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A UK Company Launches a LinkedIn Scorecard – Are We Witnessing Creeping Totalitarianism by Chinese-Style Social Credit System?

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The tagline for a LinkedIn scorecard system begins: “It’s time to reimagine in-person selling and cold-calling for the digital world.”  There is something familiar about their choice of words, particularly, “reimagine.”  But it’s their featured image which stands out most. 

The scorecard has been launched by 123 Internet Agency, a company based in Milton Keynes, whose business is to “support a local and international client base with Digital Marketing Strategy, Design, Web, Social Media, SEO & Media.”  Below are a few extracts relating to the LinkedIn scorecard, China’s social credit system, The Great Reset and Agenda 2030 – where possible in their own words using their own imagery, so you can judge for yourself whether 123 Internet Agency’s scorecard is part of the “Agenda.”

LinkedIn Scorecard

123 Internet Agency’s CEO, Scott Jones, posted on LinkedIn:

“Want to achieve more from LinkedIn? Get your scorecard for FREE today!

“What if I told you that #LinkedIn, the business #socialmedia platform is now over 20 years old, and is still the next big opportunity for #marketers and #brands?

“We’ll score you instantly against the following key areas:

✔️ Social media plan/strategy for using LinkedIn

✔️ How complete is your current LinkedIn profile

✔️ Paid/sponsored ads and campaigns

✔️ How often you post content

✔️ The types of content you currently post to LinkedIn

✔️ If you regularly interact and comment of other’s posts/content

✔️ If you regularly send connection requests to potential clients

✔️ If you regularly review your reports and analytics

“Do you currently post daily? Are you happy to share personal content and connect with real #conversations? Do you worry about what people might think about you? “If you are not using the platform to its full potential, you could be missing out on potential business. Get your FREE scorecard below >

China’s Social Credit System

Imagine a world where everything is analysed. China initiated the concept of its Social Credit System in 2014, and it was planned to go nationwide in 2020. In the system, everyone is given a score ranging from 350 to 950 based on their monitored behaviour. Everyone starts with 1000 points. This score increases or decreases with people’s actions or behaviours.

However, as reported by Business Insider in May 2021: “The system is piecemeal and voluntary, though the plan is for it to eventually be mandatory and unified across the nation, with each person given their own unique code used to measure their social credit score in real time.

“The system can be used for individual people, but also for companies and government organisations. The private sector, including the burgeoning tech world in China, has their own non-governmental scoring systems that they implement.”

Wired reported: “Brits are well accustomed to credit checks: data brokers such as Experian trace the timely manner in which we pay our debts, giving us a score that’s used by lenders and mortgage providers. We also have social-style scores, and anyone who has shopped online with eBay has a rating on shipping times and communication, while Uber drivers and passengers both rate each other; if your score falls too far, you’re out of luck.

“China’s social credit system expands that idea to all aspects of life, judging citizens’ behaviour and trustworthiness. Caught jaywalking, don’t pay a court bill, play your music too loud on the train — you could lose certain rights, such as booking a flight or train ticket. “The idea itself is not a Chinese phenomenon,” says Mareike Ohlberg, research associate at the Mercator Institute for China Studies. Nor is the use, and abuse, of aggregated data for analysis of behaviour. “But if [the Chinese system] does come together as envisioned, it would still be something very unique,” she says. “It’s both unique and part of a global trend.””

Sovereign Man reported the story of Liu Hu, a journalist in China, who is a victim of the Chinese social credit system. 

“One day in 2017 [Liu Hu] suddenly found that he was unable to buy a plane ticket. The system just rejected him. He also found he couldn’t purchase certain train tickets. Then he discovered that he was unable to acquire a loan from any bank, and even forbidden from buying property at all.

“Eventually Liu Hu discovered his name on a government “List of Dishonest Persons Subject to Enforcement.” And there was no obvious way to appeal the designation, or have his name removed from the list.”

World Economic Forum

“There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.” – World Economic Forum (“WEF”)

In 2019 the WEF published a blog, How keeping score can end the era of short-termism, authored by none other than their Founder and Executive Chairman – Klaus Schwab.

Schwab states: “But they [urgent matters such as global recession and the US-China trade war] should not deflect attention from even more pressing long-term challenges: achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030; delivering on the Paris climate agreement over the next 30 years; and reforming our global economic system to make it fit for the next 50 years and beyond.

