Compliance and Why We Should Always Speak Out Against A corrupt Agenda

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Despite the continuous pushing of an agenda under the guise of a “Pandemic”, there is clear evidence that what is occurring globally has nothing to do with a virus. Nevertheless, there are still many people unquestioningly adhering to the nonsensical rules and restrictions that the country has been subjected to.

As a Social Scientist this area is of great interest to me, I hope that you will find it intersting too. It is a long article, however, if it does interest you there are videos you can watch over the Christmas period!.


The government, throughout what we can only call; the planned and constructed “window of opportunity” for an NWO, has employed a Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) who through their sub-group Independent Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours (SPI-B) they were advised on the “Psychological techniques for behavioural change” which was devised to help people adhere to interventions.

The SPI-B drafted a document titled Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures 

Within the document it is clear to see that fear was used to change behaviours, but they also encouraged social approval and disapproval, therefore, creating division within the population.

The group has been so successful in their encouragement of social disapproval, that we have observed people who have chosen to not only obey each and every ridiculous rule but often ridicule and abuse those who do not and are willing to speak out against the agenda for the sake of humanity.

Previous Studies

Previous theories and experiments conducted by social psychologists not only show that the SPI-B know the situations that will add to compliance and obedience, but have also utilised them.

These studies may also show us why we are seeing compliance, conformity, and obedience occurring from the masses and why then we should never stop speaking our truth.


What we tend to see is often when one viewpoint is shared by a person other individuals feel confident to agree with them. At times this publicly or externally agreeing often aligns with an internal belief, which is the deepest level of conformity, in other words, despite evidence opposing them, the beliefs of the government narrative become part of the individual’s own beliefs.

However, what we can also observe, particularly through the wearing of facemasks alone, is that an individual may appear to agree with that group outwardly but privately they may actually disagree with them, but do not want to open themselves up to possible ridicule or confrontation perhaps.

In other words, a viewpoint may be temporary and changeable depending on the group and its beliefs.

The Asch Study Of Conformity

Compliance can be seen in action in the Asch Conformity Experiment which is now regarded as a classic in social psychology, highlighting the effects of an individual in a situation where they believed that they were alone in their internal belief. 

The result was that their own internal belief was cast aside in favour of the majority belief for external purposes. Although when the participant in the study felt that they had an ally, they had the confidence to respond in a way that was true to their own internal belief.

Therefore, we should never give up speaking our truth, as there may be still many people lacking the confidence to display their own internal beliefs publicly

There is a video showing this study is below.


Nevertheless, the Asch experiment highlights compliance when internal beliefs and external behaviour differ. There are, however, obvious signs of internalisation evident within individuals today which can be observed with many who not only outwardly comply with the government rules, but have also internalised their beliefs to suit the government narrative.

Thus, resulting in what appears to be an army of volunteers fighting for the corrupt agenda through ridiculing, disrespecting, and name-calling of those in opposition to their views. 

Many of these individuals have given no hint of aggressive impulses previously, it could be argued, that this new behaviour is a result of moral justification.


Psychologist Albert Bandura who was a professor of Psychology at Stanford University theorised that a key set of disengagement practices operates when people do not ordinarily engage in inexcusable conduct, that is until they have justified their actions to themselves making the liable actions moral.

This is through cognitive reconstrual, a moral justification process making detrimental conduct personally and socially acceptable. They have portrayed the behaviour as being valued for social or moral purposes (source).

Dehumanising and Moral Justification

In accordance with Banduras Social Cognitive Theory, moral standards are constructed, and moral reasoning is translated into actions through self-regulatory mechanisms through which moral agency is exercised. Our standards serve as guides and deterrents for action, which is regulated by the consequences we give ourselves. 

People act in ways that produce satisfaction and a sense of self-worth while refraining from behaving in ways that violate their moral standards, as such behaviour will bring self-censure.

However, this self-censure for harmful conduct can be disengaged or dulled by dehumanisation that rids people of human qualities or attributes inhuman qualities to them and they are no longer viewed as people with feelings.

This we can see happening within society due to the encouragement seen by the government to dehumanise the unvaccinated for instance.

Studies have shown that otherwise considerate people when given punitive power, treat dehumanised individuals much more harshly than humanized ones (source).

This dehumanisation fosters different patterns of thought where people enlist moral justifications for punitive conduct directed towards others that they have deprived of humanness, allowing their condemnation on moral grounds. This results in good people being subjected to unfair, unethical and aggressive behaviour, behaviour which gets justified in the name of protecting honour and reputation and in the case of those that argue for the COVID guidelines to protect the nation’s health.


Obedience is a form of social influence that involves performing an action under the orders of an authority figure. It differs from compliance (which involves changing your behaviour at the request of another person).

