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The Battle for Free Speech

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As a valued reader of The Expose, you’ve seen firsthand the power that lies in unmasking truth.

Since our birth in November 2020, we’ve been unwavering in our mission to shine a light into the dark corners where mainstream media fears to tread. You’ve been a part of that journey, a beacon illuminating the often ignored realities of our world.

Now, we need your torch to burn brighter than ever.

For each lie we’ve unveiled, for every piece of propaganda we’ve dismantled, we’ve been met with resistance.

Giants like Google and PayPal, swayed by political winds, have turned their backs on us, obliterating crucial revenue streams. Social media platforms, once beacons of free speech, have deemed us persona non grata, robbing us of our voice and community.

But here’s the thing – we aren’t backing down, and we know you aren’t either.

Even in the face of this concerted effort to quash our truth-seeking mandate, we’ve continued to thrive in monthly views, our stories reaching millions worldwide.

But there’s a catch – only 0.1% of these readers have extended financial support.

The establishment’s efforts to muzzle us escalated to a new height towards the end of last year. The funds held in our bank account, which are the lifeblood of our operations, were frozen, in an attempt to starve The Expose into silence.

We were left penniless, fighting an uphill battle for survival.

Yet, we’ve refused to go quietly into the night. We’ve clawed our way back, setting up alternative accounts, fuelled by the belief that our work is vital. And you know what? Readers like you responded. You rallied behind us, helping us to keep the torch of truth lit.

But the establishment has used the very same tactic again, restricting access to our vital funds as recently as last month. 

So now, we need you to stand with us once again.

The problem is we are now we’re 53% through July and have hit the middle of the month slump.

This means our ability to expand and challenge the mainstream media, and to continue unveiling truths they do not want you to know is at stake.

We urgently need your help.

Your support, whether a one-time gift or a monthly subscription, is more than just funds to us. It’s a testament to the power of truth, a declaration that you, like us, refuse to be silenced.

So let’s show them we won’t be cowed.

Together, we can ensure that The Expose continues to be the beacon of truth in a sea of deception.

Please stand with us today.

Thank you for your unwavering support,
The Expose Team

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