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Nature Has Provided the Perfect Air Filtration System and Face Masks Render It Ineffective

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Mask Usefulness Myth: Nature has already given us an air filtration system that is optimised for our bodies and for respiration. Fooling around with it is lunacy.  And the only masks we should be wearing, particularly kids, are for Carnaval or Halloween!

By Marc Girardot

The mask narrative is taking off again in many geographies. Given how coordinated it is in the media, one doesn’t need to be a “conspiracy theorist” to see it is being orchestrated and timed by a dark force, either influencing public health authorities or within public health leadership, possibly a combination of both.

Is it political? Is it a collective dystopia? Is it corruption? It doesn’t really matter … it’s a dark force not bringing positive to our world. We need to fight it with all our soul as ultimately it is uselessly destroying the fabric of our community and – more importantly – our children’s health – mental and physical – and development.

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What still amazes me is that a population would continue to actually believe the mask narrative.

One can understand that people would trust their doctors on vaccine-induced immunity versus natural immunity (Natural immunity is much better!). Immunity is a complex topic, not easily accessible, and prevalent but invisible. But it is utterly incomprehensible that people continue to believe that masks work, notably simply given that:

  • masks haven’t stopped the pandemic at any moment in time during this pandemic
  • they experience the flow in and out, and are fully aware that the virus can come in and out on the sides
  • the discomfort for the vast majority of the population who are absolutely not at risk is an enormous toll on society, and on children in particular

All the signs are there that masks are ineffective, and that they are possibly unhealthy: headaches, rashes…and continued infections.

Instincts and reflexes of self-preservation – we once had – are being eroded … possibly by technology, certainly by nudging and scare tactics. Self-preservation, sense of observation, the experience of reality… all tell us masks are utterly useless in the general population and are possibly dangerous. But many are oblivious. Worse, some have become religious about masks, cult-like going as far as changing their social media picture!? … Many are using masks as a way to self-importance, to virtue signalling; this has nothing to do with saving lives.

Here’s the glitch…we already are wearing an effective filtration system and have been for millions of years.

If one observes the wild diversity of Nature, Nature and its genetic biosoftware have had all the tools available to provide us with a natural mask for millions of years: from butterfly wings to endothelium filtration in the brain, from fish gills to filter feeders, nature abounds with examples of its capacity to filter things, including the smallest materials.

Filter feeder

So, why would we not be gifted with a filter (read “mask” here) to protect ourselves from bacteria and viruses? … Well, we likely are already.

It is very likely that a parallel universe started hundreds of millions of years ago whereby an alternative version of mammals emerged with a biological mask on – alien-looking to be honest – may be in the form of nanopores that emerged in Metalwork butterfly wings, or some other approach.

Simultaneously, or sometime after, another air filtration version emerged that didn’t have a mask on, but evolved to have nostrils, nasal hair, a vortex-creating topography, tonsils and a mucus to trap and to process most of the infectious material thrown at it.

Nature and time have tested many combinations, if not all possible permutations, possibly including a natural mask on top of the airflow filtration we are endowed with today…It’s called Evolution. And Evolution is nothing else than a huge Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) tested by a reality you can’t cheat.

Guess which filtration version won? … You guessed right! Our version did. Our open-flow free circulating respiratory system is optimised for our lives. In other words …

… we already have an air filtration system that prevents viruses from hurting us, and it got the best RCT score: Survival over millions of years.

That’s probably one of the reasons the lethality of SARS-COV2 is so low – below 0.1%. If your air intake reduces drastically the doses inhaled, clearly the outcome will be better.

As any system, living or not, our airways filtration isn’t 100% effective in every area, but it’s optimised for survival. So, any modification to it inevitably means, in theory, that the modification makes the system less reliable and less safe …

To make our respiratory system 100% effective, you probably would have to lose out on something – like die because you can’t breathe enough to outrun that Sabre tiger – or consume so much energy you can’t live normally  …  which is exactly what happens when you keep a mask on:

  • your vision is impaired, and you might fall or not see a truck coming your way in the street
  • you can’t see face expressions which makes a huge difference in our understanding of each other, and for our kids’ development (see video)
Mark Changizi: This video speaks for itself on the damage of face masks to babies

One cannot live normally with a mask on all day!

