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UK Funeral Director Speaks Out About Scripted BBC Interviews and Vaccine-Induced Harm and Death

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Session 72 of the Corona Investigative Committee, ‘The Coolant is Boiling’, covered various important topics, such as: crimes against humanity committed by a paedophile elite; the situation in Israel; the role vaccination played in the Spanish Flu; the “Delta variant” is vaccine-induced; the harmfulness of the spike protein; herd immunity; and, the scripted interviews conducted by the BBC.  In this article we focus on John O’Looney’s testimony, a British funeral director.

Last month we wrote about O’Looney’s interview with an independent journalist, Lindie Naughton, during which he spoke about what is really going on with all the elderly people who are supposedly dying from Covid in UK care homes and hospitals.  Two weeks later O’Looney was suspended from the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (“SAIF”).

But, as O’Looney told the Corona Investigative Committee in their 72nd session: “what can he do, he has committed to telling the truth.” 

In November 2019 he was asked by a family to collect their deceased loved one from a hospital.  The family complained that the hospital would not allow them to spend time with their loved one in the Chapel of Rest which was attached to the hospital mortuary.  He asked the hospital staff why they would not allow the family to view the body and was shown an isolation tent for infectious deceased.  When asked about the isolation tent, the hospital staff told O’Looney that there was “something horrible coming.”  That was O’Looney’s introduction to Covid although the word “Covid” was not used at the time.

The news about Covid broke in early 2020 and soon after the BBC contacted O’Looney asking him to feature in a piece they were doing about Covid – which he did, thinking he was helping as he believed the official narrative at the time that there was a pandemic.  The BBC briefed O’Looney and gave him the questions as well as the answers they wanted.  In retrospect, O’Looney said, every question was carefully orchestrated “basically for me to promote the hysteria.”

Although the video clip immediately below does not feature O’Looney, it serves as an example of the propaganda the BBC were airing at around this time.

Being a funeral director during Covid-19 pandemic, BBC, 21 April 2020

After the encounter with the BBC, every week someone from the pandemic team would phone funeral directors, including O’Looney, asking for the number of deaths and how many were Covid related.  Within a short space of time the pandemic team were “steering” officials to classify non-Covid deaths as Covid.

In March / April of 2020 the government was advising that there was going to be deaths “exclusively in care homes.”  “How did they know there was a virus that would exclusively affect care home residents?” O’Looney asked himself.  He explained there was a government directive to transfer elderly patients from hospitals to care homes and people were dying shortly afterwards, with no doctor present and no Covid test.  As far as O’Looney could discern it didn’t appear that they died from Covid.  He suspects they were euthanised using midazolam.  He understands that the Government’s procurement of midazolam was so high that an installation in France was built to fulfil the dramatically increased requirements of the British government.

Apart from the care homes, the levels of all-cause deaths in 2020 were not unusual.  However, in 2021, shortly after the Covid injection roll out began, deaths increased and started reaching pandemic level for about 12 weeks and then abruptly stopped.

O’Looney gave a number of examples of vaccine-induced injuries that he has and is witnessing.  The harm the Covid injections are causing are not mistakes or oversights, they are planned and unless people “rise up” this carnage will not stop.  If anyone is in doubt as to the harm and death the Covid injections are causing they need to hear O’Looney’s testimony.  And, for everyone else his testimony details first hand experience “at the coal face” and it’s well worth taking the time to listen.

Please note: If the video does not play automatically from YouTube in this article you can view it by selecting ‘Watch on YouTube’ from the image below. O’Looney’s testimony starts at 2 hrs 13 mins.

Session 72 Corona Investigative Committee: John O’Looney, 1 October 2021 (45 mins)

About Session 72 of the Corona Investigative Committee

Since mid-July 2020, the Corona Investigative Committee has been conducting live, multi-hour sessions to investigate why governments imposed unprecedented restrictions as part of the Coronavirus response and what the consequences have been and still are for people.

If the video embedded above of Session 72 is removed from YouTube you can watch HERE or HERE.

List of testimonies Session 72:

  1. 00:14:00 Introduction by Viviane Fischer.  Censorship is increasing it’s time to consider using Tor Browser.
  2. 00:23:00 Judge Dr. Rui da Fonseca e Castro, Portugal
  3. 01:14:00 Dr. Shimon Yanowhitz, electrical engineer and independent researcher, Israel
  4. 02:13:00 John O’Looney, Funeral Director, UK
  5. 02:59:00 Professor Byram Bridle, Associate Professor of Viral Immunology, Canada
  6. 04:07:00 Paul Alexander, Health Advisor to the Trump Administration, Canada
  7. 05:08:00 General discussion and wrap up.

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1 year ago

We need more honesty in this world. Here is an interview with a doctor who is so honest it bends the mind.

clark bergal
clark bergal
1 year ago

i get so much info, resources, thanks very much