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Dr. Vernon Coleman has almost reached 200

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Below is Dr. Vernon Coleman’s 199th list of passing observations.  Among many others, he notes that Britain’s best-known war criminal Tony B-liar says he thinks the “BBC is a great institution.” Well, he would, wouldn’t he? The BBC probably thinks Tony Blair is a great war criminal.

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By Dr. Vernon Coleman

1. I have again heard that it has been suggested (I know not by whom) that the covid-19 vaccines should have been tested on elderly patients in care homes before being rolled out to the general population. This is, in my view, probably the stupidest and most immoral suggestion I’ve seen since the Spanish advocated giving smallpox infested blankets to the Native American Indians. Apart from the fact that it is quite unacceptable to use a cohort of patients as experimental material simply because you fancy the idea of doing so, the results would be worthless. Most elderly patients in care homes are ill (that’s why they’re in care homes) and are taking prescription medicines. The drugs they are taking would have made it impossible for observers to know if any side effects were a result of the ‘vaccine’, the drugs they were already on or an interaction between the vaccine and the prescription drugs already being ingested. Testing the covid-19 jab would have been very simple (as I suggested the minute the vaccination programme was mooted). If they insisted on going ahead with the unnecessary ‘vaccine’, the authorities should have prepared two cohorts of 20,000 matching, comparable patients. One group of volunteers should have been given the vaccine and the other group should have not been given the vaccine. All the observers had to do was to compare the results. However, it was not in the interests of those promoting the ‘vaccine’ to see whether it was effective or safe. And so my simple proposal was ignored. And the so-called ‘vaccine’ was given to everyone naive enough to bare their arm.

2. Over 40 years ago, in 1978, I wrote the first popular book on stress. Then in 1991 I invented the phrase ‘toxic stress’ to describe the type of external stress which affects us but which we cannot control. I wrote a book explaining how toxic stress develops, why it is different to ‘ordinary stress’, what external factors are responsible and, most important of all, how we can learn to protect ourselves against it. Toxic stress causes or exacerbates 90% of all illness. My book Toxic Stress and the 21st Century Blues explains everything you need to know.

3. Climate change started as a banker class scam and has become a hobby for masochistic middle class neoliberal eco-fascists looking for something about which they can feel guilty – and something for which they can blame other people. Surveys show that the only people who talk about climate change, and who believe in it, are middle class folk with too little money and too many pretensions. Most of them read The Guardian (which, because they are ill-informed, they regard as a newspaper) and watch or listen to the BBC (which they sadly regard as a broadcaster).

4. Britain’s best known war criminal Tony ‘Bliar’ says he thinks the ‘BBC is a great institution’. Well, he would, wouldn’t he? The BBC probably thinks Tony Blair is a great war criminal.

5. I have known that GCHQ and MI5 have been tapping my phone for 40 years and that they have been messing around with my email accounts for years. (Two contacts inside the organisation explained that the security services didn’t have me registered as a ‘physical’ threat but they did regard me as a threat.) For a long time now anyone in the media whom I emailed or phoned, received a phone call from someone at GCHQ or Special Branch warning them not to use any of my articles or review my books. Naturally, they were also warned not to tell me what was going on. What I find sad and surprising about this is that so many journalists have accepted this outrageous bullying without so much of a whimper of protest. The deceit has, of course, got notably worse in the last three years. I very much doubt if things will ever get any better now. Don’t the people working for the security services realise that it is also their future which is at risk? If they think the conspirators will defend them from the pain of the Great Reset then they are as naïve as the people who want to ‘stop oil’.

6. Doctors are notoriously reluctant to admit that the treatments they recommend can do harm. There are several reasons for this. First, they often simply don’t know how dangerous drugs can be (doctors rarely bother to read drug company information sheets). Second, they are frightened of being sued. (Doctors fear that if they admit that their treatment made someone ill, they will receive a letter from a lawyer.) And finally, there is a natural human unwillingness to admit responsibility for something that has gone wrong. This brand of unwillingness is unusually well-developed among doctors who are encouraged to think of themselves as godlike by many of their other more passive patients. Admitting to having made someone ill reminds doctors that they are mortal and fallible. Because doctors almost never admit that the drugs they have prescribed might have caused unpleasant or dangerous side effects, very few incidences of drug-induced illness are reported to the official watchdogs which exist to measure and assess drug side effects. This enables doctors and drug companies to claim that prescription drugs are safe. (The word ‘safe’ is, of course, relative. Even though the number of reported side effects is absurdly low, doctors are now officially one of the main causes of death and serious injury in the world. They share the top spots with cancer, heart disease and stroke.) Coleman’s first law of medicine is quite simple: ‘If you are receiving treatment for an existing disease and you develop new symptoms then, until proved otherwise, you should assume that the new symptoms are caused by the treatment you are receiving.’ ‘Coleman’s First Law of Medicine’ is one of the twelve laws explained in detail in my book Coleman’s LawsColeman’s Laws is published in paperback and as an eBook.

