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23 January 2022 USA ‘Free Speech Day’ For Doctors and Other Healthcare Providers

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 “There is no one thing that ends the madness. Each activity contributes to moving the ball forward. The good news is that people in healthcare are getting really upset now and many are sacrificing their jobs to speak out. So, I think this will end sooner than later.

“As always, our biggest “convincer” is the vaccine itself. Sooner or later doctors and nurses are going to have to stop ignoring the side effects and speak out just as occurred HERE,” wrote Steve Kirsch, an author and director of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

At the beginning of the year, Kirsch published his “plan to end the vaccine madness.” One way to victory, he said, is to end the censorship of doctors.  To enable doctors to speak out without fear of retribution from medical boards and hospitals he proposed a co-ordinated day where healthcare providers speak out at the same time.

Free Speech Day – the day for healthcare providers in America to speak out en masse – is 23 January 2022, the same day as the March on Washington.

“On 23 January 2022, over 10,000 healthcare providers will, for the first time, speak freely about the Covid vaccines. SIMULTANEOUSLY,” Kirsch announced.

Can this work? Yes, absolutely, said Kirsch.

“It turns out that nearly 66% of the healthcare workers surveyed will commit if we can get just 1,000 of their peers committed to doing the same thing. We can do this. I’ve got a substack with over 3,000 red-pill healthcare providers already.

“So, we’re setting the bar at 10,000 names.

“If you are a healthcare provider and have been unable to speak out about the Covid interventions (like the vaccine, masking, mandates, etc), now is your chance to do the right thing and make history.  Sign up now HERE.”

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raj patel
raj patel
1 year ago

Great initiative – wish it all the success it deserves.

Charles B.
Charles B.
Reply to  raj patel
1 year ago

In France there was a ‘doctothon’ 24 hrs, 300 medical professionals had each max.3 mins to make a declaration. Some mostly the younger ones starting their medical careers, even had their masks on and sunglasses in order not to be recognised by their colleagues but still felt the need to speak out.
I think there will be another doctothon on the subject of child Covid vaccinations soon.

Very beneficial initiative for participants and viewers alike!

1 year ago

I wish it all the success but, if mainstream media won’t cover it, will the message get to the people who need to hear it?

A Person
A Person
Reply to  Ann
1 year ago

I don’t get the concept at all. So doctors aren’t allowed to speak out but Steve Kirsch is gonna allow them a day to speak out. But he doesn’t have the authority to do that – his position ain’t King of the World.

Or, he’s gonna put it to Government and say, “You know how you guys have been constantly lying all the time about Covid? Can we have one free day please where truth telling doctors tell everyone that you are constantly pumping out lies? Thanks.”

I don’t know, but can’t see Government approving that…

Mouche de la nwo
Mouche de la nwo
Reply to  A Person
1 year ago

The way I understood his plan was not that he is finding a way to coordinate the truth telling by doctors so that all the truth telling about c19 vaccines is concentrated into one day. when all d. because one dissenting doctor speaking on any given day at a time can be squashed and silenced by medical boards media blackout deplâtforming permanent consequences including loss of license to practice. No doctor wants to take the chance of speaking out on their own. So all remain silent . But by pre-planning a day and importantly getting doctors to affirm that they will speak out on that day more and more doctors will know they will not be the lone wackanole sticking up if they speak. That many doctors irs speaking out on one day will also mean that it will be a big enough event that mainstream media can’t just black it out. Steve’s idea offers the protection of hundreds of thousands all speak out on one day then they can’t all be squashed, the . All doctors on one day is will make it instead like whack a mole where the powers that be can’t wack all the moles because housands of them pop up AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.
It’s a great idea and a concrete thing doctors can finally do with the support of their peers without risking their livelihood.