This moral justification theory was tested by social psychologist Stanley Milgram who conducted an experiment in 1974 that examined the power of obedience to authority. 

Most people would inflict what they believed to be painful electric shocks ranging from 15 to 450 volts to another person when instructed to do so by an authority figure. Although only simulated, the research subjects believed that the experience was real and controlled the delivered shocks with 65% of the subjects going to the end despite cries of pain and the pleadings of the learner to stop.

Thus, proving the tendency people have in obeying authority figures even when their orders go against their values and morals.

Milgram said of the study, “When subjects enter the laboratory and are told to perform, they do not in a bewildered fashion cry out, “I never heard of science. What do you mean by this?”

“Within this situation, the idea of science and its acceptance as a legitimate social enterprise provides the overarching ideological justification for the experiment. […] Ideological justification is vital in obtaining willing obedience, for it permits the person to see his behaviour as serving a desirable end”. How many times have we heard “I follow the science”?

The Justification During The “Pandemic”

This is a justification that has been utilised by individuals who have complied with the COVID rules also, they see the “science” and the one set of scientists that are working for the government, through misappropriation believe what they say and obey any rules they dish out.

They have been told that by doing so they are “serving the desirable end” of “flattening the curve”, “saving granny”, “get jabbed to save Christmas” etc etc  

Worryingly, but perhaps now not so surprisingly, many participants in the Milgram study later explained that they genuinely did not feel responsible for their actions because they were just following an authority figure’s orders.

However, what we are seeing is the inhumane treatment of others from those who are following orders which only a couple of years ago would have received condemnation from the majority of people. We may not be on the receiving end of electric shocks, but our experience of individuals “just following orders” and the Milgram experiment shows that if they were asked in the name of “science” to do so, then they probably would do it.

From Twitter

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Nazi War Criminals

According to Stanley Milgram the Nazi war criminals typically offered the “just following orders” explanation for their terrible deeds (Milgram, 1974). However, as one war crimes prosecutor suggested, “obeying orders” was probably a convenient excuse that helped conceal the Nazi perpetrators’ personally more responsible motives, including careerism, greed, ambition, and racism, and many others.


Throughout the “pandemic” some individuals have been given temporary power of control within settings such as supermarkets where assistants were also afforded power over shoppers, with many barking orders to “following the arrows”, and “stay back” among other demands.

The police also had extra “powers” including making sure that the public didn’t leave their homes for longer than an hour, keep two metres apart, and only shop once a day, alone. Reports revealed that they made house calls following complaints that these guidelines were being ignored and people were stopped and questioned as to where they had been, why, and who with!

We are essentially unaware if those with this temporary control are acting out of real fear, or acting under external compliance, yet their internal belief is different. Or are their actions due to internalisation, wherein they internally and externally believe the government narrative and are perhaps also acting out of fear?

Or are they simply following orders? Maybe there is an authoritarian personality that is bubbling under the surface of a few individuals?

Police Raided PPC Gym in Liverpool after being tipped off that they were open. They fined members and arrested two men 

The Authoritarian Personality

The authoritarian personality syndrome was developed by a team of psychologists (Adorno, Frenkel-Brunswick, Levinson, & Sanford, 1950), after WW 11, in an attempt to make sense of the Holocaust and appeal of national Fascism and Hitler.

Biased towards a dispositional conclusion they focused their study on personality factors responsible for a fascist mentality, overlooking however many processes operating at political, societal, economic and historical levels of analysis to influence and direct millions of individuals into a controlled behavioural channel of hating Jews and admiring the apparent strength of their dictator.

We can but hope that the displays of the authoritarian personalities that we have observed throughout the “pandemic” are also as a result of the political and societal situation and not because so many people actually do have a fascistic mentality.

Zimbardo -The Stanford Prison Experiment

Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Research Experiment in 1971 was devised using twenty-four subjects who assumed the roles of ‘prisoner’ or ‘guard’ within an experimentally devised mock prison setting on the Stanford University campus.

The projected two-week study was to test people’s responses to an oppressive regime; however, it was to be prematurely terminated when it became apparent that many of the ‘prisoners’ were in serious distress a result of many of the ‘guards’ behaving in ways which brutalized and degraded them.

The role play was observed to become almost reality in conformity that was to influence all that operated within it to behave in ways appropriate to its character, but inappropriate to their usual life roles and values; this included the research staff, faculty observers, a priest, lawyer, ex-convict, and relatives and friends of the subjects who visited the “prison”.

One guard, in particular, was influential in swaying other guards to behave in an aggressive and vindictive manner, behaviour is contagious, and the behaviour modelled by one followed by another to conform.

