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UK’s Ambassador Furthers Propaganda at the UN Security Council

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In 2018 the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (“OSCE”) reviewed the biolabs in Ukraine and concluded that there were several gaps in Ukraine’s biological safety and security.

As a result, in 2020 OSCE began a package of projects over three years with the aim of implementing United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 (2004), or UNSCR 1540 (2004). A resolution on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery.

Yet those who denounce Russia’s allegations as “conspiracy theories” fail to acknowledge the reasons for OSCE embarking on these projects or that these projects are still in progress.

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The United Nations security council met earlier this month at Russia’s request, to discuss Moscow’s claims that the US is funding “military biological activities” in Ukraine.

In other words, secretly developing biological weapons in Ukrainian laboratories, The Guardian deduced.  While confirming that biolabs do exist in Ukraine and the US is supporting them, to their shame, The Guardian then attempted to argue that there is a difference between biodefence and bioweapons – that the US / Ukraine biological activities are only for biodefence but Russian biological activities are bioweapons for biowarfare.

However, the concepts of biodefence and biowarfare are largely indistinguishable – biodefence implies tacit biowarfare.  Biodefence, as William Lutz would say, is doublespeak and is being consciously used to manipulate the public’s perception.

The Guardian made a point of noting what “independent world bodies” are saying:

“The World Health Organization (“WHO”) has said it is unaware of activity by Ukraine violating any international treaty, including the ban on biological weapons.

“The UN high commissioner for disarmament, Izumi Nakamitsu, confirmed that the UN was not aware of any biological weapons programmes in Ukraine. Nakamitsu pointed to the Biological Weapons Convention, which has prohibited the development and use of biological weapons since 1975. The convention was backed by Richard Nixon, who in 1969 also put a stop to the US developing its own offensive biological weapons.”

The Guardian chose to quote WHO but not OSCE which is curious to say the least and could be seen as outright dishonest.

OSCE Projects in Ukraine

The OSCE comprises 57 participating States that span the globe.  The US, UK, Ukraine and Russia are four of the participating countries.

In 2018, the OSCE conducted a comprehensive review of biological safety and security in Ukraine. As a result of the analysis, several gaps were identified in Ukraine’s biological safety and security.  So, working in partnership with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and Food and Safety Consumer Protection, OSCE initiated a package of three inter-related biosafety and biosecurity projects for Ukraine. With a planned start date of 2020 and ending in 2023 the projects are funded by the European Union to the tune of EUR1,9 million.

The aim of OSCE’s projects, as listed below, is to strengthen biological safety and security:

  1. Project 1 – Harmonisation of Existing Ukrainian Regulations on Biosafety and Biosecurity with International Standards
  2. Project 2 – Establishing of the Veterinary Surveillance System Sustainability in Ukraine for EDP-Related Diseases (Especially Dangerous Pathogens)
  3. Project 3 – Awareness raising, education and training for life scientists on biosafety and biosecurity

As it will be relevant to the next section of this article, we will highlight some points regarding Project 1.

The objective of this project is to improve Ukraine’s biosafety and biosecurity system through enhancing its national regulatory framework in line with obligations under UNSCR 1540 (2004). The expected results are:

What Did the UK Say in Response to Russia’s Allegations?

The Guardian made no mention of how the UK responded however, we will. Below, in bold italics, are extracts from the beginning of the statement made by UK Ambassador Barbara Woodward at the UN Security Council Meeting on Ukraine, 11 March 2022:

“Russia has today brought into the Security Council a series of wild, completely baseless and irresponsible conspiracy theories.  Let me put it diplomatically: they are utter nonsense.”

The term “conspiracy theory” is frequently used to dismiss uncomfortable information as an emotional knee jerk reaction in defence of one’s worldview.  The use of the term has been noted as early as 1880 and conspiracy theorists used to be accepted as a normal part of life.  In fact, it could be said that democracy and free market capitalism were founded on conspiracy theories.

But that all changed in the 1960s.  In an April 1967 dispatch, the CIA created the label “conspiracy theory” as part of its psychological warfare operations.

“The self-appointed ‘power elite’ have devised – and successfully deployed – ways and means of manipulating the public’s awareness to such an extent that when a researcher shares an unpleasant conspiracy truth in an effort to raise awareness and thus collective empowerment, the would-be recipients of this unwanted information dismiss the material using the very terminology designed and supplied by ‘the system’.”

In 1967, the CIA Created the Label “Conspiracy Theorists”, Global Freedom Movement

“There is not a shred of credible evidence that Ukraine has a biological weapons programme.”

Woodward herself provides no evidence nor does she indicate what investigations the UK has conducted to establish that her claim is a fact. It’s important at this point to recall that the term “biological weapons programme” is doublespeak. The concepts of biodefence and biowarfare are largely indistinguishable – biodefence implies tacit biowarfare.

“Ukraine is a State Party to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (“BWC”) in good standing.  As we’ve heard, the research facilities are established facilities set up to deal with public health hazards.”

The BWC currently has 183 States Parties and four Signatory States. The US, UK, Ukraine and Russia are all State Parties to the BCW.  There are only ten countries which have neither signed nor acceded to the BWC.  Which kind of takes the wind out of Woodward’s sail.

What’s more notable and contrary to Woodward’s “in good standing” remark is the current OSCE projects – the implementation in Ukraine’s biolabs of UNSCR 1540 (2004), the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery. Considering she was addressing the UN security council, it’s surprising and perhaps irresponsible that Woodward made no reference to, and it would be negligence if she were to claim ignorance of, OSCE’s ongoing projects.

