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‘Spartacus’: The Weaponization of Biotech Part 6

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“The unregulated advancement of biotech is creating a new arms race and threatening our personal autonomy.” – Spartacus

A document posted online under the name “Spartacus” went viral in 2021. The ‘Covid letter’ summed up the state of the ‘pandemic’ at the time, calling out the so-called ‘science’ attributed to Covid-19 and the vaccines. Since then, Spartacus has written several documents including ‘Covid-19: A Web of Corruption’ and a four-part series ‘Covid-19: Deep Dive’.

Below is the latest article published by Spartacus, ‘The Weaponization of Biotech’:

“After our previous article on this topic, I was asked by someone off-site to cite specific examples of biotechnology that could be misused for nefarious purposes, or could have utility as clandestine military or intelligence tools. It was a fair criticism. I listed off a number of technologies that could have such uses, but did not cite any specific articles to make my case. This article will address that deficiency.”

We are publishing Spartacus’ this document in sections for those who struggle to find the time to read the paper in full in one sitting.  This is the sixth in our series.

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By Spartacus


Technically, a number of things already mentioned above count as crude forms of bionanotechnology. However, when all of these factors are combined together, as one engineering platform (gene editing, nanoparticles, in-vivo bioassembly, protein design, etc.), it becomes possible to engineer living organisms to incorporate novel structures, like nanomaterials, metamaterials, artificial tissue lattices, and so forth, that might behave like biological/electronic hybrids, incorporating features of both living cells and electrical devices in one.

The Internet of Bio Nano Things: Bio Nano Technology (3 mins)

This is an area of ongoing research. They are even looking into ways to make such bionanotechnological devices internet-enabled. The terms used for such things are WBAN (wireless body area networks), Intra-body Nano-networks, IoB (the Internet of Bodies), and IoBNT (the Internet of Bio-Nano Things). Such devices could be made to behave intelligently inside the body, acting on the direction of swarm AI, retrieving information from cells and tissues, or influencing the behavior of said cells and tissues, or even performing functions that no natural, unaugmented organisms ever could.

Elsevier – Securing Bio-Cyber Interface for the Internet of Bio-Nano Things using Particle Swarm Optimization and Artificial Neural Networks based parameter profiling

Internet of bio-nano things (IoBNT) is a novel communication paradigm where tiny, biocompatible and non-intrusive devices collect and sense biological signals from the environment and send them to data centers for processing through the internet. The concept of the IoBNT has stemmed from the combination of synthetic biology and nanotechnology tools which enable the fabrication of biological computing devices called Bio-nano things. Bio-nano things are nanoscale (1–100 nm) devices that are ideal for in vivo applications, where non-intrusive devices can reach hard-to-access areas of the human body (such as deep inside the tissue) to collect biological information. Bio-nano things work collaboratively in the form of a network called nanonetwork. The interconnection of the biological world and the cyber world of the Internet is made possible by a powerful hybrid device called Bio Cyber Interface. Bio Cyber Interface translates biochemical signals from in-body nanonetworks into electromagnetic signals and vice versa. Bio Cyber Interface can be designed using several technologies. In this paper, we have selected bio field-effect transistor (BioFET) technology, due to its characteristics of being fast, low-cost, and simple The main concern in this work is the security of IoBNT, which must be the preliminary requirement, especially for healthcare applications of IoBNT. Once the human body is accessible through the Internet, there is always a chance that it will be done with malicious intent. To address the issue of security in IoBNT, we propose a framework that utilizes Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm to optimize Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and to detect anomalous activities in the IoBNT transmission. Our proposed PSO-based ANN model was tested for the simulated dataset of BioFET based Bio Cyber Interface communication features. The results show an improved accuracy of 98.9% when compared with Adam based optimization function.

SpringerLink – Nano-Sensor Modelling for Intra-Body Nano-Networks

In this work, the author has evaluated the propagation of electromagnetic waves inside the human tissue such as blood, skin and fat for single-path and multi-path layers according to nano sensor transmit power calculations. In particular, the propagation characteristics of the Intra-Body Nano-Network communication channel are calculated using a theoretical approach. The analysis in this paper provides an evaluation related to the path loss, bit error rate, signal to noise ratio and the channel capacity. The model is evaluated for each single-path effect and multi-path effect. The effects of human tissue for each blood, skin and fat for single-path effect and multi-path are included in the analysis. The model frequency range is chosen from 0.01 to 1.5 THz frequencies, which are ideal for designing nano sensors antennae and using THz range for communication. This paper will also guide other researchers who are working on the electromagnetic radiation performance of Intra-Body Nano-Network and Nano sensors designed at the THz range.

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Don’t bother with Spartacus, Delgado is much better to connect the dots and so far almost the only credible real opposition.

The truth about ‘viruses’, mRNA, and more.