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Fully Vaccinated New Jersey Doctor Dies of Covid on Trip to India

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Did Dr. Rajendra Kapila Die From COVID-19 After ...
Source: Techarp
Dr. Rajendra Kapila, 81, died of Covid on a trip to India, after receiving both doses of the Pfizer vaccine in USA.

A New Jersey doctor who was considered a “giant in the field of infectious diseases” has died of Covid, after receiving both shots of the Pfizer vaccine.

Dr. Rajendra Kapila, 81, a professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and founding member of the New Jersey Infectious Disease Society, died in India nearly three weeks after testing positive for Covid.

The 81-year-old’s ex-wife wife, Dr. Bina Kapila, said that he visited India said that he intended to visit India for a brief period – where the pandemic is reportedly raging – to care for his family. The late doctor suffered from diabetes and heart complications.

In a statement, Rutgers said: “For 50 years, Dr. Kapila served as a foundational pillar of New Jersey Medical School, the Martland Hospital and University Hospital where he provided care to tens of thousands of patients and trained numerous generations of medical students, residents, and fellows.

“A genuine giant in the field of infectious diseases, Dr. Kapila was recognized worldwide and sought out for his legendary knowledge and extraordinary clinical acumen in diagnosing and treating the most complex infectious diseases.

“Dr. Kapila founded the Division of Infectious Diseases and facilitated its continued and extraordinary growth and development into one of the leading infectious diseases programs in the country.”

The Indian Daily reported that Dr. Kapila came to India with his wife, Dr. Deepti Saxena-Kapila, at the end of March and stayed in Ghaziabad. He planned to fly back to the US by the second week of April but was admitted to Dehli’s Shanti Mukund Hospital where he later died.

Dr. Kapila’s wife said that she and her husband were fully vaccinated and had received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine in the US.

“For the last one year, I have been working at a COVID-19 lab in New Jersey and had ensured a safe environment at home… It is ironic that we came to India for two weeks and he contracted it here,” said Dr. Deepti Saxena-Kapila, who specializes in microbiology.

During his life, Dr. Kapila worked extensively on HIV-AIDS, trained several people in his profession, and practiced at Rutgers University for 50 years.

Robert A. Schwartz, a member of U.S Presidential Advisory Councill on HIV/AIDS and professor and head of dermatology at Rutgers University, tweeted: “Condolences to the family of Rajendra Kapila, the @RutgersU professor, @CityofNewarkNJ physician, and @USArmy veteran who advocated for the finest healthcare attainable for all. He will be remembered for his unmatched sagacity and conduct exemplarily of the @AOA_society motto.”

Despite cases of fully vaccinated patients contracting Covid and worse, dying of it, being reported, the mainstream media and corrupt ‘health officials’ continue to argue that the vaccine will resolve the reported pandemic and act as a ‘key to freedom.’ After all, if it were reported that the vaccine fails to prevent recipients from catching the virus, no one would want to be injected with an experimental concoction.

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Andrews Andrews
Andrews Andrews
2 years ago

Would you go to India with his health probs .Vax or not

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

So, is a fully test vaccinated person protected from Covid?

Potentially, it would appear not and in that case, how many people who have the test vaccines have been reported as being saved from Covid, bearing in mind that each vaccinated person would have to go through 10 to 14 days of bad flu like symptoms (Coronavirus) first and then NOT get Covid, afterwards, in the body and head, before it could be established that Test Vaccines work.

By the same token, everyone in the vicinity of that infected person, should report if they get Coronavirus too, to establish if the test vaccines stop the spread of the flu symptoms, prior to Covid.

I would guess they don’t, because you can’t catch Covid, you have to catch Coronavirus first and let it mutate into Covid in your head, over the above 10 to 14 days and then down into your body, afterwards, when Test vaccines would presumably kick in and stop Covid from occurring, in your head and body – but how could a test vaccine in your body, stop established Covid in your head? .

“If” Test vaccines don’t work – better do my free simple salt water cure instead, when you get the first symptoms of the flu – which is bound to be Coronavirus, irrespective of which variant you have now caught.

I vouch for my simple free salt water cure, because it has kept me safe for over 26 years (and other people too, I have told about it) and I am never sick – so, to my way of thinking, kill the Coronavirus in your head, before it ever gets to be Covid in your head and body first, makes absolute sense to me.

Then every person will have protection from all flu like symptoms (Coronavirus) and test vaccines will have no further purpose for Coronavirus, that I can see, when you take into account the probability that having test vaccines, automatically cancels your insurance policies, because insurance providers did not have the Covid and test vaccines proviso, written into their policies, prior to Coronavirus and Covid – how could they, who could predict the future?

Best to check and see if your insurers will honor any claims you make against them, after getting your test vaccines for Covid, because there really is no point paying insurance premiums, for insurance policies you won’t ever be able to claim on, in the longer term, is there?

By the same token, once you have had your vaccine shots, you will probably find no insurance company will insure you again, because the risk factor of your dying, is much higher, and insurance companies are “in it” to make money on sure bets, not make payments out, because the risk factors that test vaccines factor in, increase exponentially, more insurance claims being made.

I have heard rumors, from people in shops and businesses, that insurance companies are voiding insurance policies and won’t pay out on them – but you really need to check yourself and find out if this is true, for you – I don’t know, which is why you should find out!!

My simple free salt water cure, does not cause insurance policies to be voided, after all, if you are never ill, like me, why should they and I have the usual insurance policies everyone has, with the exception of a Life Policy at 74!!


2 years ago

He was 81-year-old, suffered from diabetes and heart complications. Vaccinated or not, he shouldn’t have gone to India at a time like this. RiP doctor.

Andy Dan
Andy Dan
2 years ago

He had access to all the information the rest of us had – the work of John Ioannidis, the results of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, evidence that the spike protein causes coagulation and reported adverse reactions to the experimental treatments. Turns out he wasn’t such a bright spark after all.