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The Only Choice Left: Slavery or Freedom

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The vaccine passports create a platform for a digital transaction system that documents and tracks all transactions. Once combined with a central bank-controlled digital currency, they will have the ability to block transactions. To prevent the final implementation of this planned control system, we must be ready and willing to sacrifice in the short term. We must be willing to say, “No, I will not comply, no matter what the consequence,” or we’ll lose even our most basic freedoms.

On 29 October Dr. Joseph Mercola discussed the financial consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic with Catherine Austin Fitts.  You can watch their discussion HERE. and the transcript of the discussion is attached below.

Story at a glance:

  • Catherine Austin Fitts has spent decades exposing corruption and fraud within the banking industry and government, and corruption and fraud are driving forces in the Covid pandemic
  • We’re seeing a shift of billions of dollars of liability to families for health care, disability, workman’s compensation, unemployment and death, as experimental Covid injections are mandated while drug makers, doctors and corporations have been released from all liability
  • At present, there is no legally valid vaccine mandate. The shots are still under emergency use authorisation, and there’s no official document from government, be it in the form of legislation, law or regulation, that grants a legal basis for the mandate. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration also has not published any rule regarding the mandating of vaccines by private companies
  • The vaccine passports create a platform for a digital transaction system that documents and tracks all transactions. Once combined with a central bank-controlled digital currency, they will have the ability to block transactions
  • To prevent the final implementation of this planned control system, we must be ready and willing to sacrifice in the short term. We must be willing to say, “No, I will not comply, no matter what the consequence,” or we’ll lose even our most basic freedoms
  • Typically, my conversations with experts about the COVID pandemic revolve around the infection and its treatment. Today’s interview with finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts will tackle the COVID topic from a different angle.

Austin Fitts has spent decades exposing corruption and fraud, both within the banking industry and government, and corruption and fraud are driving forces in the COVID pandemic as well.

“I had a very successful career on Wall Street, then went to Washington briefly and was appalled at the mortgage corruption and left,” she says. “I started my own firm, which was very successful, and I got caught up in litigation with the federal government.

“Part of that was due to discovering what a criminal enterprise the major media was. I decided during that period that I would stop trying to discuss anything with people through the media. In fact, I would just answer people’s questions directly. That process of just constantly answering people’s questions … turned into two businesses, one of which was an investment advisory business, started in 2007.

“I discovered that many of the financial problems and many of the financial challenges that my clients were facing really were generated by health, including many of them from vaccine injury and vaccine adverse events. I’m no longer an investment adviser … I don’t do individual investment advice.

“But what I discovered was that it was absolutely imperative, if you wanted to help clients be successful at building family wealth, to integrate the investment in health and wellness with the investment in financial things. I would have people tell me that they put millions of dollars in their brokerage account, but couldn’t afford organic or biodynamic food.

“I’m like, are you crazy? So, there was an integration that had to happen. Because of the extraordinary expense of vaccine injury and adverse events, it got me very interested in vaccines. I spent many years reading and studying what was going on and why the lies were so bad.”

According to Austin Fitts, your health and personal finances simply cannot be separated. The two are really like two sides of the same coin, and families who don’t learn to navigate through the lies of the medical and finance industries can end up in very bad shape, both health-wise and financially.

The Injection Fraud

One of the most egregious crimes of this pandemic is the mandating of these experimental Covid jabs while simultaneously giving the drug companies full immunity. They’re not liable for anything, no matter how many people are injured or die. A person can be forced into taking this injection and suffer permanent disability requiring millions of dollars of care, and the patient is responsible for all these costs, even though they were coerced into it.

“Early on in the Covid-19 pandemic I published an article called ‘The Injection Fraud,’1” Austin Fitts says, “and I went through the different liability issues.

“The goal of the Covid-19 forms that we’ve published on our website is to try and move the liability back to where it belongs, because you’re watching a shift of billions of dollars of liability to families for health care, disability, workman’s compensation, unemployment, death and on and on. The shift of financial liabilities to individuals is extraordinary.

