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Letter to the Editor: Don’t Expect Good Legal Advice When Wrapping Up Affairs of Someone Who’s Died

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J.B. from the UK writes about his/her experience of wrapping up legal affairs after someone passes away.  The legal “professionals” are rotten to the core, they’re only in the profession for their pay cheques and certainly not to assist, J.B writes.The experiences I have had with legal ‘professionals’ truly are in dire need of exposure.”

J.B. also highlights retired Rear Admiral Philip Matthias’ campaign and the Continuing Healthcare Scandal where the elderly with complex health needs are being denied free care.  For those who may not be familiar with the issue, below is a short clip that was aired on British TV Channel 4 in 2021 during which Rear Admiral Mattias is given opportunity to make some brief comments.

Channel 4: Elderly people with complex health needs being denied free care, 11 October 2021 (5 mins)

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Dear The Exposé,

Legal “professionals” rotten to the core, only in the profession for their pay cheques and certainly not to assist

The experiences I have had with legal “professionals” truly are in dire need of exposure.

Not only has my Mother been denied vital NHS Continuing Healthcare funding for all her care after suffering severe Strokes in May 2012 – leaving her with complex health issues, disabled and with Dementia needing 2 Carers 4 times a day and with medical equipment which our local authority insist my Mother has to self-fund due to loop-holes they rely on together with our local CCG – there is a national scandal where the elderly, frail, ill, vulnerable and disabled are denied their human right according to the NHS Constitution: vital health care when they need it most.   Instead, unfortunately, and like our family, those who need it most are subjected to becoming psychologically and emotionally exhausted while battling an unjust system that favours all professionals’ distorted opinions that are corrupt to the core all in the name of saving money. 

Retired Rear Admiral Philip Matthias has campaigned for a Judicial Review but was denied permission to proceed, when all the evidence he obtained clearly weighed in his favour, to bring justice to the countless thousands of families up and down the country – all because of the Government’s clamp down on decent peoples’ human rights for free health care when they genuinely are in need.

Read more about Rear Admiral Mathias’ campaign and Judicial Review into the Continuing Healthcare (“CHC”) Scandal HERE.

I have also had experience with our legal process after being informed by heir hunters who tracked me down about my sister’s death – they claimed there was no will registered. They led me to believe the family would be the beneficiaries of my sister’s estate, to dangle a carrot for me to sign up with them…which I didn’t.  I clearly stated that I needed to take a step back to digest everything and seek my own independent legal advice.  It took some time to do that with the circumstances surrounding my sister’s death.

A week after finally registering my sister’s death, I received a letter in the post from my sister’s solicitor informing me that they had a will for my sister and inviting me to contact them to “discuss matters.”  They were very devious when I phoned them as they claimed I was named in the will “amongst others.”  When I went to the meeting, it turned out that everything was to go to a cat charity.  I have not only heard very, very poor and concerning reviews of said charity but also that the Swiss attitude is to ensure all family members are well taken care of and that if there is any money left, very little goes outside of the family.  I’d have thought if the family is the bedrock of society, the same can be afforded in this great nation of ours.  Sadly, no wonder the country has flushed itself down the drain, as “family” means absolutely nothing at all.

I made enquiries from what appeared to be a highly regarded local legal firm, according to me personally and being recommended them.  Initially, I spoke to their representative on the phone who did not hesitate to continually interrupt me with what they stated was ‘irrelevant’ – although they did assure me, they’d arrange to obtain a copy of my sister’s will after my sister’s solicitor refused my request…like it’s some highly guarded secret.  I had no choice but to still keep the arranged meeting – if only to obtain said copy of my sister’s will. 

In the meeting, this solicitor continued to interrupt me.  Thus, I didn’t find them supportive or helpful and certainly did not experience the “sensitivity and compassion” this local legal firm prides itself in giving.  It even has a teddy bear as a mascot to promote these “values” – whose ever idea that one was, needs to think very slowly and hard about what exactly they stand for themselves if that’s the level they stoop to, to entice unsuspecting clients. 

I have had to submit a complaint as they not only let me down at a crucial time while grieving my sister’s demise by denying me full support to begin with but they also basically sided with my sister’s solicitor in making excuses for their unscrupulous lying practices.  How can they claim to be “legal experts” when they clearly have no moral backbone to “treat others like they’d want to be treated”?

Whatever legal “experts” there are in any corner of the country, people who approach them in their need for their expertise deserve far better than what I have experienced.  Since when was it a crime to be human?  Since the “system” operates not only unethically but promotes inequality to suit themselves … what goes around comes around – Karma never sleeps.


J.B., UK

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1 year ago

In dire need of… Let’s use the farming expression here “Putting to the bull.”

1 year ago

[…] Letter to the Editor: Don’t Expect Good Legal Advice When Wrapping Up Affairs of Someone Who’s D… […]

Tracy S
Tracy S
1 year ago

I could not agree with JB more albiet under different circumstances. I lost my rock, my dear father in October 2020 under the most appalling circumstances since healthcare facilities locked their doors against families and loved ones. My father’s partner, with whom I believed I had a long-term loving relationship with changed overnight as my dad lay on his death-bed, then passed. Her agenda was shown to be about money, true colours emerged. Although she understood that my father’s children as next of kin had to deal with the estate, she blocked it every step of the way. She refused access to my dad’s paperwork and repeatedly told my brother to appoint a solicitor. For whatever reason she was adament to start a solicitor-led battle. Even in the depths of grief I realised this would benefit nobody. We refused to be baited. She instigated it anyway, appoint a solicitor, against me primarily. I would receive increasingly cruel and heartless letters from the solicitor that were timed to coincide with special occasions, that are so difficult to get through when you are in mourning. Dad’s birthday, my birthday, Christmas eve, the first week of the New Year all marred by this campaign. I would respond with a letter of my own devising often accompanied with evidence. My father’s partner sold/stole over £10,000 of my father’s belongings, including his and my deceased mother’s wedding rings and my mother’s grave deeds. Even items of zero monetary worth but would have meant the world to me were withheld. When the extent of the activities committed by my father’s partner became apparent and proveable I raised a complaint to the solicitor that enabled it and reported it to the police, neither were interested. The police claimed it a civil matter, the solicitor told me not to contact them again. I raised it with the ombudsman. They also were not interested, they advised me to appoint a solicitor! I learned an awful lot during the worst time of my life.

Jayna Dinnyes
Jayna Dinnyes
1 year ago

Here a scam. . .there a scam. . . Everyuwhere a scam, scam!
Learn the truth! I post publicly and freely on MeWe.

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