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UK Government Secretly Tracked Vaccinated Brits’ Phones After Covid Jab to See If Their Behaviour Changed

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A report has revealed that millions in the UK were tracked by their phones without their knowledge after they received the Covid vaccine.

Phones were tracked without consent as part of a government study into how their movements changed post-injection.

According to the report which was leaked by The Telegraph, data from one in ten phones in the UK was tracked in February.

The phone data was used by researchers at Oxford University who were carrying out studies for the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours (SPI-B), which advises the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).

Oxford scientists used ‘cell phone mobility data’ for one in ten of the British population and figured out that over 4,254 people had received a jab.

The scientists then tracked the vaccinated group using call data records and monitored certain locations for the week before and after vaccination to determine whether a change in movement could be detected.

The movements of the monitored vaccinated group were compared against a control group and scientists found that their “average pre-vaccination mobility increased by 218 metres.”

According to a government source, people were not tracked at an individual level, data was anonymised, and it was not possible for scientists to identify those who were being monitored.

The source said that it was GPS tracing and the study was given the green-light by an Oxford University ethics committee.

Privacy campaigners who are battling state surveillance raised their concerns over the report, stating that the British public will be “disturbed to discover they were unwittingly tracked and subjected to behavioural analysis via their phones.”

Silkie Carlo, a spokesman for Big Brother Watch, told The Telegraph: “No one expects that by going to get a vaccine they will be tracked and monitored by their own Government.

“This is deeply chilling and could be extremely damaging to public trust in medical confidentiality.

“Between looming Covid passports and vaccine phone surveillance, this Government is turning Britain into a Big Brother state under the cover of Covid. This should be a wake up call to us all.”

In response to the leaked report, a government spokesman said: “All the data sets used in this research are set out in the paper, which makes clear that the mobile phone location data used is GDPR-compliant and has been provided from a company that collected, cleaned, and anonymised the data.

“The data is at cell tower rather than individual level. The researchers were granted access to the dataset under a research contract with ethical approval provided to the researchers from the University of Oxford, working on behalf of SPI-B.”

It will be of no surprise that this news will be hastily swept under the carpet and will be forgotten by the majority, who will blindly roll up their sleeves to accept experimental “vaccines” that have caused over 851,756 adverse reactions so far…

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Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

