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UK Government Secretly Modelled Coronavirus Outbreak in 2016

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Source: The Wall Street Journal
Workers disinfect a train during the 2015 MERS outbreak in South Korea.

According to a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request carried out by a doctor, the UK government secretly modelled a Coronavirus pandemic five years ago, which was kept hidden from parliament.

Moosa Qureshi, an NHS consultant hematologist, made the FOI request as he has been fighting a legal battle for transparency since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020.

He discovered that the government had modeled an influenza pandemic in Exercise Cygnus in 2016, however, a list of other exercises which were carried out have only recently been revealed.

Public Health England released a list that shows that between 2015 and 2019, 11 pandemic and epidemic preparedness exercises were carried out. Exercise Alice is just one included on this list, which took place in 2016 and tested the “country’s readiness to cope with Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, caused by a coronavirus.”

Source: Cygnus Reports
The list released by Public Health England of the pandemic exercises carried out from 2015-2019.

Other outbreaks that were modelled included avian flu, Ebola, and Lassa fever.

According to Qureshi, Public Health England initially refused his FOI request for additional information on other outbreak exercises on the grounds of protecting national security. After requesting his case to be reviewed, the information was then released.

Source: Cygnus Reports
Public Health England claimed a national security exemption.

However, Public Health England is adamant that releasing reports on any of the other exercises, apart from Exercise Cygnus, would be a threat to national security.

Once the list was made public, Matt Hancock, the UK health and social care secretary, said: “Famously, all the preparations and the plans that were in place were for a flu pandemic. Novel coronavirus, as we’ll come to when we talk about asymptomatic transmission, is different from even the previous coronaviruses, including SARS and MERS.”

He told MPs: “It’s true that the countries that experienced SARS and MERS were better prepared than we were, partly because of that experience. But it is also true that covid-19 is very different from SARS and MERS, and the number one difference is that it has asymptomatic transmission.”

In response to Matt Hancock’s speech to parliament, Qureshi said: “The health secretary told parliament that Exercise Cygnus looked at UK preparedness for a flu pandemic, not other pandemics, but the truth is that he’s covering up multiple secret reports on preparedness for other pandemics, including a coronavirus pandemic.

“Politicians need to stop playing ‘Yes, Minister’ and understand that pandemic preparedness is improved by transparency and public scrutiny.”

The main concern is that the exercises were kept a secret from parliament and were not presented to scientific advisory committees.

A government spokesperson said: “We have always been clear that we undertake exercises regularly, both at a national and local level, as they are an essential part of assessing both our pandemic preparedness and planning for a wide range of scenarios.

“The lessons learnt from these exercises have contributed to our ability to rapidly respond to this unprecedented global crisis and continue to be considered by the government and a range of stakeholders, including expert advisory groups and local emergency planners, in reviewing pandemic response plans.”

Of course, it is entirely coincidental that the government would be performing pandemic response exercises in secret just years before the country is hit by an actual Coronavirus outbreak…

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2 years ago

Actually, I think they have spent so much time planning for “The Big One” – a pandemic that would be a real emergency – that when a nasty (but not exactly Spanish Flu style) virus came along they just went into panic mode and thought this was it – especially as it had escaped from the Wuhan Lab.

Reply to  Stuart
2 years ago

Highly unlikely this was just a knee jerk reaction especially when they have been found guilty in the high court of breaking the law and siphoning off hundreds of millions for themselves in covid scamdemic payments.

A nice get rich quick scheme before the big recession hits & people start having their homes repossessed as the bent banker friends of corrupt governments ruin our countries in predictable cycles so we know what’s coming & that they never lose nor pay for their corruption.

This was pre planned with intent to kill with vaccines.

No more harmful than any yearly flu which our immune systems are designed to deal with, no vaccine required. They have brought this agenda forward because they know people are onto them.

Since 2010 they have been purposely killing off many many thousands of sick disabled and poor and driving ever increasing numbers of people to suicide. The UN found them guilty of systemic grave human rights violations yet it’s still happening under Johnson .

Now everyone is fair game.

Russia and Spain are warning people who have had the “vaccine” not to travel by plane because of the risk of blood clots.

Neil Ferguson looks like he’s aged 10 years in a couple of months. He’s now saying the NHS can handle a 3rd wave (worried about genocide trials perhaps?) whilst Whitty is still desperate to keep us in bogus lockdown.

2 years ago

Yes And they had stink tanks full of septics discussing the intent to flood the world with pandemic prooagandas .