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UK Government Considering Mandatory Covid Vaccine Passports for Workplaces

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The UK government has suggested that vaccine passports should not only be required for clubs, pubs, and restaurants, but also for office workers when returning to the workplace.

Vaccine passports: The promise and pitfalls
Image source: Yahoo! News
This news comes as Boris Johnson recently announced that Brits will be required to show proof of vaccination to enter nightclubs from September.

The Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) indicated that the passport system should be used everywhere.

In a press release issued just days before Freedom Day, the DHSC stated that: “As many as 10.4 million people have now signed up the NHS App with over 6 million new users since the COVID-19 vaccination service was added on 17th May.

“The app’s COVID-19 vaccine status service allows users easily to show their proof of vaccine, which will help people to travel abroad, start returning to workplaces, and attend largescale events as we cautiously proceed with the roadmap.”

However, the press release did not specify which workplaces might seek to use them, although government sources said that there had been no change in policy.

The documents appear to show that the recommendations look identical to previous Covid restrictions, with measures such as social distancing, mask-wearing, and plastic screens to be kept in place.

This news follows as Boris Johnson recently announced that the public will have to show proof of vaccination to enter nightclubs and attend large events from September, whilst encouraging hospitality venues to ask for proof of vaccination or test status via the NHS Covid Pass, from Freedom Day.

However, the government has stated that it will be up to landlords and venue management to determine whether vaccine passports will be necessary for entry. Despite this, government guidance has warned that if “sufficient measures are not taken to limit infection, the Government will consider mandating the NHS COVID Pass in certain venues at a later date.”

The NHS Covid Pass allows people to prove their Covid status, whether through a negative test, proof that they are fully vaccinated, or have Covid antibodies.

If fully implemented, Brits will have to prove that they are fully vaccinated to return to work, and the app will also be used to enforce all future booster shots required by big pharma and the government.

These tyrannical restrictions have already been introduced in France, whereby vaccine passports have been mandatory for French citizens to access “non-essential” services such as bars, restaurants, trains, shopping centres, and domestic flights.

President Macron also announced that healthcare workers must get the Covid-19 vaccine or face fines, sanctions, and losing their job.

In the UK, the government recently voted in favour of making the Covid jabs mandatory for care home staff, meaning that from October, those working in this industry must get the vaccine or face being suspended or being sacked.

The recent introduction of vaccine passports has sparked protests in France, and the UK, and other countries around the world. On Saturday 17th July, tens of thousands of protesters marched through the streets of France, protesting the introduction of mandatory vaccine passports.

On the 19th July Freedom Day, thousands of Brits gathered in London to protest the Covid restrictions and the announcement of domestic vaccine passports. Of course, the mainstream media failed to report on the protest, whilst online media outlets ridiculed those attending, labelling them as “conspiracy theorists.”

It is disturbing to see that the government are seeking to make vaccine passports mandatory to be able to work, yet it is unsurprising as we know that this was the plan from the start. The population are only awarded their freedoms when they comply, and now compliance is determined by proof of vaccination just to engage in activities outside of the house.

It seems like we are heading in a direction where those who don’t comply with this medical apartheid will be ostracised with no job prospects, no social life, and eventually no ability to enter shops or supermarkets.

When will this end?

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2 years ago

International Development Research @ Cambridge
Department for Health & Social Care and Gates Foundation announced £30 million of funding for the global fight against antimicrobial resistance
Submitted by Sara Serradas Duarte on Thu, 31/05/2018 – 17:34

HRH Protected mossad pedo ring Kingpin Epsteins good friend and business partner has it’s fingers in all pies.

It’s like the science version of the Paedophile Information exchange or something.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sorcha
Reply to  Sorcha
2 years ago

Just as with the Graphene study that supposedly came from a scientist formerly of Almeria University, this evil little walking squawking freak show is funding all of them.
See my comments under article Spanish Researchers Find Covid-19 Vaccines Contain Toxic Levels of Graphene Oxide on The Daily Expose

2 years ago

mark of the beast ?

2 years ago

“As many as 10.4 million people have now signed up the NHS App with over 6 million new users since the COVID-19 vaccination service was added on 17th May.”

like good little drones.

of course, anyone thick enough to carry a mobile phone about with them everywhere is already beyond help.