“What we try to do with the Covid-19 forms is give individuals forms that they could use in negotiation with their employers and schools to try and hold them responsible for informed consent … Then it walks through the health care issues, the disability issues, workman comp issues, life insurance issues …

“That process started with something called the family financial disclosure form. We had many subscribers who had spouses who wanted to get the injection.

“It was very important for me to give people a form they could walk through with their spouse and ensure that an adverse event impacting the spouse would not translate into bankruptcy for the family because there are steps that people can take to protect the family from financial destruction if they’re foolish enough to go take one of these [shots].

“So, it started with the family financial form, then it translated into an employer and university form, and I have been told by subscribers that they were able to talk their employers out of requiring [the shot] once they went through the form with them.

“It’s incredible, because employers and universities are just flat out lying to people, whether it’s about the adverse events and the potential risks, or about what the law is.

“I dare any employer who is trying to say that they’re mandating this when they’re still under emergency use authorisation to produce a document from government, whether legislation, law or regulation, that says they have a basis in law to do this. As far as I know, OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] has not published anything yet.”

Is There Conspiracy Blackmail Going On?

While I believe many employers and school administrators are simply ignorant and have fallen victim to the most successful propaganda campaign in modern history, Austin Fitts suspects they know exactly what they’re doing.

“I don’t think it’s the propaganda,” she says. “I think they’re under terrible pressure from both the government and banks … I think there’s RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations Act] conspiracy blackmail going on behind the scenes.

“I think they do understand it. And, I think they’re being seriously threatened through the banking system. If you look at the strongest pressure we’re seeing, it’s coming from the central bankers and the financial side.

“I’ve spent a lot of time with the Doctors for Covid Ethics over the last year, learning about what those doctors and scientists know, what’s in this [Covid shot] and what it does. There’s a whole portion of the ingredients that we still don’t know what they are.

“And, I dare say, I believe it’s connected to why the central bankers are pushing so hard. I think these guys are really depending on the smart grid and creepy technology to help them go to the last steps of financial control, which is what I think they’re pushing for.”

Only One Choice Remains: Slavery or Freedom

To prevent the final implementation of this planned control system, we must be ready and willing to sacrifice in the short term. Everyone must be willing to say, “No, I will not comply, no matter what the consequence, whether if you take away my pension, if you fire me, if you discredit me and I can never work again in my profession.” That’s what it’s going to take to keep even our most basic freedoms.

As noted by Austin Fitts:

“It is slavery or freedom. If you look at what they’re planning, what they’re shooting for, it’s a complete financial and technological control grid. That is slavery. I mean, when the World Economic Forum says it’s 2030 and you have no assets, what is it about that that’s not clear? You have no assets means you’re a slave.”

According to federal statistics in the U.S., the wealth of the bottom half of the population has increased during the pandemic due to housing inflation. “I assure you, that is a ruse,” Austin Fitts says. With respect to liquid assets, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 70% to 80% of Americans have virtually no reserve stores of cash at all.

“That’s because what we’ve seen is a tremendous effort to … bankrupt the population and the governments so that it’s much easier for the central bankers to take control. That’s what I’ve been writing about since 1998, that this is a financial coup d’etat.

“Now the financial coup d’etat is being consolidated, where the central bankers just serve jurisdiction over the treasury and the tax money. And if they can get the passports in with the CBDC [central bank digital currency], then it will be able to take taxes out of our accounts and take our assets.

“So, this is a real coup d’etat, and that’s why if you look broadly at the population, we are the guys who are building the prison. We have the power to stop.”

Why We Must Reject Vaccine Passports

I suspect CBDCs are the crux of this plot, and I’m a firm believer that decentralised cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are a powerful alternative and important to counter the central bank control of the financial system. Austin Fitts disagrees, pointing out that all cryptocurrencies operate on systems controlled by the existing system of governance.

