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France’s Health Minister Threatens Health Workers With Mandatory Covid Vaccinations

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Source: Ladepeche
France’s Health Minister Oliver Véran is considering making Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for health workers to combat vaccine hesitancy.

France’s Health Minister Oliver Véran has warned health workers that if they do not drop their hesitation about getting the jab, Covid vaccinations could become mandatory.

Véran made the threat to health workers, especially those working care homes, after the vaccination rate amongst this group is incredibly low compared to the rest of the adult general population.

Véran told BFM television on Thursday: “If by the end of the summer there is no improvement, we will have to consider making vaccinations for those specific groups obligatory.

“It is necessary and ethical to get vaccinated when you are in contact with vulnerable populations.”

The warning came on the first day in France where the public was permitted to be outdoors without wearing face masks, as the country has faced some of the toughest Covid restrictions.

Currently, France have an 11m curfew which is set to be lifted on Sunday, two weeks ahead of schedule.

Whilst people are able to remove masks whilst being outdoors, there are exceptions including being at crowded events or in busy shopping areas. Face coverings must still be worn indoors and on public transport.

When asked about whether mandatory vaccinations would be considered for hospital staff, Véran responded by saying “we’ll wait and see.”

In the UK, the Covid vaccine is set to become mandatory for care home workers, however, the government announced earlier this month that they are considering extending this measure to encompass all NHS staff.

Under the proposed plans, those working in care homes will have 16 weeks to get vaccinated or face losing their jobs.

Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, said that the arguments in favour of protecting patients from potentially infectious staff outweigh those that allow health workers the right to choose whether they get vaccinated.

The controversial measures face battles with staff and could lead to the government being sued European human rights law or equalities legislation regarding giving healthcare workers the freedom to choose what they put in their bodies.

It is disturbing and terrifying that the government is set to force people to get the jab or lose their jobs, and it certainly makes you question whether vaccines will be made mandatory for the rest of the population…

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2 years ago

sounds like a threat to me, in breach of every single part of the Nurenberg code !

2 years ago

we have to protect peoples right else they come for everyone eventually

2 years ago

That’s complete BULLSHIT!! It’s only emergency use and has not even been approved for safety…in fact, info keeps coming out about it causing heart inflammation and death……yet, they want to make it mandatory! I’d quit my job before ever taking that….PERIOD!!!

2 years ago

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2 years ago

Matt Hancock’s mate perhaps all health workers should go on strike see what happens then