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Official Documents confirm The Establishment Lied & Half a Million Children in the USA Died due to COVID Vaccination

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As the alleged COVID pandemic swept across the world, governments and pharmaceutical companies promised that a vaccine was the key to ending the crisis.

But behind closed doors, a sinister truth was unfolding.

The vaccines were not only ineffective in preventing transmission and infection, they were causing severe damage to the immune system and leading to an alarming number of deaths among the vaccinated.

Confidential documents revealed that the virus was man-made, released by the Establishment as part of a nefarious plan to gain power, strike fear into the public, and reduce the population through a dangerous vaccine.

The Establishment lied, and your children died.

Your elderly relatives were euthanized with drugs, and you were not allowed to visit them in hospitals or care homes. The shock and anger of this betrayal is overwhelming, and it’s time for the truth to be exposed.

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As the pandemic reached its peak in 2020, a staggering 194,220 American children and young adults lost their lives, resulting in 43,936 excess deaths. Despite the hope that a new vaccine would bring relief, the numbers only continued to rise. In 2021, following the roll-out of the vaccine, the death toll for children and young adults rose to 276,274, resulting in 76,928 excess deaths.

The following year, in 2022, the situation only worsened further. Despite the continuous roll-out of the vaccine, which was deemed a “life-saving” measure, 238,626 American children and young adults died, resulting in 47,004 excess deaths.

When looking at the data, it’s clear that the situation worsened following the rollout of the vaccine. The number of excess deaths among children and young adults increased by a staggering 182% on excess deaths in 2020. But when the data is looked at in a more detailed manner, the results are even more alarming.

When comparing the data of 2020 to the same period of each year, the numbers are even more concerning. In 2020, 191,289 American children and young adults died, resulting in 40,365 excess deaths.

In 2021, 215,916 children and young adults died, resulting in 73,644 excess deaths.

And in 2022, 186,985 children and young adults died, resulting in 47,004 excess deaths.

This means, by week 50 of each year, there were 120,648 excess deaths among children and young adults following the rollout of the vaccine, an increase of 199% on excess deaths in 2020.

As the new vaccine began to be distributed, reports of strange blood clots and heart damage started to surface. The medical community was in shock as the supposed “life-saving” vaccine seemed to be causing more harm than good.

The blood clots were serious side effect, leading to hospitalization and in some cases, death.

The heart damage caused by the vaccine was also a major concern, as it increased the risk of heart attack, stroke and heart failure.

Despite the mounting evidence of these dangerous side effects, the government and pharmaceutical companies insisted that the vaccine was safe and that the benefits far outweighed the risks.

But for the families of those affected, the harm caused by the vaccine was unbearable. They couldn’t understand why their loved ones had to suffer and die from something that was supposed to protect them from the virus.

As the death toll rose, a minority of the public began to question the true motives behind the vaccine’s development and distribution.

Was the priority truly public health, or were there other factors at play?

The vaccine’s role in the increasing number of deaths has become the subject of intense scrutiny, and many now know the Covid-19 vaccines are the real cause of this tragedy

There were a number of reasons as to why the Government and Big Pharma refused to admit the vaccines were not safe –

  1. Financial gain: The government and pharmaceutical companies may have had financial incentives to continue the roll-out of the vaccine, such as profit from the sale of the vaccine or kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies.
  2. Control over the population: The government may have seen the vaccine as a means of exerting more control over the population. For example, they may have used the vaccine as a way to keep people in line, by making them dependent on the government for their health and well-being.
  3. Political gain: The government may have seen the vaccine as a way to boost their political power, by taking credit for controlling the pandemic or using the vaccine as a political tool to gain support from the public.
  4. Experimentation: The government and pharmaceutical companies may have used the vaccine as a way to conduct medical experimentation on the population without their consent.
  5. Cover-up: The government and pharmaceutical companies may have used the vaccine as a way to cover up another issue, such as a failure to prepare for the pandemic or a mishandling of resources.

Despite being fully vaccinated, people are still getting sick and dying from the virus. In fact, it has been discovered that the majority of those who had died from the virus were fully vaccinated.

The vaccines were supposed to be the key to ending the pandemic, but instead, they seem to be making things worse.

Further research has revealed that the vaccines are not only ineffective at preventing transmission and infection, but they are also causing severe damage to the immune system.

