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Young Engineer Dies 3 Weeks After First Dose of the AstraZeneca Vaccine

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Jack Last (pictured), 27, died at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge on Tuesday, April 20, just 11 days after attending A&E because he was suffering from headaches
Source: Daily Mail
Jack Last, 27, a field service engineer, tragically died just weeks after receiving his first dose of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

A 27-year-old engineer has tragically died just three weeks after receiving the Oxford AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

Jack Last, a field service engineer, died at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge on Tuesday, April 20, just 11 days after attending A&E because he was suffering from headaches.

The field service engineer, from Stowmarket, Suffolk, was surprised to be offered his first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine because he did not have any underlying conditions.

He attended his first vaccine appointment at Trinity Park in Ipswich, Suffolk, on March 30 with “no fuss.”

The engineer was described as “fit and healthy” by his family, who are shocked and devasted at his sudden passing.

His 32-year-old sister Jasmine said: “It was very unusual for Jack to feel unwell at all. To my knowledge, he … never had a day off work due to illness.”

She also described him as someone who lived an active lifestyle and managed “to fit in so much.”

His devastated family is waiting to hear the results of a post-mortem to confirm the cause of his sudden death and are wanting to know why he was offered the jab.

Jasmine said: “He didn’t know why he’d been told to book the [vaccine] appointment.”

She said that because he was an “easy-going guy”, Jack booked his vaccine appointment immediately without hesitation: “So quite simply, as he received the [booking] text … he did just that and booked it up with no fuss. That was his nature.”

Jack began to feel unwell soon post-injection and visited A&E with headaches. His sister revealed that he was moved to Addenbrooke’s Hospital from West Suffolk on April 11, as he started to get a bleed on the brain and passed away a few days later.

The Last family said that they are currently unwilling to comment on the circumstances surrounding his death as they wait to hear post-mortem results: “We’re waiting for the post-mortem results and the inquest date to be confirmed – but we do believe that his death was linked to the vaccine,” Jasmine said.

This is just one of many cases where the AstraZeneca vaccine has been linked to fatal blood clots, as the UK government released their 14th report on adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines, and the list of victims is growing rapidly.

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2 years ago

My dad refused the “vaccine”, he was 86 years old. He sat and chatted for a few hours to a family friend who had just got the shot a few days earlier and two days later my dad got a huge brain bleed and died. Lots of evidence coming out now that un-“vaccinated” people should avoid those who have had the shots for at least a month afterwards as those people shed spike proteins which are what does all the damage. Many women who haven’t taken the shots have lost babies and have also had huge blood clots during menstruation etc. Stay away from these “vaccines” and anyone insane enough to take them.