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Indiana Doctor Destroys CDC Covid Narrative at School Board Meeting

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PureHealth Functional Medicine - Dr. Dan Stock - YouTube
Dr Dan Stock explained to the school board that the recommendations from the CDC completely went against science.

Dr Dan Stock addressed the Mt. Vernon School Board in Indiana on Friday, August 7th, over the futility of mask mandates and restrictive Covid-19 policies in most schools. During his speech, Dr Stock referenced a flash drive he presented to the school board members containing all of the scientific literature he discussed.

Dr Stock, a McCordsville resident and functional and family medicine physician, said that the measures that the school is introducing in response to Covid-19 are “not useful.” He said that the sources of information that the school board is taking guidance from – the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Indiana State Board of Health – are “counterfactual” and everything they recommend is “contrary to the all the rules of science.”

“You cannot make these viruses go away. The natural history of all respiratory illnesses is that they circulate all year long waiting for the immune system to get sick through the winter or become deranged as has happened with these vaccines, and then they cause symptomatic disease because they cannot be filtered out and they have animal reservoirs,” Dr Stock stated.

He continued by stating that the CDC has managed to convince the masses that the Covid-19 pandemic can be handled the same way as smallpox, whereby it can be made to “go away.”

“Smallpox had no animal reservoirs, the only it learned to infect was humans. That’s why we are able to make that virus go away,” he continued, “That will not happen with this any more than it will with influenza, the common cold, respiratory syncytial virus, and viral respiratory syndromes and anything else that has animal reservoirs.”

In addition to this, Dr Stock asked the school board to question why people are being treated with Covid-19 vaccines during summer – the time when respiratory illnesses do not thrive or spread: “Ask yourself why is a vaccine that is supposedly so effective having a breakout in the middle of the summer, when respiratory virus syndromes don’t do that?”

To explain why breakthrough cases are occurring, Dr Stock explained the condition called antibody-mediated viral enhancement, whereby vaccines don’t work properly and actually cause the immune system to fight the virus incorrectly, thus allowing the virus to become worse than it would have with native infection.

“That is why you are seeing an outbreak right now, in fact in that flash drive you’re going to have coming to you and in emails with 6 extra studies all showing that 75% of people who had covid-19 positive symptom cases in Massachusetts outbreak were fully vaccinated,” Dr Stock added.

“Therefore, there is no reason for treating any person vaccinated any differently than any person unvaccinated.”

Dr Stock told the school board that he is pro-vaccine, but against the Covid-19 vaccine as the science behind it does not make sense. He said that the vaccines have actually caused the outbreaks as they do not prevent infection, contrary to what the CDC and National Institute of Health (NIH) have stated.

Instead, Dr Stock discussed other treatments for Covid-19, explaining how the virus can be effectively treated through active loading with vitamin D, Ivermectin, and Zinc, resulting in over 15 patients he has treated with this not having to go to the hospital.

“If you are going to discriminate based upon vaccine, you should also discriminate based upon 25 hydroxy vitamin d level, zinc taste test response, and probably previous infection, since there are also studies on that flash drive that show that people who have recovered from Covid-19 infection actually get no benefit from vaccination at all, no reduction in symptoms, no reduction in hospitalisation and suffer 2-4 times the rate of side effects if they are subsequently vaccinated.”

To conclude his speech, Dr Stock said that he doesn’t blame the school board for being misinformed and listening to guidance from the CDC, but urged them to listen to the people present in the audience and read through the data they have been provided on the flash drive.

Here are links to studies referenced by Dr Stock:

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7. Heritage Foundation Study – In fact, mask use during the pandemic has been recommended by The Heritage Foundation’s Coronavirus Commission guidelines. However, our findings do suggest that public health strategies relying predominantly on mask mandates are inadequate, and thus other initiatives, in addition to mask-wearing, should have been a component of policies aimed to limit the spread of the disease.

8. Declaration of Great Barrington– The Great Barrington Declaration- As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection. Over 60,000 medical experts have signed this declaration.

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22. Rapid Expert Consultation on the Effectiveness of Fabric Masks for the COVID-19 Pandemic (April 8, 2020)

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2 years ago


R. Kelley
R. Kelley
2 years ago

Grateful for you!!!

2 years ago

How long ? How long do we have to keep hearing the same facts, seeing the same evidence presented again and again from different sources , of their lies ? Who has to held accountable for deceiving the people Who serves Satan the Great Deceiver .The religion allowed to be legal by them .

Linda Morris
Linda Morris
2 years ago

Until the global elites wake up and join the truth tellers, this lie continues. We have got to get the media to stop being complicent in this crime against humanity.

2 years ago

But the Government says so we must do.