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Pulmonary Nurse Testifies CDC’s Covid Treatment Protocols Went Against Well-Established Protocols for Pulmonary Care Causing Deaths: “I’m the guy who was pushing the buttons, like in the gas chambers at Auschwitz”

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VIDEO: Albert Spence, a pulmonary nurse with 31 years of experience, recently gave testimony to a South Carolina State Legislature during a session of ‘Public Testimony on Therapeutic Options for Individuals with Covid-19’.  Spence testifies that the CDC’s guidelines for the care of Covid patients went against all well-established treatment protocols for pulmonary care and directly led to the deaths of Covid patients — most of which were preventable.

To his horror, Spence realised he had been unwittingly assisting in killing his patients by just “doing what I was told.” He now knows that these patients were dying from the Covid protocols, and not Covid-19.

“[The patient has] got the morphine and ativan, and I load them up and take off the high flow, and they gas themselves to death. And I’m the guy who was pushing the buttons, like in the gas chambers at Auschwitz,” Spence said.

Pulmonary Nurse, Albert Spence, Testifies How He Unknowingly Killed Patients Following Covid Protocols (30 mins)
South Carolina Public Testimony on Therapeutic Options for Individuals with Covid-19, 15 September 2021

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Pulmonary Nurse of 31 Years Testifies How He Followed the COVID Protocols, Unknowingly that They Could Result in the Deaths of Patients

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Turn Around When Possible
Turn Around When Possible
2 years ago

Ignorance is no excuse under law. You can not say ‘I thought the speed limit was 60, not 50’, the signs are there, you should know before you proceed with your actions. This guy is to be applauded for speaking out, but his excuse is exactly like the Nazis, he was only following orders.