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Netherlands to Introduce Covid Pass for Restaurants and Cultural Venues, Despite Low Cases

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What You Need to Know About Vaccine Passports

The Netherlands is set to abolish most of its Covid-19 restrictions, yet despite having few reported cases, is preparing to introduce a “health pass” to replace them.

Leaked information from the “Outbreak Management Team” revealed that from September 25th, proof of “complete “vaccination, natural immunity to the virus, or a negative Covid test less than 24-hours old will be required to enter cultural venues except for museums and libraries, and indoor spaces in hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

The government’s plans have faced strong opposition, with some arguing that the plans should be scrapped for restaurants and cafes. Some cities such as Amsterdam have made clear that they will not actively inspect or implement fines against restaurant and bar managers on customer checks. Workers in said venues will not be required to have a valid health pass.

Additionally, the “one-and-a-half-meter rule” which has been in force since April 2020, at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, will also be lifted on September 25th. This means that people who are not a part of the same household will no longer be at risk of getting a 95 euro fine if they stand too close together (and even a 181 euro, or around 212 dollar fine inside shops).

However, in recent months this rule has been largely ignored by the Dutch population.

Indoor events will be permitted to function normally, but restaurants and bars will have to close between midnight and 6 am, even when functioning at outdoor events that will now be allowed to go on all night. Large indoor events may function at 75 per cent capacity but must close at midnight.

Many of these decisions were made because of a low death and “case” rate in the Netherlands. Deaths attributed to Covid have dropped to a daily average of between two and seven since mid-June, despite a large number of “cases” from the end of June to August, which led to recovery.

The infection rate is also now moderate in and in a downward trend. It appears as though the worst of the “pandemic” is over in the Netherlands and has been for over six months, without lockdowns and no strict masking laws compared to other neighboring countries.

Despite this, it seems like a “health pass” is set to be introduced for no real reason other than to maintain control over the population and continue to restrict their freedoms. Here in the UK we have been repeatedly threatened by the looming Covid pass, and it is only a matter of time before we too are at the mercy of a QR code.

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2 years ago

Just the first steps…

2 years ago

My mother died last week from a combination of 5G exposure and the jab. This senicide is taking place all over the world right now.

Reply to  Krofter
2 years ago

I am truly sorry for your mother. Also very grateful to the links you provided here and the ‘Canadian article’ comments part’, that site and knowledge published is a gem.
I made some notice there (sorry for my poor English) what I forgot, same here. I live in the UK, around Dec they installed two 5G towers just from meters distance from one to the other, very close to an elderly home and sadly to us, too. Strange things, illnesses started to happen. I can’t speak for my neighbours but what we experienced were frightening enough.
We are not vaxxed, if we happened to get graphene oxide it came from other sources. Never ending swollen neck, painful, stiff throat, mumps like symptoms, changing voice, once even blood clot and blood ‘diarrhea’ (one time ‘event’), all after working a couple of hours at the direction of that towers. I travelled twice to abroad where my neck healed, came back and it started again. It’s not normal, it’s location dependent, the only new thing I can think of are that masts and more and more satellites.
Anyway, thank for these links, very good investigator work and sorry for your lost.

Have you seen this?

Last edited 2 years ago by GundelP