“I believe that any blockchain technology under the current governance system is a danger,” she says. “Having litigated with the Department of Justice for 11 years over financial issues and money issues, I think they have the ability to exercise remarkable control over any of them … I mean, they control the hardware, the satellites, the cables … And many people believe the current cryptos are much more private than I believe they are.”

While government does not control private keys and decentralised elements, they still have plenty of ways to get to the private data of targeted individuals. “I’ve watched lots of people get subpoenas and have the FBI arrive at their door, and it’s amazing what they will hand over and go along with,” Austin Fitts says. In short, government’s ability to deliver on a threat when they want something from you is profound, which makes it near-impossible to resist.

“Now, I still believe we have the power to completely turn this around,” she says. “I want to mention one thing though, because the important thing, our danger point, is not CBDCs. CBDCs will take them quite a while to figure out. Our danger point is the vaccine passports.

“If they get the passports, then I would argue, as a practical matter, we lose our ability to stop the CBDCs. So, whatever we do, we need to stop the passports. The passports give them the kind of control they need of the digital and financial transactions that then leads into the CBDCs.”

Vaccine Passport Is a Ticket to Financial Enslavement

As explained by Austin Fitts, the vaccine passports create a platform for a digital transaction system that documents and tracks all transactions. Once combined with a central bank controlled digital currency, they will have the ability to block transactions.

If government doesn’t want you to purchase anything more than five miles from your home, they have the ability to prevent you from doing so. If they don’t want you buying pizzas, they have the ability to prevent you from buying pizza.

“So, it’s Step 1 to building that control grid. If you go to and click on Cash Friday — which is a campaign we’re doing to get everybody to use cash on Fridays — you’ll see a 56-second video of the general manager of the Bank of International Settlements explaining how with CBDC, they’ll have the ability to enforce all the rules they want to create about CBDCs and your money.

“It’s very chilling and it communicates the control they think they’re going to have when this is over. But to get that control, first you need the entire passport system to come into being. That’s basically the information grid that the CBDCs can then plug into …

“If you get a passport system in place that can literally stop your financial transactions unless you get another booster, imagine, with CBDCs, it can stop all your transactions. It can change the amount of money. It can take money out of your bank account. In other words, it’s no longer a currency. It’s a credit that the company stores and the company controls everything …

“The passports are now. We need to stop these now. I’ve seen passport apps that show people getting eight or more boosters. Who’s going to worry about CBDCs if you’ve had two of these injections and eight boosters? I mean, the question is, are you going to be alive at that point? I don’t know.”

What Can You Do Now?

So, how can the average person resist this diabolical plan? One strategy would be to move to a state or country that has made vaccine passport requirements illegal. Another strategy is to simply refuse the passport, no matter what the ramifications.

This goes for those who have gotten one or two Covid jabs as well. To maintain a valid passport, you’ll have to take boosters. How many are you willing to take? How many times are you willing to risk your health and life? At some point, you’ll have to make the same decision as everyone who is unvaccinated — freedom or slavery.

What this means is we’ll also need to create alternate and parallel systems for everything we’ll be denied access to if we don’t have a valid vaccine passport. This includes education, food production, services of various kinds, health care and economy.

These parallel systems will be crucial anyway, as the U.S. entitlement programs — Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — look like they’ll be out of money by 2028. And, as these programs vanish, they’ll take the drug industry down with them, as they are drug companies’ primary revenue source.

“I discovered there was a whole community of people who did RV living because they just didn’t trust any jurisdiction. They wanted the ability to get up and go, and that group has been growing steadily.

“So, my feeling is we have to say no, and we have to do whatever we can do. I went through that decision process during the [government] litigation because I was absolutely convinced that if I kept saying no, chances were very high I could be killed. I was poisoned on many occasions, so I dealt with some pretty severe harassment.

“All I can tell you is that saying no turned out to be the smartest thing I ever did. I’m not saying that isn’t difficult. It’s exceptionally inconvenient. I went from being a very wealthy person to having to live through periods of intense poverty. It was pretty gruesome.