The Prime Minister does not make decisions on his own, he has a lot of ministers who advise him of the best courses of action he can take to resolve an issue and he is guided by what they say.
When you expect the Prime Minister to listen to your cries for attention, he has to take everything into account to decide what the greater good is for everyone, not just a few and he can’t let just a few, dictate to him, what they think is best for the country, when he looks at what is happening all around the world and sees for himself, what works from what does not.
His advisers are telling him the only way out of Covid is with the test vaccines from the big 4 and he is following their advice, to get the multitude vaccinated, because that seems to be working, for the greater good, bearing in mind there are always a few casualties after any vaccination runout, they have never been so fully reported before and again, because of the internet, so he is well aware there is a lot of false information out there and once he has taken the path of test vaccines, then he cannot change his point of view, because, so far as he is concerned, there is nothing else that can be done to protect the masses from Covid and in that case, he is right.
My point of view is that allowing Covid to occur in the body before taking any action against it, is simply ridiculous, but from the Virologists point of view, this was a procedure invented by Edward Jenner (17 May 1749 – 26 January 1823) and it has been proven to stop infections from a variety of virus related diseases and a huge industry has grown up around those procedures and vaccines have been very successful at stopping diseases and saving many, in the past.
The only issue here really, is that the vaccines for Covid have been produced in record time – 54 days, I think and they have gone from the laboratory into humans without being tried on animals first, because there simply was enough time to do that.
If test vaccines had been processed in the old ways, then they would not have been available for general distribution until all of the human population had been eradicated by Covid – so what choice really, did the Prime Minister have, to try and stop Covid immediately, if that were at all possible, except with the test vaccines?
Until I started posting may “salt water cure” against Coronavirus, in the head, before it was allowed to become Covid in the body, there simply was not anything else out there other than test vaccines, which would get the job done, with the minimum of inconvenience.
It is all very well to say this works, or that works, but all of those other options require hospital beds and nursing staff and a lot of financial expenditure, to maybe, only save a few lives, whereas test vaccines are an immediate solution and it only takes limited resources to get them into the arms of people, without needing hospital beds to do that, so win/win.
We are not talking about a few thousand here, but billions of people around the world, who, if they are not vaccinated, could easily become the next casualties for Covid and what is to be done with them then, if they refused a test vaccine, on the one hand, but want to be saved in the hospital procedures, on the other, which will mean they have to get the test vaccines anyway, to save them, if that is at all possible.
As I see it, nobody can assume they won’t get Covid sooner or later and unless they have a proven procedure which actually works and has been proven to work against Flu symptoms in the past – in the head – not the body, then test vaccines are their only choice, while they are available for all.
I rely on my salt water cure, as I always have to kill Coronavirus in my head, before it ever gets to be Covid in my body, because that has worked for me these past 26.5 years and I offer it to everyone out there, who is prepared to give my salt water cure a go, it is after all free and very easy to make and do, but, it is not enough for any Government to stake the lives of billions on, when vaccines have always saved before and there is no reason to suppose that test vaccines won’t save the multitude from Covid, this time around.
Once Covid is a virus of the past, then further experimentation can be done to refine the test vaccines in the bodies of the multitude, to phase out any unpleasant side effects, when there is plenty of time to do that.
But therein is the issue, if test vaccines are only designed to stop Covid from infecting the body, what else might the test vaccines have done to the body, in the meantime and will that in turn become life threatening in the future, because test vaccines have only been around for 140 days and they don’t have any background, beyond 120 days, to imply they are safe, or can be trusted, for the years ahead.
As I see it, from a Prime Minister’s point of view, you are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t, so you take a gamble, based on the limited information available, but as advised by your ministers and accept a few losses here and there to save the multitude, against you doing nothing (like Trump did), or going along with some half baked idea and ending up with a catastrophe on your hands and billions dead, when giving as many as you can, test vaccines, might have saved more, than the billions you would have lost, by doing nothing.
This is not about “you” and “me”, it is about everyone else and their overall safety, bearing in mind that most people need someone else to tell them what to do and if nobody does, they don’t do anything for themselves, because they feel powerless to help themselves.
Test Vaccines gives them the responsibility to help themselves, by being vaccinated and time will tell if that was the right decision in the long run, or not, as it will for all of us, when it is our turn to get Coronavirus, if we don’t do anything to stop it, before test vaccines are necessary after the Coronavirus in your head, becomes Covid in your head and body and then you are stuffed.
Irrespective of if you are test vaccinated, or not, you will still get Coronavirus and you won’t know if the test vaccines you had will save you from the Covid it, potentially, will become, afterwards, when, you will be able to say that the test vaccines did not work for you and you have become reinfected with Covid, which, this time, will probably kill you in a horrid way, because the Coronavirus/Covid has become much more efficient at getting around your immunity from the test vaccines, which is its purpose for creating variants, because it wants to live as much as you do, but it needs air breathing animals to do that, of which we are but one species.
It is essential that you breathe through your nose and not your mouth, because, if you breathe through your nose, you potentially catch Coronavirus in your head, where my salt water cure will kill it dead, but if you mouth breathe, the Coronavirus will go into your lungs, where it will become a lot more difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate – so you know which you are and I suggest if you mouth breathe you get the test vaccines, because you really don’t want to be silly about this.
It is easy to be argumentative about this, but 2 questions spring to mind. 1) Why are you not the Prime Minister and in the position that your current incumbent holds and 2) In his place, what would you have done differently, to save the multitude, given my blurb, above and the advice of his ministers, to use test vaccines?
The latest Indian Variant is (starting to occur in the UK from India) and apparently the newest variant after that is which has been reported, but nothing is known about that one yet, or how efficient test vaccines will be against it – however, ultimately, to my way of thinking, test vaccines of any type won’t be able to contain Covid for long and eventually Covid will rule over everything and everyone, bearing in mind that in 5 months, or 140 days, Covid is already starting to overpower test vaccines and nobody knows for sure, if test vaccines will continue to work, or save anyone, now or in the longer term?
I believe the only way to stop Covid is to deal with Coronavirus in the head, using my simple free, salt water cure, because you are killing coronavirus, before it has an opportunity to become Covid in your head and body and you simply can’t just catch Covid, you have to catch Coronavirus first – and my salt water cure does not differentiate between Covid types – it kills Coronavirus, irrespective of which strain of Covid it might have become – and therein is Covid’s Achilles Heel, irrespective of if you have had test vaccines, or not – why chance it?