Reply to  numb
2 years ago

A spy in all their pockets.
and paying for everything with cards not cash.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sorcha
2 years ago

Poor queer voiced Kier Bolshevik Starmer the rear guard harmer of our country has had to self isolate.

are they all worried about getting strung up in the streets which would be a perfect end to them and the khazar pedo clans genocide?

Reply to  Sorcha
2 years ago

Qier Bolshevik Starmer’s thinking of joining the conservatives rebels to stop the COVID passports.

It won’t be because he knows it’s wrong, it’s pure pre-electioneering strategy.

Reply to  Sorcha
2 years ago

he’s already made a partial u turn up Bill Gates behind. Wait for him ditch his wife, don a frock and become the next “Mrs Gates”

Break The Chains
Break The Chains
2 years ago

One thing is absolutely certain.
The days of the politicians are over.
They have done too well their job of being destructive, violent.
They have come to a point where humanity has to decide either to die remaining with the politicians, to commit a global suicide, or to throw out the politicians and save humanity, civilization, culture, life.
Nothing is favorable to the politician, and as each day passes their death comes closer.
They themselves are responsible.
And what power do politicians have?
All the power that they have we have given to them.
We can take it back.
It is not their power, it is our power.
We just have to find a way to take it back, because giving is very easy, taking is a little difficult.
They will not be so simple and innocent when you take the power back as they were when they were asking it from you.
It is our power, but they will go on having it if the unconscious mob remains there to give it to them, the NPC mob can be convinced about anything.
If the whole intelligentsia of the world fully understands and supports the need of the people’s own great reset, to finally remove all politicians from power, it will then not be very difficult to convince the generals of the world to also move away from the politicians.
To no longer support them.
We have to consciously change the decisive power and controlling factor, that will then change the very foundation.
It looks utopian.
Who is going to do it?
How is it going to happen?
Hence the question, how are we going to make it a reality?
Because of these governments, people have not been intelligent, they have always looked up to the government, felt that the government is going to do everything for them.
All responsibilities are thrown on the government.
When there is no government and you feel for the first time that you are responsible, whatever you do, there is nobody you can throw your responsibility upon, that triggers your intelligence.
I know it seems an impossible dream to have no governments in the world, but if you know moments of silence, peace, intelligence, it does not seem so impossible.
If you ask me, to me it seems to be very simple and very practical.
Governments have been only an organized criminal nuisance, nothing else.
Democracy has not succeeded, it has failed utterly.
We have to find a new alternative.
A context has to be created, so thousands of years of mental slavery can be destroyed.
A certain discipline and awareness has to be created.
People have to be forced to see certain things because they won’t see those things if they are left on their own.
It is impossible in this so-called democratic set-up to bring people to their senses.
I don’t think that with governments disappearing there will be chaos, no.
With governments disappearing there will arise intelligence, understanding.
Direct democracy means you don’t choose any representatives, because how can a person represent millions of people?
It is impossible.
Who can represent me?
Except myself, nobody can represent me.
And when somebody represents millions of people, certainly they are not representing anybody except themselves.
You are being befooled.
Indirect democracy is simply a deception.
And the fact is, we live under indirect democracy, which is almost no democracy at all.
You choose a person for four years to be your prime minister.
Now, for four years what guarantee do you have that this person is not going to go nuts?
Most probably Boris Johnson was already totally nuts before he even entered the office, otherwise why should he bother to become prime minister of the country.
Can’t he find anything better to do?
Indirect democracy is just a trick.
You think you are choosing your representative, do you know his mind?
Have you ever thought whether your mind and his mind are similar?
And with how many minds can he be similar?
Political parties are only needed in an indirect democracy.
In a direct democracy everybody has their own idea and they are independent, able to represent their idea, to vote for themselves, they can propose their idea, using internet and blockchain technology, and explain their idea to the people.
Perhaps they can convince the people, perhaps the people will be even ready to support them, but everybody is free.
Direct democracy is the only true democracy.
Whenever there is any problem to be discussed, all the citizens can gather through internet forums where they can vote for each single issue directly.
They can vote for or against, this is the way it can be done.
That is direct and, in fact, democratic.
And everybody knows there is no question of somebody cheating you using blockchain, some creepy old Joe Biden Hussein creating a power grab, it is easy, it is directly recorded, no problem.
It has the potential of being a fully intelligent system, but it has to be fully supported by an honest a fair global community.
As Bitcoin has been globally nurtured.
It needs tremendous help.
The country has to be transformed into a new context.
Just the old country having indirect democracy make freedom, truth and fairness impossible.
Bernard Shaw went once on invitation to America.
In the first meeting he was addressing the people who had invited him, very well known people, respectable people, rich people, and he said, “Looking at you I can almost take it for granted that fifty percent of the people in America are idiots.”
Of course the whole gathering was outraged, “We are here to welcome you, we have invited you, you are our guest, this is not the way to start!”
There was silence, but great anger in people’s eyes.
Bernard Shaw said, “Forgive me, I just said the opposite of what I was going to say.”
People relaxed.
He said, “I was going to say that fifty percent of people in America are very intelligent, but now I have to change my statement.
That was my first impression.
And this is my last impression, it is final, one hundred percent of the people are idiots.”
Bernard Shaw had a certain insight into our so-called sane humanity.
Your whole culture has given you only one thing as a heritage, and that is a lunatic asylum in your head.
They don’t have anything else to give you.
Ignore the lunatic asylum.
Western behavioral psychologists(SAGE) pay too much attention to directing the lunatic asylum, and that is only giving food to it as a means to your total enslavement.
These are such powerful and potent criminal forces but you need not pay any attention to these insane lunatics who think they run the lunatic asylum.
Pour all your own nourishment into your joy and into your love and into your silence.
You will not see Sigmund Freud talking about joy or love or silence or peace or blissfulness.
In the whole literature of psychology you will not find these words even mentioned.
They have their own vocabulary, schizophrenia, neurosis, psychosis.
Whenever a psychoanalyst looks at you, they are looking for the lunatic, they are not looking for anything that is sane in you.
They go on bringing more and more up, digging more and more into the lunatic part of your mind.
They make you convinced that you are completely mad.
So just remember one thing, ignore the lunatic asylum that you have created in your head.
Everybody has it, until you take the red pill, so it is nothing special.
Just keep your back towards it.
And poor your whole energy in your joy and love and silence and peace, rediscover your compassion and friendliness.
Freedom is your intrinsic nature.
It is your very nature, you don’t have to attain it.
You don’t have to make any effort for it.
You don’t need even to desire or long for it, it is already there.
You are born free, but you are living in imagined chains.
Those chains you have accepted, and you have accepted them very willingly, very joyously, because those chains you think are made of gold.
Those chains are made from power, prestige, respectability, you think that they are covered with precious stones.
So not only have you accepted them, you go on desiring more and more because you think they are ornaments.
You think they are the very aim of your life, the very meaning and significance.
This is the trouble, freedom is not a problem such that you have to achieve it, the problem is how to get rid of the chains.
And the first thing you have to encounter is to recognize chains as chains not as ornaments, a prison as a prison not as a home, a government as a bondage and not a savior.
And there are a thousand and one chains all around you.