“All of this assumes an end to the economic short-termism that underpins policymaking today. For that, we should develop scorecards to track our performance on these long-term priorities. To that end, I have three suggestions. First, we need to rethink GDP as our “key performance indicator” in economic policymaking. Second, we should embrace independent tracking tools for assessing progress under the Paris agreement and the SDGs. Third, we must implement “stakeholder capitalism” by introducing an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scorecard for businesses.”

The 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030, or Agenda 2030

“The UK Government is firmly committed to delivering the Goals both at home and around the world. The UK was at the forefront of negotiating the Goals and will be at the forefront of delivering them.” – Introduction to the UK’s Agenda 2030 Delivering the Global Goals

Patrick Wood, during an interview in January, said: “And we can trace where Agenda 21, 2030 agenda and sustainable development came from.

“We’ve had a couple of name changes along the way to promote marketing of these whole ideas. Originally “technocracy” … they changed and they’ve called it “sustainable development.” They’ve called it “smart growth” in America. Now the World Economic Forum has a hold of it. They call it “The Great Reset.” It’s just picture, the “Green New Deal” on steroids. That’s essentially what the World Economic Forum is talking about. And now all of the corporations of the world seem to be jumping on board.

“We’re going to see a massive increase in surveillance and control in 2021. It’s already started with vaccine passports, with large companies setting their own policies in America. Even if they’re technically illegal or technically unconstitutional … And what I call the total awareness society, where all the censors that are placed will track you.

“People have pointed at China for a long time saying, ‘Oh, they got it bad over there’. My friends, I say, most of the technology that they are using over there originated here, but it was illegal to do it here. So, they just gave it to China. Now it’s coming back to be re-imported into our country. We’re seeing now these very same concepts, ideas, patterns emerge in America.  And we’re ‘that close’ from being trapped into this system.  It is ultimately a scientific dictatorship.”

More UK Social Credit System News:

ABC Finance wrote: “We’re all familiar with ‘credit scores’, where financial institutions track how responsible you are with your hard-earned money to assign you a value determining the loans and cards you are eligible to apply for.

“However, a new scoring system being trialled in China (set to become standard practice by 2020) and currently under consideration in Europe is far less discussed despite the fact it may eventually become an integral part of our day to day lives.

Is the UK ready for a social credit system?”

We’ll answer ABC Finance for you, shall we? “No, we’re not having it!”

As for 123 Internet Agency’s scorecard initiative – it would be interesting to know how often their CEO has been to Davos and whether he greets Schwab using his first name while shaking his hand.

If we want to stop the creeping totalitarianism by social credit system, we need to talk about it more.

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2 years ago

Chinese creep. Chinese incrementalism at its scariest.

Reply to  Krofter
2 years ago

It’s not them. It’s their leaders. A bit of a difference.
When this whole hoax started locked Chinese people shouted from their windows to a visiting official that “it’s fake, it’s fake, everything is fake“.

They started to carry their mobiles in alufoil bags (shielding bags), they knew that there was a connection between sudden death / illness and their mobile phones and probably 5G or simply they just knew that due to their phones they were trackable. Wuhan was a 5G pilot city with 10.000 newly implemented antennas at that time when the covid hoax started.

There was constant and huge protests the media failed to report when we knew they opened after lockdown. They didn’t. They opened only certain areas but workers from other areas were not allowed to enter and they kept fighting with their police on the streets as they were need their work to make a living.

Rumor sais more than 2 million phone number can’t be called anymore because of unpaid bills (because of their owners died)?

In China the average age of death – due to covid – was 65, here it was 82. What does it tell you about their living standards?

There is a beautiful, talented dancer / artist group, named Shen Yun, they tried to warn us, warn the world about how oppressive the Chinese regime was. Back then I watched one of their performance and blamed them to ‘entertain me’ with political propaganda between two parts of dancing. I was so wrong. We can experience something similar very soon.

Christine Krueger
Christine Krueger
Reply to  Krofter
2 years ago

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Last edited 2 years ago by Christine Krueger
2 years ago

That WEF promise board:

