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Vaccination – The Greatest Lie ever told? (Part 1)

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Fiction Vs Fact

Vaccines are responsible for the disappearance of deadly diseases in the 20th century.

Everyone’s heard the story right, more than once. We have heard it so many times that we don’t know it’s a story anymore, it seems as though it’s a part of our history. Doctors say it, politicians say it and even the lady next door says it. So it can’t just be a story. It must be true. But do we have evidence to corroborate this?

There are many diseases that we are aware of that have existed throughout history. Their appearance has naturally peaked, declined or entirely disappeared without a vaccination to credit.

Many infectious diseases that may have once posed a severe risk to life are no longer prevalent today due to improved living conditions, sanitation, indoor plumbing, efficient transport of food produce, refrigeration of edible goods and of course nutrition.

However it is still a common misconception among the public today that vaccines were directly responsible for a decline in diseases, many of which had retreated as much as 90% prior to the introduction of vaccination.

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Vaccines eradicated smallpox

In 1986 Dr. Glen Dittman A.M.M., BA, Ph.D., F.A.P.M who was awarded the Australian medal of merit for outstanding scientific research went so far as to say it were both pathetic and ludicrous to credit vaccination with a decrease in smallpox when as little as 10% of the population were vaccinated.

In actual fact if we take the time to look back at historical records we find that the introduction of a mandatory Smallpox vaccination scheme was cited by Walter R Hadwen MD among others, as being culpable for three Smallpox epidemics that led to the loss of significant lives in the United Kingdom at the end of the 19th century.

Around this time the UK city of Leicester had higher vaccine uptake rates than London, better sanitation and general living conditions. Yet they suffered far worse than London in the 1871 Smallpox epidemic. With a 95% decrease in vaccination among the population and focus on improved sanitation the town of Leicester was able to bring the virus under control without the aid of vaccination.

By the dawn of the 20th century the public, health experts and certain officials were aware of the detrimental effects and inefficacy of the Smallpox vaccination and rose up to demand the withdrawal of the mandatory vaccination act. They were successful. It was not until after the act was repealed in the UK in 1907 that a significant decrease in cases of Smallpox was recorded.

By 1919 England had an extremely low vaccination rate and with a population of 37.8 million they were to report just 28 deaths from small pox. In the same year the Philippines with a population of just 10 million who had been triple vaccinated in the 6 years prior to 1919 were to register a Smallpox death toll of 60,855.

In 1871 Bavaria reported that 29,429 of Smallpox cases out of 30,742 were in vaccinated people.

After a number of children died as a result of Smallpox vaccinations in Australia the government abolished compulsory vaccination. Only after compulsory vaccination ceased did the country record a decline in cases. Australia was subsequently to record just three cases of death due to Smallpox in 15 years. During the same time period Japan recorded 165,774 cases and 28,979 deaths between the years of 1872 and 1892 under their compulsory vaccination act.

When reading before the medical society , Montreal in 1872 DR. J. Emery Coderre, Professor of Materia Medica, at the University of Montreal, Canada, stated

”Vaccination has made victims among us; some have contracted small-pox in consequence of the inoculation of the vaccine; others have been attacked with gangrenous ulcers, syphilitic sores and more resulting from the introduction of this virus into the constitution.”

Numerous medical professionals were to go on record to address their concerns over both the safety and efficacy of Smallpox vaccination, the increased mortality rate in vaccinated children vs their non vaccinated counter parts and the numerous side effects of the vaccination.

In the UK the reduction in vaccination rates coincided with a decrease in both infant mortality and Syphilis. Prior to the compulsory vaccination act in 1853 deaths from syphilis in children under the age of one were less than 380 per year. After the vaccine act was introduced the death rate doubled and it continued to rise until 1883 when deaths recorded had risen to 1,183.

Dr. Charles Creighton, professor of Microscopic Anatomy, Cambridge stated that

“In the first year of compulsory vaccination, deaths from syphilis among infants under one year of age suddenly increased by one half, and the increase has gone on steadily since.”

JT. Biggs, book – Leicester, Sanitation Vs Vaccination, originally published in 1912 recorded both the success of Leicester’s response to bring the Smallpox epidemic under control without the use of vaccination and the higher incidence of both infection and death in those vaccinated for Smallpox. The book can still be reviewed online.

