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CNN Host: “We Took off Our Masks Just for the Photo”

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CNN host Jake Tapper inadvertently revealed the security theatre that is ‘Covid-safe’ after he tried to reassure people online that “we took off our masks just for the photo.”

On Twitter, Tapper posted a picture of himself and his fellow colleagues for a “bake-off” event before tweeting, “for anyone concerned, we took off our masks just for the photo, but generally we all wear masks around the office. also, we’re all vaccinated.”

It seems as though Covid has developed the ability to know not to infect people when they’re doing a photo op.

One person replied: “If you really believed in masks, you wouldn’t be taking them off for anything like this. Please stop the acting.”

Another respondent commented: “Covid really is the smartest disease ever. It knows not to spread during protests, when important people are having gatherings, and during photo ops. Pretty amazing.”

Tapper is clearly emulating world leaders who also wore their masks for photo ops at a globalist meeting in Rome before immediately removing them.

It is clear now – even to those who have fallen for the brainwashing by the government and mainstream media – that there is one rule for us and another for them. These ‘Covid restrictions’ were never about protecting the health and safety of the people, it was always about controlling the population on a mass scale and stripping us of our freedoms from the very start.

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2 years ago

[…] November 9, 2021CNN Host: “We Took off Our Masks Just for the Photo” […]

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2 years ago

Also, they’ve been given the real vaccine, and so are immune.

Paul Prichard
Paul Prichard
2 years ago

Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2021-11-08. Midazolam Murders to court. Italian IoH drops count f/ 130k+ to 3,783. Jab: kill 200 to ‘save’ one