Adding a mask on top of millions of years of Evolution to stop a virus is an intellectual heresy

The reality is you don’t want to make your filtering system perfect. As in many domains, “Best is the Enemy of the Good”. Viruses haven’t evolved so much that a complete redesign of our respiratory system is required … on the contrary.

This 100% sanitation vision plays against our best defences, notably the immune system which regularly needs sampling and testing from the environment, as this is how mucosal immunity is maintained during a pandemic.

So, anyone successfully avoiding infectious diseases is actually shooting him/herself in the foot, as these interventions trick the immune system into thinking the epidemic is over …

Probably explains why people manage having Covid 3 or 4 times in a row!!

The sanitary delusion we are currently going though is extremely dangerous as it “dis-informs” our immune system. Secluding children, working from home, segregating the elderly in their retirement homes … all these interventions carry the cost potentially of lowering your immunity. The immune “invisible hand” can well disappear, or behave erratically – this is uncharted territory – as we are changing the rules of the game on which it was designed. It’s like saying a military force should never train or have any indication of who the enemy army is and how it operates … the day war occurs such an army would be useless, at least for a little while.

This is most likely what we are seeing collectively. Vaccines, masks and other social distancing are fooling around with our immune systems. We are tricking our best asset in terms of survival against an infectious disease. Not smart!

In the following table, I undertook a high-level comparison:

Table 1 Un-Masked vs Masked Analysis

Breaking the Vortex

As I have already mentioned in a prior article, Dyson vacuum cleaners also use vortexes which equates to no loss of airflow, great energy consumption, self-cleaning … so no bags. Pro-masks believe their “Dyson vacuum cleaner” (read our natural respiratory filters) will work better with another filter (read mask) at the tip of the aspirating brush. Pretty sure the vortex won’t work anymore, and the oscillating tips won’t oscillate as needed and collect the dust with the same efficiency. Same with our respiratory filters: as virion clusters are broken by the mask, virions are individualised, a lower mass and a lower vortex air speed mean a lower probability of hitting the mucosal walls and a higher chance of ending up in the lungs.

Mask believers should start putting masks on their Dyson vacuum cleaner to see if it is still collects as much dust!

Our mucus-based air filtration system works hand-in-hand with our immune system. Adding a filter – aka a mask – in front makes it not only ineffective, but more dangerous in my opinion. As any optimised systems, our respiratory filtration system is a combination of trade-offs. It can’t be 100% effective, but it minimises the virus and bacteria dangers while being energy efficient, safe and user-friendly. Anyone with experience in optimised complex systems knows that even the slightest increment often makes it much worse, and since this is health-related, that can be dangerous. For example:

  1. stopping virions from being expelled and risking re-inhaling them carries great risk of self-infection
  2. capturing bacteria in a humid and warm trap is like breathing in a Petri dish, that’s why the mucus is filled with immune cells to kill them off asap
  3. slowing down the air speed into the upper respiratory tract naturally cuts down the centrifugal forces that push virions onto the side, which ultimately means a higher concentration of virions and bacteria end up in the lungs (our Achilles heel)
  4. hindering your vision can be very dangerous in a number of ways
  5. even changing the downward flow of air expelled by the nose can actually aerosolise longer virions expelled …instead of pushing them downwards, below the air intake

Frankly, the only time a mask can potentially be useful is when you are truly sick, you can’t stay at home for a reason and you don’t want to contaminate with high inocula people around you. This is the Japanese model many have been mis-interpreting. You can’t guarantee to not infect someone else when you go to work sick, but you limit the damage to the maximum. But frankly, if one is sick (by definition with symptoms), one stays home. In other words, there’s no need for a mask.

