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Think the Tory Dictatorship is bad? Keir’s Labour would be much worse

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Dictatorial tyranny is currently in fashion across the entire globe. But the United Kingdom has been attempting to show the rest of the world how it should be done. We’ve seen people fined for going for walks, police illegally entering people’s homes and attacking the home owners because they believe they might have company, and now the Health Secretary has decided to introduce in law a 10 year prison sentence to anyone who fails to declare they have entered the UK from a country which is on the Government’s “red list”.

But if you think all that’s bad, just imagine how things would be if Labour’s Keir Starmer was running the show. In the video below he thinks the Health Secretary should go even further and require every single person entering the UK to go into “hotel quarantine”, and face 10 years in prison if they refuse to do so.

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