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How can we justify extending lockdown? – Let’s pay everyone £500 if they test positive with an unreliable PCR test

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We are being governed by scientists who’s preferred course of action to combat the alleged Covid pandemic is comparible to trying to crack a walnut with a sledge hammer, or chop a cabbage with a chainsaw. That preferred course of action is of course dictatorial tyranny. We are constantly told that we “must stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives”, almost as if the NHS is some form of religious cult that we must now worship and protect in our everyday lives. We’ve got news for you… it isn’t.

We know the NHS has been nowhere near as busy as every other year throughout the whole of 2020 and we can back that claim up with the actual NHS data. Yet for some reason the government who are being “guided by the science” want to keep us in a continuous lockdown. How are they justifying that? With the number of positive cases of course.

Positive cases which are determined by an unreliable PCR test. Again we can back that claim up thanks to the research we did which you can find here. So isn’t it interesting how the government, who have managed to create a ‘casedemic’ by testing people who have no symptoms at all are now considering offering a one-off payment of £500 to anybody who tests “positive” for SARS-CoV-2?

Coronavirus: £500 Test and Trace Support Payment | Low Incomes Tax Reform  Group

The potential move from the government was revealed in a leaked document from the Department of Health which shows a number of suggestions which aim to encourage more people to self-isolate after testing positive.

The plan, which will be discussed by ministers, comes after recent research suggested only 17% of people with symptoms OF the alleged Covid disease go to get a test, as many fear missing out on income if they are told to stop working. We must point out these symptoms are also associated with the common cold and flu and a flurry of other ailments.

At current, there is already a £500 grant for those who test positive and are on a low income but the Labour Party recently claimed the rejection levels have been high for many applicants.

The 16-page policy document was drawn up by Department of Health and Social Care, and claim that “wanting to avoid self-isolation is now the biggest reported barrier to requesting a test.”

The proposal is also described as the department’s “preferred position”, and states that: “Anyone who tested positive for coronavirus irrespective of their age, employment status or ability to work from home, would be eligible for a TTSP (Test and Trace Support Payment).

“This would be straightforward for local authorities to administer, though it would lead to significantly greater volumes of applications than under the current scheme.”

Cabinet minister George Eustice said “no decisions have been made on” the proposal, adding that the government are “always keeping multiple policies under review.”

A DHSC spokesman said: “We are in one of the toughest moments of this pandemic and it is incumbent on all of us to help protect the NHS by staying at home and following the rules.

“All local authorities costs for administering the Test and Trace Support Payment scheme are covered by the government, and each authority is empowered to make discretionary payments outside of the scheme.

“£50m was invested when the scheme launched, and we are providing a further £20m to help support people on low incomes who need to self-isolate.

“We also recognise the impact of the pandemic on people’s mental health and wellbeing which is why mental health services have remained open throughout the pandemic.”

If you think we’re coming out of lockdown any time soon I’m afraid you’re mistaken. This £500 payment is one of the many tools they have up their sleeve to justify the extension come what may.

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