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Fit healthy 43-year-old develops Mast Cell Activation Syndrome from Moderna covid injection

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Before receiving her third covid injection, life was normal for 43-year-old Katya Oona from Oregon, USA. She had no health issues; she could eat whatever she wanted and her blood pressure was normal.

After her “booster” with a Moderna covid injection in January 2022, her life has been turned upside down – after eating food she began experiencing “stroke-level hypertensive reactions.” After several months of tests and hospital visits, she was diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (“MCAS”). Her doctor believes her onset of MCAS was triggered by the booster injection “as there is no other logical explanation.”

In September 2021, News Medical noted that a French study had identified that mast cell disease (“MCD”) may be associated with a strong immunity to SARS-CoV-2. 

To take the official narrative at its word. The covid injections include genetic instructions for our bodies to manufacture a portion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the spike protein. The spike protein is the disease-causing agent of the virus and the part of the virus the “vaccine” aims to induce immunity against. So, in the absence of further details, we can make the assumption that studies relating to SARS-CoV-2 also relate to the “vaccine.” In other words, in respect of this study, the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the “vaccine” are the same and when you read the words “SARS-CoV-2” or “virus” you can substitute them with the word “vaccine.” It was known, therefore, that the “vaccines” may cause MCDs by September 2021. Oona received her booster dose 4 months after this study was published.

MCAS is one of the three major forms of MCD.  The other two are mastocytosis and Hereditary Alpha tryptasemia (“HAT”). The Mast Cell Disease Society notes that MCDs are caused by the proliferation and accumulation of genetically altered mast cells and/or the inappropriate release of mast cell mediators, creating symptoms in multiple organ systems.

In the UK, the Yellow Card system as of 28 September 2022 recorded 46 cases of MCDs post-vaccination.

Mast cells are a type of blood cell and a key part of the immune system. Mast cells detect different types of triggers and tell other immune cells how to respond. In a healthy state, a chemical called mast cell mediators create several protective responses in the body to help fight infection and promote healing.

In people affected by MCAS, mast cell mediators are released too frequently or abundantly, and/or in response to triggers that are not typically considered harmful, such as foods or chemicals in the environment. This can lead to a wide range of symptoms affecting multiple parts of the body.

According to Mast Cell Action, triggers and symptoms of MCAS vary greatly between individuals. Triggers can include fragrances, exercise, stress and changes in temperature. MCAS symptoms can come and go and may often change over time within the same person. This can make it difficult to identify specific triggers, and the number of triggers and severity of symptoms may continue to increase as the condition progresses.

The following is Katya Oona’s story in her own words as published on the website Real Not Rare. Thank you, Katya, for sharing your story.

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MCAS resulting from Moderna injection by Katya Oona

I thought I was doing my part in helping to stop the spread of covid. I trusted that they would not be administered unless they were safe.

After receiving the booster, I started getting stroke-level hypertensive reactions to eating food. I would eat and then experience acute blood pressure spikes that would go from normal to stroke level within 15 minutes. My body would shut down, I could barely walk, my speech would get slurred, I couldn’t think straight, I would feel like I was going to blackout, and I would get clumsy.

This was happening for several months before I received the diagnosis of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. These symptoms began stretching into other aspects of life. I would have mini blackouts when walking. Sometimes I would just try to take a walk and end up having to stop in someone’s yard because I was near passing out. My stomach would bloat with discomfort, I would wake in the middle of the night with heart palpitations and adrenaline dumps, my lungs felt tight like I couldn’t get a good breath of air, and I lost 15 lbs from basically no longer eating.

Summer heat made it all much worse as did Oregon wildfire smoke. It has been almost a year now and I somewhat have symptoms under control with histamine blockers and by drinking medical food shakes in the morning, and eating the same 5 “safe” foods for dinner.

There is now a lot of trauma around food. I have had to come to accept, that I will never get to eat like a normal person again. When I deviate, I go right back to having the attacks.

I have several thousands of dollars of medical bills from ER visits and tests from trying to determine what was wrong with me. At one point, we thought I had a rare cancer called Pheochromocytoma but it turned out to be MCAS.