7. The people who work for the EU and NATO tell lies the way most children eat ice cream and chocolate. Their moral compasses are screwed up and lying is just what they do best. They can see nothing wrong with it. It’s important to remember that neither of these organisations has any connection to democracy. The EU is run by unelected eurocrats who simply do what they are told to do by very rich lobbyists. And NATO does what it is told to do by American arms manufacturers. Both organisations are built on mountains of lies and hypocrisy. If you want to know the truth about how, why and when the EU was founded please read The Shocking History of the EU by Zina Cohen. If you haven’t read it then it will startle you.

8. The shingles vaccine is being offered to selected groups of individuals over the age of 50 and is, no doubt, a result of determined efforts by the drug industry to find ways to make more money out of older people (an expanding market) as well as children (a market which is definitely not expanding quite so rapidly). And the side effects that GPs don’t usually bother to mention? Well, the common ones include headache, pain, swelling at the area of the vaccination, itching, bruising, joint pain, muscle pain, fever and rash. Less common side effects include nausea and swollen glands, developing chickenpox, developing shingles, sight problems and, of course, having an anaphylactic shock reaction causing difficulty in breathing or swallowing and with death being a possible consequence. That’s the sort of death that ends up with a coffin and a spot in the local cemetery. And what exactly does this doubtless profitable-for-all-concerned-vaccine contain? Well, the most commonly used vaccine contains a delightful mixture of the live varicella-zoster virus (the live virus you will note) to which has been added sucrose, gelatin, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, disodium phosphate, sodium hydroxide, urea and some other doubtless really good stuff. I’ll take my chances with shingles.

9. The BBC’s viewing figures are now so poor that would-be viewers are requested to telephone the BBC Centre if they would like to watch a particular programme such as the news or Eastenders. ‘If a viewer would like to watch a particular programme we’d love to hear from them,’ said Garibaldi Linked-Income, the self-appointed Director General Designate and a long-term promoter of junk food. ‘We can then arrange for their chosen programme to be broadcast at a time which is convenient for them.’ Mr Linked-Income also said that the BBC would be pleased to hear suggestions from viewers about plot-lines, character development and casting. ‘We take the news as seriously as any of our other drama programmes,’ he added. ‘On the rare occasions when two people want to watch a BBC programme it will be a case of first come, first served.’

10. Please note that any errors or misprints on this page are a direct result of climate change. Unusual and excessive heat and/or damp may have damaged my keyboard and affected my dendrites. Because of global warming and cooling I can no longer take any responsibility for anything. Thank you for your understanding.

11. Recent events show that the UK is now unofficially a colony of America. It is perhaps not surprising that war criminal and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak chose to spend his summer holidays in sunny California rather than soggy Cornwall.

12. You are what you do.

13. I read the other day that a GP was complaining that he or she had seen 60 patients in a single day. I wasn’t sure whether this was a boast or a complaint but it seems only fair to point out that when I was a GP a while ago it was by no means unusual to see 60 patients in a single day (with a good number of them seen at home). Meanwhile, if GPs find it too much of a strain to see 60 patients in a day might I suggest that they extend their working week beyond the current average of 24-26 hours.

14. Instead of councils charging people to dump their rubbish, it would make more sense for councils to pay people who make the effort of delivering their rubbish to the dump. So, anyone who turned up with an old mattress or a fridge could expect to go away with £20 in their pocket. There would be no more fly tipping.

15. I’ve always found it odd the way whole families turn up to watch a relative who happens to be a professional sportsman while he is earning his living. Would those clapping and cheering families turn up to watch if Bert was doing the end of year tax forms for the local corner shop? Or if Gladys was operating the check out at a local supermarket?

16. If I ever find myself near one of those awful Aldi stores which only take pretend money provided by an app, I shall follow the excellent example set by Piers Corbyn. Some superficial, unthinking people thought that what Piers did was a jolly jape. It wasn’t. I suspect Piers will agree with me that it was a deadly serious message to the oppressors. It’s what we all have to do if we are to survive. I’ve done much the same thing whenever I’ve found a shop which won’t take cash. In case you missed it, Piers bought a punnet of strawberries, left behind the correct cash and walked out. If the staff want to call the police when I do the same then that’s fine. I shall argue that Aldi is breaking the law by refusing to accept legal tender in payment for the goods it offers and that it is discriminating against those sensible citizens who don’t carry a so-called smart phone.

