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In Memory of Those Who “Died Suddenly” in Zimbabwe and South Africa

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Last week a TV star in South Africa died in his sleep and a managing director in Hwange collapsed and died in his home.

Zimbabwe: HCCL managing director dies

The Hwange community has been plunged into mourning following the sudden death of Hwange Colliery Company Limited managing director, Dr. Charles Zinyema.

He was 59.

Dr. Zinyemba collapsed and died at his home in the mining town on Sunday morning and details leading to his death are still sketchy.

Read more: HCCL managing director dies, Chronicle, 11 May 2022

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South Africa: kykNET presenter Aleit Swanepoel, 47, has died

Aleit Swanepoel, the founder and chairman of The Aleit Group, has died. He was 47. The event organiser and wedding planner is best known for his TV series Tyd met Aleit on kykNET (DStv 144), which ran for 6 seasons.

In a statement on Instagram, The Aleit Group said, “It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our founder, Aleit Swanepoel”.

“Aleit passed away in his sleep, and while there is no further information to share at this moment, we ask that you keep his family in your thoughts as they go through this difficult time,” the statement continued.

“Aleit was an innovator, perfectionist, and creative genius whose flamboyant persona and dedication will be greatly missed. We will continue to uphold and nurture his great legacy through all Aleit businesses and entities.”

Read more: | kykNET presenter Aleit Swanepoel has died, The World News, 16 May 2022


The above list is extracted from ‘In memory of those who “died suddenly” in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Israel, India and Russia, May 10-16‘ by Mark Crispin Miller, 19 May 2022

As well as lists for previous weeks, Mark Crispin Miller has also prepared similar lists for the week 10 – 16 May for the following countries:

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6 months ago

[…] – In Memory of Those Who “Died Suddenly” in Zimbabwe and South Africa […]

6 months ago

You might want to have a look at the Sainsbury’s story, Birmingham. While no one died it was quite close. People dropped gasping for air. What the MSM mostly failed to mention, that specialist found NOTHING in the air what could have caused it.
There was a video interview in the Birmingham mail with a man who looked ‘authority’ , he told this clearly.

5G? WIFI hotspot? Their phones ‘highjacked’? Were they all vaccinated?

A way to kill?

6 months ago

“Speaking at a WEF panel, Harari says, “Covid is critical because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize, total biometric surveillance. … We need not just to monitor people, we need to monitor what’s happening under their skin.” I repeat “Covid is critical because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize, total biometric surveillance”

6 months ago

Yes, this was the plan and the reason d’etre for Covid, and the future “pandemics” that Gates-Fauci have planned for us, all of us, 85% of the population in fact, according to Gates’ own words.