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Was the looming global financial crisis, the meltdown of the current financial system, predictable?

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Last Friday, Silicon Valley Bank failed after a bank run, marking the second-largest bank failure in United States history and the largest since the 2008 financial crisis. Confidence in the US banking system was eroded as, in the same week, two other banks in the US failed: Silvergate and Signature Bank.

Yesterday, in Europe, Switzerland’s second-largest lender Credit Suisse became the first major global bank to be bailed out since the 2008 financial crash as the Swiss central bank made the decision to give Credit Suisse a lifeline of 50bn Swiss francs (£44.5bn).

What is the root cause of this looming global financial crisis?  Has it been predictable for years?

In October 2022, The Telegraph’s Allister Heath wrote how Britain’s zombie economy was crumbling while the real culprits were getting off scot-free.  For years now, he wrote, the world economy has resembled a ludicrously high-stakes game of Jenga.

Politicians and central bankers kept taking it in turns to remove blocks from the tower, adding them back to the top of the stack and congratulating themselves on their brilliance, wilfully blind to the fact that the structure was becoming ever more unstable. Some genuinely believed that the tower, like the economy, was getting taller; others secretly knew it was an optical illusion, but enjoyed fooling the voters.”

While almost everybody else in Britain remained in denial, Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng correctly identified this absurd game for the con-trick that it truly was, warned that it was about to implode and pledged to replace it with a more honest system. Instead of a zombie economy based on rising asset prices and fake, debt-fuelled growth, their mission was to encourage Britain to produce more real goods and services, to work harder and invest more by reforming taxes and regulation.

Britain’s zombie economy is crumbling and the real culprits are getting off scot-free, The Telegraph, 12 October 2022

In a follow-on article published on Wednesday, Heath noted that beginning roughly with Tony Blair’s election, the British economy has been undergoing a slow yet radical transformation that now looks set to end in catastrophe:

Almost imperceptibly at first, the authorities began relying on cheap credit and an artificial housing boom to keep the economy “growing”; eventually, this turned into outright money-printing and near-zero interest rates. At the same time, the size of the welfare state increased massively, paid for by higher taxes, reduced spending on traditional government functions (such as defence or the courts), as well as the proceeds (via stamp duty) of the growth mirage concocted by the monetary expansion.

Britain’s late 20th century economic model, characterised by delayed gratification, hard graft and increasingly competitive capitalism, has given way to a semi-socialist, semi-rentier paradigm, extinguishing our entrepreneurial dynamism and killing productivity growth.

Britain’s big-state, debt-addled economic model is fundamentally broken, and a global crisis looms.

The world economy is on the brink of collapse and all the Tories do is tinker, The Telegraph, 15 March 2023

In the article below, Matthew Ehret shows that Britain’s fundamentally broken economic model is not in isolation.  Where monetary growth used to be tied to the measurable growth of physical economic activities, Ehret explained, the post-1971 world order demanded that money could only grow according to debts that were ever more disassociated from reality.

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A Real New Deal or a Green New Deal and Global Dictatorship?

By Matthew Ehret

As scary as it is for some to admit even at this stage of the game, the current financial system sits precariously on the edge of a meltdown beyond anything ever recorded in human history. Normally, such a systemic meltdown would generate such turbulence and panic that the masses of complacent subjects would be induced to act in defence of their families and nations, however, under current circumstances, the coronavirus pandemic has ensured that no such mass movement or policy fight has taken shape.

As I wrote in a 27 February 2020 editorial ‘Why the Coming Economic Collapse Will NOT be Caused by Coronavirus’, the inevitability of the meltdown has been well known to all leading central bankers and highly placed officials in “a position to know” for a very long time. This fact was known even before the new wave of emergency bailouts were begun in September 2019 starting with $50 billion/night of overnight repo loans. It was known even before the age of bailout was created to postpone the 2008-09 collapse of the system under threat of Martial Law. It was known before Glass-Steagall was repealed in 1999 and over-the-counter derivatives were deregulated in 2001. Let’s just say it’s been a part of a very ugly plan for a very long time.

