wanted to see the data on treatment for other diseases and illnesses that weren’t the so called Covid-19. But shockingly, and coincidentally (if you believe in coincidences that is, we don’t) the NHS had stopped publishing this type of data as of February 2020.

We tried to look at the data for cancelled operations and we were met with this –

The last published data on cancelled operations came on February 13th 2020 and covered the third quarter of 2019.

Next we tried to see if we could find anything within the Combined Performance Summary data, only to be met with
“From March 2020, the Combined Performance Summary has been decommissioned, so will no longer be produced (final publication 13th February 2020).”

It was frustrating to not be able to see the data for treatment of conditions that were not Covid-19 so we went to the final piece of the jigsaw instead. The number of deaths that have occurred in 2020, and it is shocking. Covid-19 is a disease of the respiratory system. It is therefore defined as a respiratory disease. That is fact. Remember that when you look at this next set of statistics.

April of 2020 had a huge spike in the number of deaths compared to all other years. Now you would think this is due to the “deadly pandemic”, but as we have already shown NHS England hospitals were far from overwhelmed and A&E attendance was at an all time low. The usual number of deaths on average for all other years in April is around the 50,000 mark, however 2020 saw a number hitting around the 80,000 mark.

Graph showing number of deaths per day against 5 year average.

That graph and that number makes it look like there may just have actually been a deadly pandemic? Maybe the UK Government and the crazy scientists were justified in their actions of destroying the economy and ruining millions of lives?

You may be right to think that until you take a look at the data on deaths caused by respiratory diseases in April 2020. Remember Covid-19 is a respiratory disease so these include but aren’t limited to Covid-19 deaths as other respiratory diseases exist. They always have.

ONS data for deaths caused by respiratory disease.

The data shows that there was a grand total of 9,967 deaths causes by respiratory diseases in April 2020. No, we’re not making it up, see for yourself here. So in a month where the deaths increases by 30,000 on the 5 year average to around 80,000 only 9,900 were caused by Covid and other respiratory diseases. You may be clutching at straws now and thinking that the nearly 10,000 respiratory disease deaths are a huge increase on previous years in April? Well we did the hard work for you and this is what we found –

  • 2018 – 8,168 respiratory disease deaths
  • 2019 – 8,371 respiratory disease deaths

So an increase of only 1,600 in 2020 on the previous year. Doesn’t really justify locking down the country does it? That’s only 0.017% who died of respiratory disease in 2020. Even if the same number of deaths were occurring throughout the rest of 2020 that would only be 0.15% of the entire population of England. But it didn’t, April was the anomaly and the death rate has been in line with the 5 year average throughout the rest of 2020. So why was April such an anomaly? What caused 30,000 extra deaths in April?

Well we conclude it is because of the fear that the doom mongering scientists along with Boris Johnson’s Government and the Mainstream Media managed to spread throughout the entire nation. A fear which resulted in the population being too scared to attend hospital when otherwise they would have done. All because they were either disproportionately scared of a supposed “deadly virus” or disproportionately scared of being a burden on the NHS. We can only assume because they’ve refused to publish the data that it is down to the NHS also catching the fear bug and stopping all treatment for other diseases and illnesses.

Ultimately Covid-19 was not the cause of 30,000 extra deaths in April 2020, fear of it was. The NHS has had what looks like an easy ride this year according to the numbers, it’s quietest year in decades. That’s maybe why so many nurses have had time to create TikTok dancing videos?

The statistics show that there has been no pandemic of a deadly virus throughout 2020. The only deadly pandemic has been the Dictatorial, Authoritarian Government that has listened to One–Dimensional, Doom Mongering Scientists, supported by Fear Spreading, Propaganda Machines that call themselves the Mainstream Media.

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2 years ago

Has anybody actually checked those numbers? There is so many of them that I don’t even know where to start.

2 years ago

Whistleblowers have been demonised, arrested and fined for trying to show us the real impact on the NHS. Consider that all non essential outpatient clinics and surgeries were cancelled that left most of the NHS dormant and yet we all had to clap like trained seals for “The angel’s”

2 years ago

Absolutely spot on. Proof positive Govt have LIED to the British people and must be overthrown.

2 years ago

You need to understand that the finite resource of critical care beds was and still is full beyond capacity. Yes the wards are also full and no the surplus outpatients doctors and nurses are not going to waste, they are redeployed to the critical care units or wards dealing with increased capacity. I personally would not want to be critically sick at this point in time. One critical care nurse to four ventilated patients is like watching four films and expecting to critique each film in full. I know this because I work there. This is not a fake capacity crisis, however historically we may have suffered every winter with capacity. This is different, definitely worse than the usual winter pressures x 100.