  1. No poverty – of course, you won’t own anything, you can’t be poor among the poor
  2. Zero Hunger – Gates is now one of the biggest (if not the biggest) land owner in the US, I am curious how long you can survive on their fake food (‘you’ll eat the bugs’ – K. Schwab)
  3. Good health and well being – sure, Gates promised to cover the sun (clouds, geo-engineering), want to prevent us to produce and eat healthy meat, we will be under constant stress and control and RADIATION – you’ll be happy if you live till 30 but with their poisonous vaxxes even 30 is too optimistic.
  4. Quality education – only if you allow to modify your brain just as it was shown in a today article in Icke’s site, a BBC advert on transhumanism? That worm Schwab campaigned with the promise that if you were a truck driver your brain can download(!!!) the knowledge to become a yoga-teacher. Can you download those muscles, physically fit condition, too in half an hour?
  5. Gender equality – another slap to the face of the normal family model which worked in past rather well. (You won’t be able to have even a good sex after messing with your natural hormones, but they might make your brain believe you’ve just had one if you will be a good little …. not boy… not girl.. not even human being anymore… – must be a joy, better than heroin?)
  6. Clean water – Oh, thank you for admitting you are poisoning our water with the IQ lowering, carcinogen fluoride added to it (among others), I personally have two different kind of osmosis filter systems to get rid of it. They use a LOT OF WATER but I have no other choice.
  7. Affordable and clean energy – you mean quotes that how much you can use if you are a good boy… oh wait, good girl? oh wait, human at all? Fish maybe? (below)
  8. Decent work and economy growth – oh yes, with brainwashed, controlled slaves they sure will be more rich. Decent work? Oiling the robots once a day? Making fertilizers from bodies?
  9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure – you mean smart cities you can’t move out and poisonous 5G and maybe a robot-pet if you were very-very good. But why they keep you alive if most of the works will be done by their robots? (4th Industrial Revolution nightmare)
  10. Reduced inequalities – in a communist system everyone is terribly poor! expect the leaders. Remember? You’ll own nothing. (Schwab)
  11. Sustainable cities and communities – that again means “smart cities” you are prisoned during the whole of your short miserable life but if they think less people is enough again, with a push of a button they can kill the whole city. (Back then Johnson said something like: we will know your thoughts. He might meant it…)
  12. Responsible consumption – oh yes, you eat only when they allow you, you own nothing including a garden to produce at least a little food and have fresh air. GM, poisoned or totally fake – you’ll rely on them to be generous enough to feed you.
  13. Climate action – winter, -10C and they shut down the energy in your rented flat as you were above your quote… if you happens to have a cold that will finish you then (do you still have a smart meter?)
  14. Life below water – did they buy the Island of Dr Moreaux? Any cross gene therapy with fish experienced on you? Must be fun.
  15. Life on land – Only if you cleaning after them on their land… otherwise you’ll live in a smart city (if you are allowed to live at all)
  16. Peace and justice strong institutions – here comes the death penalty again – affecting the slaves only.
  17. Partnership for the goals – their partnership against you called new world order.

Disgusting criminals, they now try to con and brainwash the youth and children with this propaganda.
Watch this according to Icke it’s a BBC piece:

Reply to  Gundel
2 years ago

China isn’t communist Its capitalism really with a cimmunused working class who work for ENGLISH WESTERN INDUSTRIALISTS, who set the whole system up to use the Chinese as their slave work force to maximise profits to THE WEST. That’s how they have become so wralthybovef the last 3 decades. That’s why Western workers are all doing part time contract work bargaining for crumbs, for a living wage and begging for medicare and Medicaid and the west is filled with homelessness and drugs and despair masked by msm to deceive the world. To paint the opposite picture. That’s why the west’s elderly are pushed into aged care to be put to death since their kids can’t afford the time to look after them because they couldn’t meet their rents or mortgages if they sacrificed their work for their parents. Everything’s propaganda all designed to deceive. You’d need to write a book to expose it all as a operation conducted from 2 centres of power. And China’s not even one of them It’s a factory for then. Bit it’s already befn written It’s called Revelations. It tells you the truth.

2 years ago

No We are witnessing the setting up of China as the fall guy forv he international lawyets operating under the Moral Authority for rule of law.

2 years ago

To get a snapshot if how the bureaucracies work globally with msm to deceive the world visit riss flex interviewing Peter Shaffer. It exposes the fundamental role of the rule of law acting as the power behind everything. Read operation dark horse. Shaffer wrote it.

Last edited 2 years ago by Anonymous
Paul Howell
Paul Howell
2 years ago

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Last edited 2 years ago by Paul Howell
1 year ago

[…] A UK Company Launches a LinkedIn Scorecard – Are We Witnessing Creeping Totalitarianism by Chinese… 12 September 2021 […]

1 year ago

[…] A UK Company Launches a LinkedIn Scorecard – Are We Witnessing Creeping Totalitarianism by Chinese… 12 September 2021 […]