But make no mistake, you didn’t have to be a “highly placed” banker or technocratic social engineer to know this collapse was going to happen. No crystal ball was ever needed.

All a thinking person had to do was assess the observable underpinnings of the post-1971 financial order and look with unbiased eyes upon the consistent rate of collapse of the PHYSICAL economic platform that supports life while taking note of the paradoxical hyperbolic increase of monetary assets, and speculative claims in the system every year since the age of “deregulation” was ushered in (and the post-WWII paradigm of industrial growth economics was thrown in the trash). Outsourcing of vital manufacturing, decay of infrastructure maintenance and improvement, privatisation of public goods, and loss of machine tool powers simply resulted in the transfer of wealth into the hands of a small elite, and the stripping of nation states from the economic sovereignty they once enjoyed.

Where monetary growth used to be tied to the measurable growth of physical economic variables mentioned above, the post-1971 world order demanded that money could only grow according to debts that were ever more disassociated from reality. Instead of justifying the growth of infrastructure, and improvements in the productive powers of labour, debts became tied to mere speculative activities setting in place a time bomb in the form of a new bubble economy. Whether artificially induced or left to their own devices, bubbles by their very nature ALWAYS pop

Since the chaos of the collapse of the trans-Atlantic bubbles has not yet occurred, we still have a choice.

Hyperinflation 101: How NOT to Run an Economy

Either we can break up the banks with Glass-Steagall bank separation, and a total bankruptcy reorganisation (aka: Debt Jubilees) or we can pump more money into the zombie banks in order to accelerate hyperinflation and fascism following the 1923 German model.

Sadly, up until the present moment, the playbook used was published in 1923.

In response to the collapse, and precipitated by the covid-19 pandemic which has been used to justify the shutdown of the economies of the world, the New York Federal Reserve has been converted into a giant Hedge Fund designed to purchase trillions of dollars of junk debts from private banks to the tune of $9 trillion.

Former banker and author of Planet Ponzi, Mitchel Feierstein recently wrote an RT editorial that put it succinctly: “The fed is socialising hedge fund investments gone bad placing taxpayers at risk.”

Unlike too many analysts who prefer to merely opinionate about the crisis, Feierstein happily strikes the nail on the head by zeroing in on the conceptual issue of good vs false standards of value and debt. Is all debt evil? Of course not. If a farmer wishes to take out a debt to buy a better tractor which will improve his productivity then it will extinguish itself over time. If a heroin addict wishes to take out a debt to feed his addiction then that debt would obviously be destructive.

In this vein, Feierstein states: “Debt is never a bad thing if it is used to create organic growth or fund infrastructure development that creates opportunities and employment. Debt is dangerous when used to develop grotesque weapons of financial destruction by structuring synthetic derivatives products that use leverage of 300 to 1 or more – meaning that $1 million can control $300 million in assets.”

The system of derivatives products and leverage referred to by Feierstein has now attained levels which “officially” amount to $700 trillion, but which most expert economists claim runs as high as $1.5 quadrillion of fictitious capital. World GDP is no greater than $80 trillion. This is the bubble that threatens to tear apart the nations of the world now.

Real New Deal NOT Green New Deal

Although swamp creatures like Rhodes Scholar Rachel Maddow and other democratic zombies have made daring comparisons of Biden’s recent speech announcing the US government’s intervention into the collapsing Signature and Silicon Valley Banks to Franklin Roosevelt’s intervention into the bank runs of 1933, nothing could be further from the truth.

CNN: Biden outlines consequences for SVB and Signature Bank executives, 13 March 2023 (9 mins)

As I wrote in my previous paper ‘How to Crush a Bankers’ Dictatorship: A Lesson from 1933’, Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was NOTHING like the “Green New Deal” which Biden has been assigned to promote. It was also nothing like the bank bailouts (or bail-ins) which the current swamp creatures are pushing in a last-ditch effort to keep Wall Street afloat over the dead bodies of millions of Americans.