“But at the same time, you come out the other end and it’s a great life. It’s just a great life to be free … I don’t think there’s any way to get to a free and inspired life other than hurtling into it. You have to say no. And if we don’t say no, we’re going to be slaves. Frankly, I’d rather be dead than take these injections. God knows what’s in them.”

Recently, President Biden issued an unconstitutional presidential directive that companies with 100 employees or more are required to mandate the Covid injection for all staff members. The penalty can go as high as $700,000 per incident.

Such stiff fines could quickly bankrupt all but the wealthiest companies if they don’t comply. However, even here, there is choice, because as it stands, there is no LEGAL rule or law dictating vaccination rules for private companies.

“This is genocide,” Austin Fitts says. “There is no OSHA temporary emergency rule. There is no document. If I’m a company and you have no law, no regulation, no emergency regulation — you can’t legislate law by press conference, and you can’t apply civil money penalties out of thin air.

“I don’t know on what basis in law you can apply a civil money penalty to a violation of a non-existent law and a non-existent rule. Now, I’m not saying you can’t find a judge and threaten him and scare him into going along with that. But I have to tell you, if there’s anything worth litigating, it’s that.

“But let’s talk about whether a company can exist as a political matter. If every company in the world is basically a captive of blackmail of the SPECTRE Organisation — because this is getting very James Bond — [then] no one can represent the shareholder, because they can’t say no to organised crime.

“Then we no longer have an economy. We no longer have a stock market. We no longer have a country. We no longer have a civilisation. We just have a mob, right? It’s all gone.

“So, to me, I can’t think of anything better to litigate than whether or not we’re going to have law. If everything is just the rule of the mafia, there will be no companies. There will be no stock market. There will be no financial system. And a lot of us are going to die.

“So, I think we’re going to have to decide whether we want to have the rule of law or not … I don’t believe that organised crime with all its coercive force has the power to sabotage all whilst people stand up.”

Who’s Behind It All?

As for who’s behind this gigantic scheme, it’s hard to say. I believe the closest we can get the identity of these criminals is the private shareholders of Vanguard, because Vanguard owns most of the companies of the world. Austin Fitts believes it’s the private owners of the central banks of the world. She explains:

“Vanguard is essentially owned by itself. So, the question is, who controls it behind the scenes? I have an online book called ‘Dillon Read and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits.’ I’ve tried to publish it in hard copy three times and each time I’ve been threatened. The last time, they threatened somebody in my family.

“So, I’ve left it online. [In that book], I tell the story of how I was a partner and member of the board of Dillon Read. At one point, I was surprised at their choice of the next president of the firm. [There was] a wonderful partner there whose father had run the firm once upon a time, so I said to him, ‘I’m surprised at the choice. He’s not a ‘Nick guy’ at all.’

“Nick Brady, the chairman of the firm, had gone to the Senate for a while, which is why they were bringing another president. And my partner said, ‘Nick didn’t choose him. The Rothschilds choose him.’ I said, ‘Wait a minute. We own the firm. What does the Rothschilds have to do with us?’ And he just looked at me and he rolled his eyes … and walked off like I was the dumbest person in America.”

Austin Fitts’ nickname for the committee that runs the world is “Mr. Global.” She admits she doesn’t fully understand how it works at the top, but she does know that the decision-making is highly centralised, it’s most likely run by committee, and the members are the prisoners of 50 years of secrecy.

“There is a tremendous amount of money since World War II that constantly disappears through the financial system,” she says. “It’s almost as though the planet is a REIT [real estate investment trust]. I’ll never forget watching the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’ and the princess from a faraway galaxy looks at this woman from earth and she says, ‘Earth is just a very small part of a much bigger corporation.’

“Actually, if you look at the financial system, that is how it works — as though everybody’s being forced to produce this dividend and it’s become very dysfunctional because of the secrecy.