A perfectly sanitised world is not the world our immune and respiratory systems have been designed for.

Collectively, we need to stop behaving like we are in the Middle Ages, and start integrating our knowledge of Evolution and of Modern science to best protect ourselves, our elderly and our children. To a large extent, that means trusting the awesome artefacts we were given at birth by Mother Nature: a best-in-class air filtering system that lets us live freely and safely, combined with an amazing immune system that protects us if we take good care of our bodies… It’s when these tools fail us that we need to back them, not break them… For example, by humidifying the air in the winter to ensure maximum infectious particles are captured by the mucus that tends to dry up, giving Vitamin D when people are depleted … Taking irrational measures to relieve the scare and the angst create unduly by the media always makes matters worse, supporting our body’s defences should be one way public health is useful.

In conclusion, we already have a best-in-class mask, adding one on top just makes it useless, painful and possibly dangerous.

I leave you with a picture 🙂 of my friend Steve Kirsch a few months ago as he was testing all sorts of masks with us, and we were having quite a laugh. It is time we go back to laughing and enjoying life: you can’t do that with a mask on!

Mask should never again be mandated.

Steve Kirsch, Executive Director, Vaccine Safety Research Foundation

About the Author

Marc Girardot is a Pandemics Data & Analytics (PANDA) member.  He holds an MBA from INSEAD, as well as Ms. in Economics and Business from ESSEC. He has deep experience in innovation and complex systems, working for Cisco, Booz Allen and Air Liquide.  A seasoned strategy consultant trained in the scientific method with experience in Automotive, Biotech and Energy, Girardot is a regular lecturer and keynote speaker at leading business schools and corporations. In recent years, Girardot has supported a promising anti-cancer DNA vaccine company.  On Covid, Girardot has written a number of articles highlighting the interactions of population density, cross-immunity and mortality. Girardot aims to help contribute to a more balanced science-based perspective on Covid, to mitigate the harm done by fearful policies.

The above is the article ‘We Are All Already Wearing a Mask’ republished from his Substack.  You can follow Girardot’s Covid Myth Buster Series by subscribing to his Substack HERE.

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11 months ago

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11 months ago

Marc may be against masks but bottom of his article he’s partaking in bringing a cancer vaccine to market
The Expose used to be a Great website for information, No offense but Please stop interviewing misinformed people.
ALL VACCINES WILL Cause Ischemia!!!!

Watch the 90 minutes video of Dr. David Martin Easily explain the Lies and Fraud of what’s been going on.

11 months ago

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11 months ago

No! God “has provided the perfect air infiltration system…”

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1.

And this only a mere 6000 years ago.

10 months ago

Interesting, although what makes you think that Evolution has done all this? What scientific facts do you have for eg. millions of years, and so forth?

10 months ago

Bless darling Rhoda. She finds stuff which can seem terrifying but i personally always see that if we stay true to our real spirit, whether you believe in God or not, we will defeat the contamination of this fake system/simulation.

My heart feels broken currently as i didn’t realise how much the dearest soul to me, is now contaminated. Nature/the Original doesn’t provide all the answers but although we might suffer a lot as this evil rolls out, if enough of us refuse the evil, it can’t win.

Reply to  Demeter
10 months ago

Don’t know if The Expose team is aware of this but ALL children are left brained initially, whichever hand they prefer to use.

This continues through all the important developmental stages of our lives until, wait for it, we start school. Yeah, the system hates free thinking souls and conditions it out of us, if we allow them too.

We’re certainly meant to use both hemispheres but being left brained, means we can make quantum leaps of understanding, which the filth demonise as it stops us being enslaved.

Reply to  Demeter
10 months ago

Primarily left brained is what i mean, obviously the right hemisphere is useful too but it’s limited. There aren’t limits to our left hemisphere, which is why it’s demonised.

Reply to  Demeter
10 months ago

Glory, swap all i said for right brained/hemisphere, even i am affected by all the lies.

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