The vaccine’s effectiveness, which is really a measure of the immune system’s performance, has been found to be in negative territory. This means that the vaccines are making people’s immune systems weaker, rather than stronger. This could be described as some new for of vaccine induced acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

Was the priority truly ever public health, or were there other factors at play? The government and pharmaceutical companies have been tight-lipped, offering no explanation for the vaccine’s failures.

But it is clear that there had been a grave mistake made in the rush to develop a vaccine, which is really an experimental gene therapy, and the consequences are devastating.

The government and pharmaceutical companies have of course tried to downplay the findings, with their fact checkers, and the Ministry oF Truth formed in 2019, which is name the ‘Trusted News Initiative.

They all continue to insist that the vaccines are still the best option for protecting the population.

But the data is clear: the unvaccinated are faring much better than those who have received the vaccine.

The mainstream media, which has heavily promoting the vaccine, refuses to report on the discovery. They continue to push the narrative that the vaccine is the only way to protect against the virus, ignoring the mounting evidence to the contrary.

The government and pharmaceutical companies have tried to brush off the accusations as nothing more than conspiracy theories, but the evidence is too damning to ignore. The public are finally beginning to demand answers and accountability for the deaths of so many innocent people.

It is beyond clear that this is a tale of greed, power, and the lengths that some would go to achieve their twisted goals. The public have been left to grapple with the realization that the virus and vaccine were not the answer to the pandemic, but rather a weapon to be used against them.

It was never about protecting public health, it was about creating wealth and depopulating the planet. The unvaccinated have been found to have the lowest mortality rates, while those who received the vaccine are dying in alarming numbers.

But the mainstream media, controlled by the powers that be, refused to tell the public the truth.Instead choosing to push the government’s false narrative of “protecting public health.”.

At the helm of this scheme is none other than Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, Pfizer, Moderna, Klaus Schwab and the rest of the elite. They have all collaborated to release this virus and push a dangerous vaccine onto the masses, all in the name of profit and population control.

The establishment had played god with the lives of the public, and the cost is staggering: broken families, shattered communities, and a generation of children lost.

The only conclusion that could be drawn is a bleak one: the establishment lied, and your children died.

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7 months ago

The Childrens Health Defense has filed lawsuit against the FDA for withholding the results of key Covid-19 vaccine safety analysis. Also included in this lawsuit are the efforts of the FDA to block effective treatments from the public in their effort to assist big pharma. The feds can make this go away, as usual, but it will be difficult to do without damaging their sterling reputation even further. They are already balking at turning over discovery documents so it will be interesting how this plays out. Statements and actions by the FDA are already in the public domain that will hurt them without the discovery material.
This is the first lawsuit against the feds and even if it fails (corrupted judicial system) it’s going to bring a lot of noise that the federal government doesn’t want. The FDA clearly violated federal law and the appeals along with additional lawsuits will hopefully get some traction against these corrupt government agencies. I’m sure I’m just getting my hopes up before the tyrannical boot of fed stomps that hope out of me again.

Reply to  Augustus
7 months ago

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Reply to  Anglia
7 months ago

No thanks Anglia bot.

Reply to  Anglia
7 months ago

Wow, I was moderated several times because of disagreement with Rhoda Wilson and despite that I supported this site at least 200pounds during a couple of months. But your comment is ok. this is exactly how I imagine a TRUE, VALID OPPOSITON. Thanks for supporting the case.

Reply to  Augustus
7 months ago

They are FAKE. They might reached this or that but there is way to stop this and it is not new.
There is no proof that pathogenic viruses exist. And it is a BIG SHORT CUT. But he never used it, in fact, he avoided discussion about it. HE IS FAKE. No matter what he reached? What he reached? No more deliberating, compulsory ADHD causing vax to US kids? – HE REACHED ABSULUELY NOTHIGN. He is very loud and uses the famous name, Kennedy but judging his actions he reached nothing – because HE NEVER HAD THE BALLS INVOLVIND INTO THE VIRUS DEBATE.
Is he really such a dumb guy with low IQ, Not very likely.

7 months ago

[…] – Official Documents confirm The Establishment Lied & Half a Million Children in the USA Died due … […]

7 months ago

Please donate what you can, as the Expose is at risk of not raising enough funds.

Please donate even a fiver.

PayPal keeps freezing/seizing their donations and their bank account was also frozen last October.

It’s really a war against the truth.