“Now, I have been told on several occasions — and I tend to believe it — that the people who literally run what most people call the Deep State have tried to figure out how they could [increase] the transparency and they run into so many liability issues, they just give up.

“If there is one solution we all need, it’s to bring tremendous transparency and reduce the risk of the people at the top. Because I think one of the reasons they’re [pushing for] complete control is … that [they can then] manage things centrally with artificial intelligence …

“Complete control is: You’re on a smart grid that’s under 24/7 surveillance and subjects you to all sorts of propaganda and mind control, and they have the power to literally turn off your money if you don’t behave. That can be managed with software, AI and a smart grid [through the vaccine passport and CBDC] …

“I would describe it as a slavery system … They can literally collateralize a human being and connect it to the banking system, and they can stop all violent revolution once they have everybody basically digitised and on a financial transaction control system …

“I think it’s a terrible mistake. But I think they … don’t know what else to do. If we’re going to get out of this, one, we need to just say no and refuse to go into the box. The other is we need to bring transparency where we can all change. Because we do need a reset. If we keep going the way we’re going, it’s not going to work.”

We Need a Reset, but Not ‘The Great Reset’

Many have pointed out that it’s a mathematical inevitability that the central bank financial system will collapse. You cannot rack up debt in perpetuity. It’s really just a matter of when. As noted by Austin Fitts, we currently have a negative return on investment.

But the financial system can certainly be re-engineered to a positive return on investment. However, to do that, we cannot allow corporations to function above the law. She explains:

“Right now, we have a legal doctrine that says as long as they can make money, they’re free more or less to act above the law. The economy has to be subservient to the society. You cannot let your economic life determine the rule of law. And so, we’ve given basically legal immunity to the big international banks, and through them, the corporations.

“The current corporate model, as it currently exists, does not work. What we’re watching is the destruction of society to keep it going, and give them complete control to keep it going. Frankly, you cannot have a healthy economy or society when the financial sector is dominant as opposed to subservient. The financial system should serve society and civilisation, not vice versa.”

Signs of Positive Change

There are signs of real change, however — positive change. Austin Fitts notes that, for the first time in her life, she’s seeing extraordinarily talented, well-educated people who have always been reluctant to rock the boat say they want out; they’d rather die than be enslaved by organised crime.

“I remember one really phenomenal scientist and doctor saying to me, ‘I’m ready to start a whole new civilisation.’ There’s a wave of talent and gravitas I’ve never seen before saying, ‘I’d rather be part of the new. I’ve had it with this.’

“So, I see a tremendous breakout — not just pushback — of people who want to be part of something that is civilized. They realise that corruption has reached a point where there’s no point trying to get along or be in the middle of the road or go along …

“The challenge for all of us is, how can we swing our savings and our retirement savings to finance the creation of that new capacity? On one hand, you have students leaving school and needing to home school. On the other hand, you have teachers leaving schools because they don’t want to get the injection.

“We’ve got to create businesses and networks and websites that help us find each other. If that process occurs in an entrepreneurial way, it could be very positive and very exciting.

“That’s what I see in the new media. But it also needs to happen in health care and in education, and it’s going to require enough people realising that the Titanic is sinking. There’s no way back. They might as well grab some planks and start building arks.

“Without integrity, there’s no civilisation. So, if you want to be part of something that has integrity, you can’t stay [in the old system]. I say it again, there’s no middle of the road … I say, say yes to science, say yes to integrity, say yes to law.

“Every person’s circumstance is different, but find a way to translate that yes into something productive. Be useful. That’s what I tried to do. I had a wonderful life as an investment banker, but I woke up and I couldn’t [continue] … I did billion-dollar deals. I didn’t know how to do a financial plan for somebody who had $25,000.

“So, I started by just answering people’s questions and those questions evolved into two businesses, the Solari Report and Solari Investment Advisory Services. It took many years, but I just tried to be useful. So, we each have to start there.

“We have to ask, what skills do I have? What skills can I learn? What skills can I evolve? And how can I serve the people around me? What can I do to be useful? And we go from there.