Reply to  Break The Chains
2 years ago

Scientifically proven to be more nuts than any other https://

2 years ago

That’ll be useful seeing as De Pfeffel wants us all to work from home forever…

john burniston
john burniston
2 years ago

The sinister pressure,the flimsy information experimental too,Also look at the peoples character too.No discussion,quality alternative available. I await intervention -divine or human exasperation,this is WW3,some one please expose this evil,the days of the evil rich must end NOW

2 years ago

[…] ByClifford James July 21, 2021July 21, 2021 UK Government Considering Mandatory Covid Vaccine Passports for Workplaces […]

2 years ago

Thats always been l the plan ,the final solution ,the continuation of the French revolution that has been every war since and all social policies ,educational policies and health policies Its all the same revolution To replace all of the world s leaders with one Moral Authority for rule of law The King of Kings Including the king of the jews ie the beast of the ANTI Christ .

Last edited 2 years ago by Annonymous
2 years ago

Dear ‘Expose, re: “On the 19th July Freedom Day, thousands of Brits gathered in London…”
There have been 4 worldwide protests this year and the 5th on its way. About 150 cities in 40 countries all protesting on the same days (see As well as these, the London Freedom rallies have been attracting huge crowds. Drone footage proved that an estimated 1.5 million people took part in the summer rally.