17. Millennials and members of Generation Z doubled their spending between 2016 and 2022, and their spending is expected to double again by 2026. These younger generations are expected to be soon responsible for 80% of all luxury purchases. So, next time you hear a young couple complaining that they can’t afford to buy their own home, withhold your sympathy – they don’t deserve it. Yes, prices of houses and flats are higher today than they were two generations ago, but salaries and wages are also much higher. And interest rates are still a fraction of what they used to be. If young people want to spend their money on flashy holidays, posh jewellery, expensive meals and costly luggage then that’s their choice – but they don’t have a right to moan when they can’t afford to buy a house as well. (Note that millennials and Generation Z may currently be the world’s biggest spenders but they will soon be overtaken by rich people from China and Africa.)

18. In July 2020, I reported that Bill Gates had been funding scientists at Harvard who were trying to block out the sun’s rays in an attempt to stop global warming. I reported that the scientists wanted to spray millions of tons of dust into the stratosphere to stop the sun’s rays reaching the earth. The idea, I said, was that every day, more than 800 large aircraft would lift millions of tons of dust to a height of 12 miles above the Earth and then sprinkle the dust to stop the sun’s rays getting through. Another plan was to send up hot air balloons to release powder into the atmosphere. I pointed out that there were a couple of problems. Obviously, the first is that no one has yet proved that global warming is taking place and is anything more than a natural phenomenon. Moreover, there are a lot of scientists who believe that we are heading into a phase where the planet is actually cooling. Secondly, I pointed out that scientists felt that Gates’s money, and the scientists throwing dust into the sky, could help create droughts, hurricanes and mass deaths. It seems fairly well agreed that altering the atmosphere to cool the planet could have unpredictable effects. In 1815, a volcanic eruption created crop shortages and disease outbreaks. I reminded viewers of my video that all this could be considered a bonus by a man who wants to reduce the world population. And I added that 800 large aircraft taking off every day and flying to 12 miles up, would require a good deal of aviation fuel. And what sort of dust were they planning to have sprayed? Well, I reported that I had heard that barium, calcium, alumina and strontium might be used and I warned that whatever it was wouldn’t improve the quality of the air we breathe. I pointed out that this seemed to me to be a way to reduce the world’s population rather than protect it – all in the guise of dealing with the climate change hoax. The video with this warning was quickly removed by YouTube, of course, but you can read that (and the transcripts of all my early videos) in my book ‘Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History’. In that same video I also pointed out that Gates was exploring the idea of using mosquitoes to deliver vaccines and helping to pay for researchers who are making breast milk from cultured mammary cells. I wrote that this latter proposal seemed to me to be the ultimate in hubris. The female body produces the perfect breast milk. There is no need for substitutes. I remember that when attempts were made to introduce powdered milk into developing countries, it was a disaster. Women were told to stop natural breast feeding and to follow the example set by Western women – and to use artificial milk. Sadly, the water used to rehydrate the milk was often badly polluted. And many babies died. If Gates wants to help women and babies, he would surely do better to encourage natural breast feeding. Three years ago I warned that Gates seems to me to be a mad scientist manqué. He seemed to have massive faith in the idea that scientists can solve everything by interfering with nature – often using global warming as an excuse for his plans. I wrote that his attitude seemed to me that he knew much better than God how things should work, and so he intended to use his money to pay for ‘improvements’. I also warned that Gates was financing the production of fake meat and that he had, through his Foundation, invested in micro-chipped biomedical, track and trace and payment transaction systems such as crypto-currencies. I pointed out that he seemed to prefer digital payment systems to old-fashioned cash and appeared to be enthusiastic about ID systems and health passports, which he described as being good for keeping an eye on people, making sure that they pay their taxes and have their Gates-approved vaccinations. All that, and much, much more, appeared in my long ago banned video which first appeared on 3rd July 2020. You can read the full transcript, and all the transcripts of my early videos in my book Covid-19: the Greatest Hoax in History which is available through the bookshop on [his] website or direct from the publisher

19. When George Orwell was still Eric Blair he was a policeman in Burma and had his knuckles tattooed with blue dots. He later ran a village shop. Bet you didn’t know that.

20. An 80-year-old American who killed his wife, told police he had heart trouble, was afraid he’d die and didn’t want to leave his wife a widow.

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1 month ago

Lol, thought Dr Vernon had toned down his acidic humour some until he got to this:

“Climate change started as a banker class scam and has become a hobby for masochistic middle class neoliberal eco-fascists looking for something about which they can feel guilty – and something for which they can blame other people.”

Business as usual after that, roll on Passing Observation 200.

1 month ago

[…] Dr. Vernon Coleman has almost reached 200 […]

1 month ago

BBC: “We take the news as seriously as any of our other drama programmes.” Ha ha ha. For once, a little bit of truth.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
1 month ago

FLASHBAK: Dr Kerry Mullis, inventor of PCR tests, Refuted Fauci’s Claims and died mysteriously. (short Video)
Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Saturday, 12-Aug-2023 23:08:28

1 month ago

love you man so right in what you say