“But you have to choose integrity and civilisation or choose being a slave of organised crime. You have to make that choice. And you know something? It’s a dangerous choice. I almost didn’t make it. But as I told my old partner, I’d rather die in the wilderness than be in the underground places with you guys.”

More Information

You can access exclusive Solari Report content by signing up as a paid subscriber on To get a taste of what you’ll find in the Solaris Report, you can download this previous 2020 issue.

“Our goal is really to be an intelligence network and a learning network … If you look at the guys on the other side, they spend a fortune on intelligence. So, I think it’s very important that we provide an alternative …

“We publish a weekly roundup called Money & Markets, and then an interview every week. We’re constantly posting the best links to other sites, the headlines, and in the news trends and stories section, we publish book reviews and other materials.

“Then, we do these quarterly wrap-ups. Our theory is you’re busy. You don’t have time to watch all the news. Our goal is, if you just read those quarterly wrap-ups, over time, you will understand not only what’s going on with current events, but the deeper themes.

“I find if you understand things like The Great Reset or the injection fraud, if you understand 20 or 30 different primary trends deeply, you’ll have a very good basis to navigate all the propaganda and disinformation.

One of the things we try very hard to do is filter out the disinformation because I find bad information, bad intelligence is one of the great destroyers of family wealth. So, we try very hard to filter out disinformation and propaganda. And that’s why we’re always looking for new media websites that are trustworthy. And again, thank you for what you’re doing because you’re one of them.”

A service like that of the Solari Report has never been more useful, as trying to find the truth through mainstream media or Google (or other Google-driven search engines) has become virtually impossible.

About 93% of all online searches are done through Google, which gives them near-total monopoly over the information people see, and legacy media have barely spoken a true word over the past two years. So, you need reliable sources that can keep you abreast of what’s really going on. Austin Fitts says:

“The other thing is what I’m hoping to be part of is creating the best and highest possible learning speeds, because this is a war … and nobody wins a war without great intelligence. So, we have to help each other really jump the curve on a high learning speed and high intelligence.”