When Sir Michael Bloomberg (yes, he was made a knight of the British Empire in 2014) or the Bank of England’s Mark Carney, or some other Malthusian technocrat call for a Global Green New Deal, or soon “bail-in regime”, it is important to recognise that this is a trap and similar to the original in name only. Since this fact is still not widely known, a few words on this must be stated.

Carbon taxes, cap and trade schemes, biofuels (to burn the food supplies), or inefficient windmill and solar energy infrastructure may create a momentary spike in jobs that would satisfy Keynesian economists who think economic progress comes from individual “bottom up” purchasing power, but the longer-term EFFECT will be the opposite of that attained during the New Deal of the 1930s and the needed remedies to support today’s nearly 8 billion people.

Rather than increasing industrial activity, large scale infrastructure and ultimately sustain social safety nets the way FDR achieved, the Green New Deal will crush nations’ abilities to produce for themselves, sustain their people or even maintain global populations at current levels which this author developed in a 2014 lecture entitled The Imperial Fraud of Entropy featured below. As sick a fact as this is, depopulation is considered a “utilitarian necessity” for certain oligarchical social engineers attempting to manage humanity as a system from the top.

Canadian Patriot Press: Destroying the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, 25 February 2020 (90 mins)

The real New Deal must be anti-Malthusian as well as anti-neoliberal.

It must be based upon activities that increase human life both quantitatively as well as qualitatively on every level: material, intellectual and spiritual. Long term infrastructure projects funded by low interest/conditionality-free loans made the original New Deal work and it would have ended colonialism if FDR hadn’t died pre-maturely months into his fourth term under conditions which Stalin stated in an interview with FDR’s son Elliot, was the effect of poisoning by “Churchill’s gang.”

These principles worked then, and they continue to work today as China and 135 nations working together under the Belt and Road Initiative framework have demonstrated beautifully.

This growth of humanity as a species made in the image of a Creator is what the Malthusian technocrats hate and fear, and this is why the Putin-Xi commitment to asteroid defence, lunar, mars and asteroid mining and cooperation on space exploration more generally is so necessary to fuel the sort of anti-Malthusian, open system discussion for a genuine Global New Deal which must govern the transition from the age of parasitic globalisation and empire to a new Multipolar age of cooperation and creative reason.

About the Author

Matthew Ehret is a journalist and co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Patriot Review, Senior Fellow at the American University of Moscow and BRI Expert for Rogue News. Matthew has published scientific articles with 21st Century Science and Technology, Nexus, Principia Scientifica, and is a regular author on Strategic Culture, Washington Times, The Cradle and Global Research. Ehret also publishes articles on a Substack page ‘Matt Ehret’s Insights’ which you can subscribe to and follow HERE.  He has authored the book series ‘The Untold History of Canada’ and the recently published book series ‘The Clash of the Two Americas’.

Featured image:  Why did Silicon Valley Bank fail and is a financial crisis next?, BBC News and Gossip, 14 March 2023

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6 months ago

The Globalist Feudal Nazi Death Cult has already ADMITTED TO THEIR PLANS FOR I.D. PASSPORTS WORKING IN CONJUNCTION WITH CBDC’S to make every single individual on the planet ECONOMIC SLAVES TO ‘The City of London’ governed by the British Monarchy, Rothschild’s Bank of International Settlements and the Central Banker Family Banks together as the International Mafia.


Reply to  BlazeCloude
6 months ago

Well I laughed at the title of the article as well, whereas I personally prefer your style & attitude on the issue (as it parallels mine, lol), most other people need to be told gently I suppose.

6 months ago

So glad you make the effort to find a respectful way to explain these things to the newly awakened Rhoda. I’ll just add long planned and long “warned” about as we have to acquiesce to the evil.

Until recently the filth thought it would just pass over the heads of the vast majority, know they’re shocked how many are smelling the b.s instead of the roses they thought we would.

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[…] a summary of a few recent reports about climate change, in particular how it relates to the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.  Politics, climate change and collapsing banks have links with woke ideology, fantasies of the […]