In these first few remarks Woodward set the tone of her statement and we should listen to her full statement with wisdom, testing it for accuracy, doublespeak and the use of psychological manipulation with the aim of creating a particular narrative. 

You can hear Woodward’s statement in the video below, which has been embedded to begin at the timestamp where her remarks begin.

United Nations: Security Council on Russia allegations of military biological activities in Ukraine, UK Ambassador Barbara Woodward, 11 March 2022 (4 mins, begin 61:08 mins)

Woodward is obviously exhorting a party line, the question is – whose?

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1 year ago

[…] April 1, 2022UK’s Ambassador Furthers Propaganda at the UN Security Council […]

1 year ago

Who Creates Identity Politics And All The Divisions At The Heart Of Humanity?

The Globalists, UN, WEF – Klaus Barbie Schwab are so unconscious that they can do anything to keep their power, their respectability, even if it means destroying the whole world.

No creative, intelligent person seeks power.

No intelligent person is interested in dominating others.

Their first interest is to know themselves.

So the people with the highest quality of intelligence go towards mysticism, and the most mediocre go after power.

That power can be worldly, political, it can be of money, it can be of holding spiritual domination over millions of people, but the basic urge is to dominate more and more people.

This urge arises because you don’t know yourself, and you don’t want to know that you don’t know yourself.

You are so afraid of becoming aware of the ignorance that prevails in the very center of your being.

You escape from this darkness through these methods, lust for money, lust for power, lust for respectability, honor.

And the psychopath person who has darkness within is willing to do anything destructive, anything evil.

Such people are running the world.

Such people are completely asleep.

In their sleep they make plans for global domination, using nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons not knowing what destruction they are willing to cause.

Only one thing keeps them moving, and that is: more power, more power.

And whoever comes in their way has to be destroyed.

They don’t know anything else.

They are barbarians who have not evolved into human beings.

Yes, they can destroy the whole world, they are already preparing to do so.

Good old America is in a hurry, it wants any excuse.

America wants it done quickly.

Before China and Co can destroy them!

I can see clearly that there is more possibility of the world being vaporized than being saved, because nothing is being done to save it and everything is being done to destroy it.

Because the whole world is going to suffer, the whole world should unite against all of these nuclear nations, against all of these globalists and their political minions, who are all mentally ill.

We have to force all of these criminals to stop this mad race of nuclear weapons, of warmongering, of the endless illegitimate power grabs.

But there seems to be no real protest, there seems to be no worry.

The world goes on in a routine rut.

It seems people don’t have any alertness, they don’t have any clarity about the problem. 

Yet this problem is one of the most fundamental problems in the world at this moment.

Therefore the burning existential question everyone needs to ask is ‘Who am I?’

Who are you?

Can you say anything about your soul?

You can identify with something about your body, you can identify with something about your mind, but that is not of any true value.

There is no way to see from the outside who you are.

There is only one way, and that is to become alert inside, to awaken inside, to make great effort inside, so that you are not asleep there.

Then only will you have the first glimpse of the real you.

What is people’s grief?

People suffer because they have forgotten their innermost self.

Because they have forgotten their innermost presence, they have forgotten that they are one with the whole.

 It is a natural rhythm.

How have they forgotten it?

They have created a false self. 

They had to create it, because they don’t know their authentic self, and one cannot truly live without knowing oneself.

They don’t know who they are, and one cannot live, cannot exist, without knowing who one is.

The ideas that we gather from others give us a personality, and the knowledge that we come to know from within gives us individuality.

Personality is false, individuality is real.

Personality is a borrowed, reality – individuality is your authenticity, it can never be borrowed.

Nobody can tell you who you are.

So what to do?

In a better world, where people are more intelligent, more aware, we would learn from childhood that the idea of personality is false:

The idea of identifying with the false personality is divisive, destructive and toxic.

What is people’s misery?

Their misery is, they have created a false ego.

The sooner you find out who you are, the better.

The sooner you can drop false divisive ideas, the better, because from that very moment you will really be born afresh, and you will immediately be real, authentic.

The moment that you realize that your whole ego identity was false,

Is the moment you will become a fully conscious individual,

An awake, self knowing, beautiful and intelligent human being.

Your whole business of false identity is just a bad dream.

Your whole business of listening to, voting for, serving obediently all these criminal politicians is finished.

Remember, to remain lost in your unconscious ideas you are completely broken from seeing reality.

You are in a continuous fight with reality.

You are fighting your own roots, you are continuously fighting with your own authentic self.

Wake up!

The universe is one, it is a unity.

Nothing is divided.

Everything is connected with everything else.

It is a tremendous connected-ness.

You are connected with the earth, you are connected with the trees, you are connected with the stars, you are connected with each other.

All of humanity is connected with you, the stars are connected with you, the stars are connected with the trees, with the rivers, with the mountains.

Everything is interconnected.

What is death?

Separation is death.

So the more you think, “I am separate,” and the more you identify as transgender, gay, snowflake,, American, English, Russian, Marxist, socialist, liberal, black, brown, white, feminist, satanist, christian, atheist, the less sensitive you will be, the more dead, unconscious, NPC dull.

Your imagined separation creates divisions, hatred, violence, war.

Nothing is separate; nothing can be separate.

Life is one.

Separation is not possible.

To be in unity is to be alive, to be out of unity is to be dead.

The more you feel you are connected, the more this whole existence is part of you and you are part of this whole existence.

Once you understand that we are all unique members of one humanity, then suddenly the whole vision changes.

We are in tune.

Reality is unity.

Your real center is not only your center, it is the center of the whole.

Your real center is the center of all.

At your center, the whole existence is one.

Your real self is always Here-Now.

It is life itself.

1 year ago

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1 year ago

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