2 years ago

I’ve been hospitals for a few reasons. Never for myself so I had time to sit and move around. Hospitals are NOT overwhelmed. They are more empty than I’ve ever seen them in the past. The media and government can lie all they want, repeat and repeat but it won’t become true because unfortunately for them, most people have eyes that can see more than just the TV

2 years ago

This is a response to the comments:
Everyone needs to stop being armchair experts. Just because you had a blood test or dropped off some clothes for a relative and the corridors were empty does not mean the hospitals are empty. They have been dangerously full, by this I mean – thankfully you haven’t had a heart attack or had a major bleed from some oesophageal varricies. Then you would be a contender for a lack of beds and potentially suffer because staff are looking after four critically sick patients and might miss something very important with you. It’s a fact, overall (majority) of NHS hospitals have been at dangerous capacity. Obviously staff are professional so they don’t run around like headless chickens, they approach this situation with rationality and of course have to make some difficult decisions in who can be escalated to critical care. Just stop spreading lies about this “fake crisis”. It’s not fake. Over 850 healthcare workers have died because they did their jobs and looked after the sick, it’s insulting to these people to brandish this as fake.

Educate yourselves on a real issue:

2 years ago

Biggest scam in history. Ask Bill Gates, who has invested in every pharmaceutical company and controls WHO. Look at the Governments own infectious diseases. Look up high consequence infectious diseases on Gov.UK site and on 19th March 2020 before lockdowns, Covid 19 wasn’t even classed as an infectious disease. PCR tests that have been used which have given out false positives and the government have only just admitted it, nearly 12 months later. The virus was never isolated to make a vaccine, which they have spent millions on propaganda to control the public with there mind games and making the public fearful for there lives so they will take it. Thousands of lives have been lost since the rollout of it and using experimental mRNA which has never had the testing and been passed through by emergency laws. The human race is an experiment and nobody knows the consequences of it.

Ann Wright
Ann Wright
2 years ago

Food for thought most certainly. Thank you for bringing this to light. Hopefully people will see through the media hype but I’m not holding my breath

2 years ago

[…] They would know that A&E attendance was 57% down compared to the previous year during the first national lockdown, they would know that the number of occupied hospital beds was 30% down compared to the previous year during the first national lockdown, and they would know that the NHS essentially had a holiday during the year of the deadly pandemic compared to the previous five years. (Source) […]

2 years ago

I am sending this to my local MP.

2 years ago

Thank you for this very informative information. I have been wide awake for the last 4years now. Doctors take an oath to do no harm, but I am seeing that some of them have taken pay offs or been blackmailed to go along with goverment narrative. Many families have lost loved ones and so many people were scared to go to hospital, because they thought they were a burden on the NHS. This is mass genocide and I have no compassion for these doctors or nurses ect that followed this dictatorship. They will have to answer to God.

2 years ago

[…] simply isn’t true though as thanks to a Daily Expose investigation we uncovered that A&E attendance has actually been up to 60% down across the UK since the first […]

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

In order to get people terrified, first you have to have lock down orders, then wear masks (which don’t work) to heighten the fear factor, then tell them the only way to avoid getting Covid-19 was to get an experimental test vaccine, which is potentially a bio-weapon and get as many Covid-19 shots into their willing arms, fully understanding when the next Coronavirus outbreak occurs, these victims will think they are protected, when in fact they are not and the numbers who die, will be astronomical and guess what, they are still putting Covid-19 experimental test vaccines in people, when later Covid 1.1.7 and P.1 infections overpower Covid-19 injections, as if they were not there, but apparently the side effects when later Covid infections occur are much worse than ever experienced previously, which suggests to me this is going to be the killing stroke and the extermination across the planet.
You have been vaccinated, then if the vaccination does not kill you, then the next Covid outbreak will.
Why inject people with Covid-19 vaccines, when they are obsolete, unless that is part of the overall extermination program – the more injected, the more dead, later on.
If the rMNA particles don’t get you, after they have crossed through the BBB in the Lipids they are encased with, into your Marrow Bones, Heart, Liver and Brain, then Covid will finish the job instead. Pretty much, when you have had the test vaccine, you are a dead person walking, you just don’t know it yet.
Not counting no insurance policies they have all been cancelled, from the moment you were vaccinated.
One of our cleaners was vaccinated with AstroZeneca a few days ago, horrid side effects from the first shot, was thinking of telling her, her insurance company is giving huge discounts when their members are vaccinated, give them a ring and find out how much when you get home – like 100% payments saved -along with the cancellation – after all why pay money out for nothing, you can ever recover?

2 years ago

[…] Hospitals beds in April 2020 were 30% down compared to the previous year. […]

Francis Maxino
Francis Maxino
1 year ago

This is very telling, I made a similar type of search for only 2020-21 to try and find any evidence for ‘over-run’ hospitals. Unocuppied ICU availability in the US seemed a similar situation –
It is the intensive or critical care beds available that is the alleged issue, British national health must keep running counts of these, perhaps an historical comparison to previous yars of ICU bed availability might give a more comprehensive picture than just ‘beds’ used or unused.

11 months ago

[…] Hospital beds in April 2020 were 30% down compared to the previous year. […]

11 months ago

[…] I letti ospedalieri nell’aprile 2020 erano in calo del 30% rispetto all’anno precedente. […]