Other behaviours may be seen to be an expression of compliance (obedience) towards authority in a display of minority conversion.

Why We Should Never Stop Speaking Out

Many individuals have displayed personality traits that have possibly lain dormant previously and disrespectful attitudes have been more noticeable than before between groups with differing opinions,

One group is speaking out, not complying and wants to “show” the rest of society that they are being lied to, the other group have been encouraged by the government and thier scientific advisers to dehumanise them. This has allowed a moral justification to strengthen their confidence in what they are doing. 

However, there is a tendency to minimise or ignore situational variables or the situation which has forced the behaviour.

Zimbardo believes the behaviour of his guards and displays of perverse power in both shaping behaviour and predominating over personality, attitudes and individual values were again of a situational disposition.

This means of course, that the behaviours that are prevalent now in so many, will be unlikely to remain after the situation ends, and with the government losing support due to their own non compliance to their own rules and restrictions, the situation seems to be near the end.

Additionally, compliance needs company, people need to feel they belong to a group of like-minded individuals. By speaking out regularly and showing that our internal beliefs are displayed externally, there will undoubtedly be others that will follow suit and also, not speaking the truth is not safe as Dr Malhotra has tweeted.

We have been primed and prepared and moulded into a shape that will easily fit into the fourth industrial revolution, the NWO, if we do not speak out now, we will soon lose the chance to.

David Icke also tells us why we should speak out, this is well worth a watch.

If these studies above have interested you, one or two of them have been made into movies, you may enjoy them too!

Merry Christmas!

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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
1 year ago

The Government’s ‘Nudge Department’ has been working tirelessly with billboard posters and adverts on the tv and radio. All part of the psychological pressure to comply.

Reply to  Stephen Smith
1 year ago

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David Ho
David Ho
1 year ago

Let’s pry open the unhinged minds of paranoid white nationalst extremist Trump loving insurrectionist anti abortion QAnon wacko nut job conspiracy theorists and rummage through their half baked incoherent slogans and irrational spittle flying rants about the cabals of pedo shape-shifting lizard aliens ruling the world, who, they think, desire nothing more than to depopulate the planet and to own everything, so that us rational, well grounded and serious intellectuals become further illuminated in our profound and sacred understanding of how these criminals are so incredibly dangerous as they lurk in our good and wholesome communities masquerading as ordinary people like nurses and construction workers.
The good people, the wise and educated must know how to spot these disgruntled anti-vaxxer terrorists in order for you to be able to protect yourself, your loved ones and especially your vulnerable children from diseases of the body and mind. It is important never to approach these vermin and be sure to shut down any attempts by them to express their ridiculous thoughts and stupid opinions as you will be at risk of becoming covered in their disgusting saliva.
The government urges the vigilant citizens to report any signs of these diseased violators, that so threaten our children and elderly, so that our dedicated Health Security Enforcement Officers can capture and apprehend this terrible threat before it can gather with other radical anti-vaxxer crazies and metastasise into a cancerous mob rampaging in an uncontrolled orgy of naked destruction, a firestorm, a tsunami pandemic of putrefying pestilence reeking chaos, confusion, death, misery and a worldwide calamity, a Black Death the likes of which the world has never seen before. We can’t let the anti-vaxxer fulfil its evil dream.
The righteous person who cares about freedom and liberty must do everything in their power to maintain a pure and healthy community, free from disease and malignancy. Our friends in the pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturing industry, who are doing their utmost to save the world, urge members of the public to spit on anti-vaxxers, to beat them to a pulp with iron pipes, to gang rape them, and then kill them in the name of what is right, in the name of humanity, justice and freedom. It is time to express your fear and anger knowing it is the anti-vaxxer terror gangs who are prolonging and making worse this pandemic crises. It is the anti-vaxxer who has destroyed the economy and stolen your freedoms. We will never get back the things we love and cherish while there are anti-vaxxers hiding amongst our children, in our places of worship and our communities and even in our own homes. On the pain of death shall we save lives!
The Anti-vaxxer must be exterminated!

Reply to  David Ho
1 year ago

Heil hitler!

Not sure why you got down hits on that speech
I thought it was funny

A Person
A Person
1 year ago

How I think a lot of people think:
“What are most people doing?
Am I dumber than most people?
So let’s do what they’re doing!”

1 year ago

it doesnt let me donate… the screen just flickers and freezes

Charles B.
Charles B.
1 year ago

The intro of Dr. Zimbardo to the Asch experiment contains a factual error: B is the right answer !

Last edited 1 year ago by Charles B.
1 year ago

[…] By Patricia Harrity on December 24, 2021 […]

LD Tobias
LD Tobias
1 year ago

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” Engage your logic, your common sense, your humanity… and your knees and pray.