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(Video) Police break into Mothers home and violently arrest her in front of screaming kids… for singing!

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It has been another sad day for freedom in Great Britain as police violently arrested a mother in front of her screaming children after illegally breaking into her home without permission or a warrant. Her crime?… Singing in the garden!

The video which can be seen in full below shows the distressed mother demanding the 4 officers leave and telling them they “have no right to enter” her property after they “pushed their way” past her.

The officers wrongly said they he did have the right under coronavirus legislation. This is not true! They do not have the right to enter any private property without a warrant or permission from the owner, although some police chiefs have been lobbying for the draconian powers to enter any private property at any time they wish.

The video ends with the violent arrest of the Mother in front of her screaming children.

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