Reply to  Richard Noakes
2 years ago

Whilst I accept your statement that your “famous salt water cure” works for you much of this comment is pure baloney – or a windup. Some real information follows:

  1. Trump did a huge amount to protect the US from COVID
  2. He stopped travel from China in January 2020, and got called a racist by Biden.
  3. He put a huge amount of money into vaccine production to speed things up.
  4. He favoured treatments which despite the winging of anti-Trump idiots have been proven to hugely reduce severity of the disease and fatalities, provided they are used properly.
  5. He ordered military hospital ships into major cities with a port to support the local infrastructure.
  6. He boosted the production of PPE and ventilators promising excess production to poor countries
  7. He could not/would not tell the States what to do since they are legal bodies with their own legislatures, judiciaries and tax raising powers. However he made it clear that he would help them where he could.
  8. and the rest.
  9. Sars-Cov-2 is not a huge killer, far from it. In the UK survival rates from the disease are 99.7%. States in India that used Ivermectin as a prophylactic had fatality rates one-tenth of the UK. Ivermectin is cheap but gives no profit to big pharma, vaccines are expensive and I have seen forecasts that they will give big pharma up to $40 billion of profit
  10. The alternative treatments, all of which, under a UK Supreme Court ruling of 2015, are required to be offered to those being offered vaccination, are extremely effective as prophylactics and also as disease treatments, if offered immediately symptoms appear. Has any vaccinee actually ben offered one of these?
  11. The government has said that the vaccines are not effective and will not protect you from getting or spreading the disease. Only that they will save you from death. Yet their autumn forecast, released a months or so ago, predicts that 83% of fatalities will be of people who have been vaccinated! They have already said that they will blame this on children and the unvaccinated and not, as they should do, on the vaccines.
  12. The government has continuously lied to people over the status of the vaccine. They insinuate that they have been given “full regulatory approval.” but this will not happen before 2023/4 if then.
  13. When there are proven and effective alternatives an untested vaccine trial on the population is not an ethical/moral decision.
  14. When presented with the evidence (by I believe the National Audit Office) on the potential corruption involved in the letting of government contracts for PPE the Prime Minister said he was quite happy with it. The implications for the probity, or rather the lack of probity, of the cabinet and senior officials is mind-blowing. I cannot help but see that were Boris to be presented with an ethical question and a magnifying glass to view it with, all he would see would be a big, upright, banana.
  15. And finally as a point of information the virus Sars-Cov-2 is a vascular disease promotor. Once in your head it will get be all over the body in minutes, so I for one will not be depending on your “famous salt water cure – whatever that is.
2 years ago

Clearly a case for the Courts of human expiremnrarion lacking proper consent ,coerced with terror over a pandemic that is a fiction .

2 years ago

The propaganda media machines have been very affective. I’m convinced that people will follow damn lies and murder those that speak the truth.

You are a slow learner, Winston.”
“How can I help it? How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four.”
“Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.
George Orwell, 1984

2 years ago

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