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Letter to the Editor: A Collection of Covid Propaganda from Around the World

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One of our readers from Spain has done an incredible job of collecting over 1,500 images of Covid propaganda from around the world and turning them into a video.  It is a truly astounding collection and serves as a visual reminder that we must never forget what has been done to so many by so few.

In his own words: “I hope you like it.  With kind regards from Barcelona.”

Thank you, Andres!

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To The Exposé,

The institutional propaganda in times of Covid 19 from 2020 to 2022

I am a pure-blood living in Barcelona, Spain.

Over the last weeks, I have amassed a large collection of images, created by the institutions, related to covid for the last 2,5 years.

Of these +1500 images from around the globe, in several languages, I have created a video (slide-show) portraying governmental deception, perversion and coercion.

This is a large collection depicting the measures taken by governments: lockdown, new normal, distance, mask, bubble, testing, incidence, vaccination, variants, certificate, curfew, restrictions, booster….

A testimony of the governmental perversion for two and a half years.

Fear, isolation, obedience.

The music 🎼 is by Johann Pachelbel, Canon in re mayor 🎻

Andres Pedrero: Propaganda 2020 – 2022 International (15 mins)

Additionally, I have also edited an ALL-ENGLISH version. It has more English images than the video above.

Andres Pedrero: Propaganda 2020 – 2022 English only (14 mins)

I hope you like it.

With kind regards from Barcelona,

Andres Pedrero

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8 months ago

Never again will we fall for their crap.

Mark Deacon
Mark Deacon
Reply to  Colin
8 months ago

I no longer trust any government with my healthcare … all blocked now and cannot be restored.

Get a vaxx and suffer heart injury with no recourse to compensation under a fake EUA and indemnity clause.

And that is just a minor scenario … not worth it.

Bob - Enough
Bob - Enough
8 months ago

00:50 (second video) – bottom right = “New Normal”. See they tell us everything, we just need to be able to recognise it.

04:26 (second video) – they even tell us, what they think of us; look at the title.

07:17 (second video) – lying swine.

07:36 (second video) – look at what it states, why would it specify the “aged and disability” people ?…a rhetorical question.

11:42 (second video) – switched it off as it makes me puke.

Anyway a huge thanks to Andres Pedrero…

Bob - Enough
Bob - Enough
8 months ago

Hey Expose people. No offence here, but can you not just automate this subscription thing, because it really does my head in. I mean every post ?????

This thing via email

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Letter to the Editor: A Collection of Covid Propaganda from Around the World
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8 months ago

Anyone wondering why the hugely generous (sic) Bill Gates can afford to “fund” SO many different “healthcare” projects and finds the time to visit SO many top politicians should read the attached article. Do bear in mind that he has consistently paid all due taxes, adhered to all legislation and the spirit of that legislation and is just a regular, hardworking guy. Remember you too can become a multi billionaire if only you worked harder – yeah right.

8 months ago

It’s unbelievable how many people got sucked into believing the clot shots were actually safe or effective. The biggest lie ever perpetrated on the World.

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