Article by Dr. Joseph Mercola, 14 November 2021

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

cash only

2 years ago

‘We are on the verge of a global transformation.
All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order’ – David Rockefeller 
What does the globalist’s ‘Great Reset’ really mean?
It means the whole consciousness has to be taken away from humanity, so that their intelligence is destroyed. 
According to them people have to be converted to carbon copies, their originality has to be destroyed, otherwise this whole Neo-Nazi reset will be impossible.
Klaus Martin-Bormann Schwab and his merry band of sociopaths are doing something very, very wrong with humanity, and for certain reasons.
They want you to remain slaves, they want you to be always afraid, they want you to be always greedy, they want you to be always ambitious, they want you to be always competitive.
They want you to be unloving, they want you to be full of anger and hatred, they want you to remain weak, imitative, obedient carbon copies.
What is the antidote?
Intelligence is naturally rebellious.
Intelligence cannot be forced into any servitude.
Intelligence is very assertive, individual.
Intelligence cannot be converted into a mechanical imitation.
If you are intelligent, you will solve all your problems yourself.
Intelligence is enough to solve all problems.
In fact, whatsoever problems are created in life, you have more intelligence than all those problems.
Intelligence is intrinsic to life.
Intelligence is a natural quality of life.
Just as fire is hot, and air is invisible, and water flows downwards, so is life intelligent.
Intelligence is not an achievement, you are born intelligent.
Yet a person who has no understanding of this is continuously a victim of mind, of so many thoughts, of fake globalist narratives, because they have no insight to give them a center.
Thinking is the absence of understanding.
You think because you don’t understand.
When understanding arises, thinking disappears.
What is understanding?
Understanding is pure intelligence.
That pure intelligence is originally yours, you are born with it.
Nobody can give you intelligence.
Knowledge can be given to you, absurd narratives can be given to you, but not intelligence.
Intelligence is your own sharpened being.
Through deep meditation one sharpens one’s being.
Through meditation one drops borrowed thoughts, drops all false narratives, and reclaims one’s own being, reclaims one’s originality, reclaims one’s childhood, innocence, freshness.
Out of that freshness, when you act, you act out of understanding.
And then the response is total, here-now, and the response is because of the challenge, not because of a government’s false narrative.
Try to find your hidden understanding, and the way is to drop thinking.
Each child is born, as a very, very open phenomenon, utterly intelligent.
But we jump upon them, we start destroying their intelligence.
We start creating fear in them.
You call it teaching, you call it making the child capable of coping with life.
You create more fear in them.
They then begin to lose their intelligence.
And your schools, colleges, universities, they all make them more and more unintelligent.
They demand foolish things.
They demand foolish information to be crammed in which the child and their natural intelligence cannot see any point.
For what?
That child cannot see the point.
Why cram these things?
Remember, I am not against education, I am only against these forms of so-called education. 
Critical Race Theory?!
This world can become such a great, intelligent world if individuals are allowed to be themselves, helped to be themselves, supported in every way to be themselves, and nobody comes in and interferes.
In fact, nobody manipulates the child.
Intelligent people always trust themselves.
Their trust is absolute about themselves.
How can you trust anybody else if you cannot even trust yourself?
Remember, meditation is needed only to undo what the society has done to you.
Meditation is negative, it simply negates the damage, it destroys the illness.
And once the illness has gone, your well-being asserts itself of its own accord.
Intelligence is to make the ut\most use of the present moment that is available, the future will come out of it.
If this moment has been lived in delight and joy, the next moment is going to be born out of it.
Intelligence has to spread all over your life.
It is not a Sunday thing.
And you cannot do it for twenty minutes and then forget about it.
Intelligence has to be just like breathing.
Whatsoever you are doing, small, big, whatsoever it can be done intelligently.
So, be intelligent.
Bring in the quality of intelligence.
And the more intelligent you become, the more capable you will be of bringing more intelligence into your life.
Each single moment can become luminous with intelligence.

2 years ago

In response to your “We’d love your thoughts: ”
You’re doing a magnificent job, but please move your “logo” inviting our thoughts, from being on top the text we’re trying to read, and put it somewhere else on the page !!!!!! At themoment it’s plonk in the middle of the text making it hard to read..

2 years ago

The main message to grasp in this war is, resist the vacpass . since the totalitarian Central Bank Digital Currency can only be introduced once everyone has a vacpass (aka green pass , aka Digital ID.

Does anyone have any advice to give to people who already have been tricked into getting a Vacpass? Once they’re on the train so to speak, can they get off?
(PS I’m not one of them, I never had a vacpass and never will. But many people now have them especially on the Continent).

Reply to  mmc
2 years ago

As long as it is not in them… as long as it’s on a mobile they don’t have to use it or let others know they have it at all.
No we know that vaxxes are different, even within a batch. There were news from US and Spain that vaxxed ‘try to connect to Bluetooth’, they (some) got something with the vax which is a kind od digital ID what Bluetooth can recognise as a hexa (MAC like) number if they are close to a mobile (IPhone won’t show, rest newer will).
Why no one tries it in a Shopping Centre in the UK and report?
If true, those people who have it are really screwed.

Urban Medin
Urban Medin
2 years ago

Important! Understand what the deep state is. Sweden everywhere, in everything. In all companies, banks, they are controlled by talacom and those who hold the patents. See also RED BEE which is all media, the power supply via ABB. Wake. The CCP is infiltrated just like the Democrats. Xi Jing Pin is on the same side as Donald Trump and is fighting against the Deep States.

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2 years ago

There was news about Xi’ wife connected to Gates and the WHO. A year ago or so.
And one more thing pls, connected to Trump. I’ve watched the Stew Peters Show with the alleged victim of elite pedofiles named in the show.
I thought a lot to believe or not. Why no one named among them denies it? People had high hope in Trump, especially because he went after them / was told. But nothing happened, it gave them credit of trust and people lost plenty of time waiting for him to do something and save them. Now they reached children with the vax… A bit of same in Russia, everyone hoped that Putin willstop this, now have a look where they are.