My doctor believes the MCAS was triggered by the last booster shot as there is no other logical explanation. One of the times I had a reaction was in an allergist’s office when I was getting an injection to treat my dust mite allergy. I had a hypertensive reaction and they realised it was not a typical allergic response, nor was it a panic attack. They had to send me to the ER because my blood pressure was so high I needed immediate medical attention.

I very literally thought I was going to die many times this year, and there are times when I kind of wanted to. I couldn’t go on hikes anymore, I lost my strength, and the constant mini-strokes had hurt my cognition. I couldn’t focus or concentrate the same way. I felt like my IQ took a hit.

It made me sad and hopeless. I felt isolated and alone and many around me couldn’t understand it. I had never wanted to die before all of this and suddenly I was sometimes wishing I would because I couldn’t imagine going on with these issues.

I’ve had multiple ER and Urgent Care visits. Heart monitoring tests, tests for Pheochromocytoma, various blood tests and tests to check protein spike.

The only thing that helps is H1 & H2 blockers, fasting, high-dose vitamin C (mast cell stabilizer), and abstaining from most foods, especially high histamine foods.

I want everyone to think very carefully about choosing to get this vaccine. I would have never imagined something like this would happen. I would never want another person to go through this. Please try to research before making your decision.

Featured image: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), Dr. Todd Maderis

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Gordon Bird
Gordon Bird
21 days ago

If you contact Dr. Stefan Lanka or Drs. Mark and Sam Bailey. You will see that SARS-Cov-2 virus does not exist! A poison in the FAKE “Vaccination” Exists! This spike protein is an overreaction to the MAN-MADE Pathogens put INTO our body via the syringe!. You do not help our cause by spreading half-truths!…Warton.Lancaster.England

Reply to  Gordon Bird
21 days ago

Never will happen, by some reason the Expose wish to push the virus legend even explaining it in a way or another that they are bio-weapons, etc. But the word: VIRUS, clearly must stay.

Despite of that no virus ever been isolated and proven to cause the thing they blamed on it – as how the FOI requests proved it.

Or him… an excellent documentary on how these “things” work, what causes the illusion of a viral epidemic, how we don’t have immune system, what are antibodies exactly.

21 days ago

No research needed.
Avoid/dismiss all vaccines going forward !!!

Reply to  KravWarrior
21 days ago

Rather everything injectable. It was found even in saline solutions – graphene oxide, the mysterious ‘virus’.

Rabbi Seamus
Rabbi Seamus
Reply to  KravWarrior
21 days ago

She needs an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for changing the human race genome with one injection.

Mark Deacon
Mark Deacon
Reply to  KravWarrior
21 days ago

Taking the same sensible precuation.

A pharmaceutical product that is tested safe through stastical methods will never be 100% safe. For a product too have any chance of being 100% safe it has to tested on a persons unique DNA first.

The variety of adverse events suggests different DNA affects different bodily outcomes.

21 days ago

Thank you Katya for taking the time and having the courage to sharing your vaccine injury story.

Question: you mention booster, does this mean you received two jabs of Moderna before the Jan 2022 booster?

Other comments object to the use of virus as the covid virus was never identified.

To the anti-virus folks: yes we know that the whole pandemic is a hoax, that other pollutants caused the covid symptoms, ok?

I don’t really care about the virus because the experimental genetic nanoparticle ingusrd vaxxines are causing do much harm

Why can’t you support and applaud Katya’s story instead of ignoring her sad story and only focusing on the existence of the virus?

These genetic injections are bioweapons designed to harm. Sadly those injected are harming not only themselves but others via ‘shedding’!

Reply to  PleaseDonate2TheExpose
21 days ago

Other comments object to the use of virus as the covid virus was never identified”

Nice try playing with words…

There is no shedding but ‘radiating’. This little creatures survived chewing on countless vaxxed feet, a treatment is 20 minutes. How is there would be shedding? On the other hand they live in water which ‘dissolves’ human’ radiation or they simply don’t resonate with it,

Rabbi Seamus
Rabbi Seamus
21 days ago

“I want everyone to think very carefully about choosing to get this vaccine”

Will you get another Booster, Mrs Oona?

“Oh yes, the television said so”

20 days ago

[…] – Fit healthy 43-year-old develops Mast Cell Activation Syndrome from Moderna covid injection […]