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Herd Immunity Is Not Possible With “Vaccines” And So We Need To Focus On How To Prevent People Dying And Going To Hospital, Says Andrew Pollard

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Video clip showing highlights from a Channel 4 News interview with Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, as published on 10 August 2021.

“Herd immunity is not a possibility” because the Delta variant “still infects vaccinated individuals”.  Pollard says there is nothing “the UK can do to stop the emergence of new variants.  We need to focus on thinking about – how do we prevent people dying and going to hospital?” 

Sir Patrick Vallance said at the start of the year that 70% or more protection would be needed to reach herd immunity.  The Covid injections, so we’ve been told, give some form of immunity.  As of 17 August, 77% of adults in the UK have had two Covid injections.  Add the countless individuals who have robust, long-lasting natural immunity.  Although it’s never mentioned, we have been well over even Vallance’s indicator for “herd immunity” for many months.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Pollard is now stating the mass vaccination programme will not achieve “herd immunity.” However, it is surprising Pollard’s solution is that the only way forward is to focus on how to “prevent people dying and going to hospital”.  We were led to believe that this was the focus for the past 18 months – to the detriment of all else – to “save lives”. 

Despite admitting failures in the UK’s strategy, Pollard suggests exporting it, “what we can do is play a more active role in the global imperative which is to stop people dying. That means making sure doses are going to the right people.” 

Pollard and Channel 4 must be aware of a document published by SAGE last month admitting the Covid “vaccines” will lead to a “variant” that kills 35% of people it infects.  It’s disingenuous they didn’t think to mention this vaccine-induced killer “variant” while suggesting the UK play an active role in giving “vaccines” – which are not preventing “people dying and going to hospital” – to the “right people” in the rest of the world.

In July we published an article “Undeniable links between the Oxford / AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine & the British Eugenics Society.”  It demonstrates how Pollard is inextricably linked to the Oxford/AstraZeneca “vaccine” and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (“BMGF”).  The paragraphs relating to Pollard are repeated below but this time with emphases added.

“Pollard chairs the UK Department of Health’s JCVI; chairs the EMA scientific advisory group on vaccines; is a member of WHO’s SAGE; works for the Jenner Institute; and, heads the Oxford Vaccine Group.  Due to a sole encounter in January 2020 – where Pollard and a member of SAGE shared a taxi – the Jenner Institute began to pour millions into the early development of a Covid-19 “vaccine”.  Pollard is also enmeshed with BMGF.  Pollard’s employer, the University of Oxford, has received hundreds of millions of pounds in funding from BMGF over the past decade and Pollard’s private laboratory is funded by BMGF.

GAVI is a public-private partnership founded and currently funded by BMGF.  It plans to distribute the Oxford/AstraZeneca “vaccine” to low-income, predominantly African and Asian countries. COVAX, the public-private partnership between GAVI, Vaccine Alliance and the World Health Organization aims to deliver 270 million Covid ‘vaccines’ – with 269 million of them being the Oxford/AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’ – to the world.”

Having read a little more about Pollard’s background it’s worth listening again to what he says on Channel 4 News.

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2 years ago

how do we prevent, stop vaccinating ! This is WW3.

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

Re: Covid “vaccines” will lead to a “variant” that kills 35% of people it infects

Me: According to what I read from Israel 65% die and 35% might survive the Covid infection = 35% effective (if that), so if you were betting on a horse race, would you bet on a horse that had a 35% chance of winning – what you might call a really way outside bet – No? Me neither.


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Monica T. Goodin
2 years ago

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Last edited 2 years ago by Monica T. Goodin