That girl in the show basically said that everyone was part of the game, cops, teachers (and an unbelievably big underground tunnel system? proof?).

Either true or not this again works to them, share people more with conditioning them to suspect a pedo in the cop in the neighbourhood or their so far favourite teacher.

It’s an old communist, socialist method to rule people via fear from each other and encouraging to spy on each other and report. After that we won’t be able to unite or even just speak openly to share truth.

Because of it I think Xi, Trump and Putin are the hidden jokers of them but us. They gain time to them, a lot.

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Such a good article! We need more like this. Covid is a diversion, while we read these news on newer deaths and horror on daily basis instead of reading King, they act fast.

I use only cash in shops. No card, and no smart phone with ‘wallet’. I recognised this when it started and understood that to slow them down, we need to say no to their tech and need to keep cash in circulation.

Bitcoin: just think about that, there is no real goods or service behind it. If you make shovel to dig the soil, that’s a real thing with value. If you sell milk, that’s also. Gold and and silver always worked because their limited amount and a deeply built-in trust during thousand years.

We can reach their tech (a part of it) also we can learn to live without them, my life is far more peaceful and satisfying since I don’t use mobiles.

Without 5-4+ G their power is over as deeply relies on these. Downgrade your tech, get rid of ‘smart’ ( = secret military armaments in residential tech) toys. And start to produce food, no matter how little you can, still more than nothing.

If you have chimney, buy a cooking stove (dark winter) we just did, gives nice warm and I can still cook and make even bread in its oven. If you have access to antibiotics stock some, it will worth gold – literally.

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2 years ago

Wish to share an experience connected to this, how they try to build their database and con you into the system using covid as an excuse. It was the NHS (No Hope Service after Icke’s).

I got an email, to an account I use rarely to arrange 1-2 official things.
They let me know that I contacted to someone with covid positive test, they even gave an ID to me and urged me in 2 emails to go to their site to give data for the ‘greater good’.

This was a blatant lie. I just came back from holiday and already had 2 negative test one to come back and the 2nd day’s, I know they are useless but nevertheless I had them as compulsory for unvaxxed and was in self quarantine (because I work at home, and we are well stocked it doesn’t bothering), they sometime check you know, I overheard a couple of months ago they were bothering a neighbour personally coming (but no staff to treat cancer..)
Point is I met no one. The last time I met anyone was the plane and the airport. But my emergency mobile (I have only for travelling for a case of need with an often changing pay as you go SIM) was in flight mode all along and in an EMF shielding pouch (no cell info given).
I never upgraded the op.system, no track and trace on it.

If anyone from the plane got a positive later then they were too late to notify me as happened many days after my travel, 7 if I recall well. While passengers must had theirs after 2 days and process is fast.

Put everything together it was a lie to try to con me into the system probably using the passenger locator form’ details to do this. Without a working mobile how I was located after the travel to being near to anyone? (Like the neighbour or I don’t now.) Not possible.

The lesson is that they have no shame to reach and convert you into the system if you are gullible. For the worried believers I passed my 8th day test, also negative.

And what ID?! Based on what? Stay out of the system as much as you can. I don’t even have a registered GP, due to this I was not bothered with NHS letters to go for vax. When my husband got his last time asked me not to open, it might had some white power in it. Of course he was just joking. Was he?

We bin everything with NHS on it, now my mailbox due to the new filter I’ve added will do the same without even noticing me.

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Story at a glance:

  • Catherine Austin Fitts has spent decades exposing corruption and fraud within the banking industry and government, and corruption and fraud are driving forces in the Covid pandemic


“are driving forces in the Covid pandemic” hoax. Sheesh!

2 years ago

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The audio just doesn’t work for me. I left it for quite a few hours and tried again. It was no go.