Dr. D. Killick Millard, Medical Officer of Health, also from Leicester reported in his book, The Vaccination Question

“It cannot be denied that vaccination causes, in the aggregate, very considerable injury to health, most of it only temporary but some permanent. It is true that the deaths certified as due to vaccination have several times outnumbered those from smallpox, while if we have regard for the amount of ill-health caused by the two diseases it looks as if vaccinia were becoming, so far as the community is concerned, the more serious disease of the two.”

Dr. Walter M. James of Philadelphia echoed these concerns when he stated,
“Vaccination does not stay the spread of smallpox nor even modify it in those who get it after vaccination. It does introduce into the system, and therefore contributes to the spread of, tuberculosis, cancer and even leprosy. It tends to make more virulent epidemics of smallpox and to make them more extensive. It does just what inoculation did – cause the spread of disease.”

Dr. William Farr, Compiler of Statistics of the Registrar-General, London felt medical intervention was detrimental to the natural healing process and went on record as confirming

“Smallpox attained its maximum mortality after vaccination was introduced…..The mean annual (smallpox) mortality to 10,000 population from 1850 to 1869 was at the rate of (only) 2.04, whereas (after compulsory vaccination) in 1871 the death rate was 10.24 and in 1872 the death rate was 8.33, and this after the most laudable efforts to extend vaccination by legislative enactments.”

Source, Our World Data 2017, Deaths caused by smallpox as a share in all deaths in London

Numerous books, articles and historical records show the Smallpox vaccine was in actual fact far from the great success story certain outlets may now have us believe.

George Bernard Shaw stated,

”During the last considerable epidemic at the turn of the century, I was a member of the Health Committee of London Borough Council, and I learned how the credit of vaccination is kept up statistically by diagnosing all the re-vaccinated cases (of smallpox) as pustular eczema, varioloid or what not — except smallpox.”

This statement could perhaps be among one of the most concerning we can find from the time since it indicates an agenda to reclassify a disease in order to continue the illusion that it has been eradicated. More significantly that it had been eradicated by a vaccine.

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Vaccines eradicated Polio in the developed world.

Polio can be traced back many thousands of years. In Aboriginal and Native American communities untouched by modern medicine the disease itself presented no significant problem.

Likewise the disease appeared to present no significant problem in other societies prior to the early 20th century.

In the illuminating book, Dissolving Illusions, Disease-Vaccines and The Forgotten History, Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk provide a wealth of evidence to support the real reasons behind the Polio epidemics of the past and give more of an insight into why cases naturally declined prior to the use of vaccination.

In one 1964 study reviewed in the book, J.V Neel revealed that isolated native tribes presented no symptoms to indicate infections that were plaguing the white men of so called developed societies. Despite the indication blood results showed that the natives were exposed and infected by many of the very same germs. He discovered the paradox of a virtual absence of paralytic Poliomyelitis among such heavily infected groups as the Brazilian Xavante Indians.

Neel was to carefully study a small population of the Xavante and confirmed

”These isolated people, who had not adopted any of the habits or medical interventions that are now known to increase susceptibility to Poliomyelitis, were fully infected and immune! Native Indian populations had evidence of infection with all three strains of Poliovirus but developed no Poliomyelitis whatsoever. Studies of antibody avidity according to the techniques of Sabin (1957) were made on randomly selected specimens. All specimens were positive for antibodies to all three types of Poliomyelitis, providing additional confirmation of the validity of the findings that the Indians were all immune and none of them paralyzed.”

He further reference the fact that native populations who are unimpeded in the continuation of a natural diet and lifestyle could be infected by numerous diseases including measles, salmonella and influenza without severe consequence or mortality.

Perhaps it is worth noting that during the time of the Polio epidemics the national diet was becoming increasingly unnatural and unhealthy with the introduction of white sugar and flour. The whole focus for the management of disease had shifted onto vaccination and medical treatments available at the time were heavily toxic. Arsenic was among one of many toxic ‘treatments’ offered to people displaying Polio like symptoms. All the while breastfeeding, which would have provided natural immunity and help stabilize gut health was being discouraged as formula milk was being heavily promoted.

It is now understood by numerous medical professionals whose work is constantly repressed by the mainstream agenda to serve only the pharmaceutical companies version of events, that during the early 50’s both management of the disease and a change in diagnostic approach was largely responsible for the illusion of a sudden decrease in Polio cases in the developed world.

In hindsight if we look back at the Polio Epidemic’s of the 1940’s and 50’s we can see that reported cases of Paralytic Polio in the US had significantly decreased by 1945 prior to the vaccination being introduced. Yet in 1946 citing a fear of an impending rise in Polio cases [most of which did not cause any long term consequence] a nationwide war effort was declared on the virus, with the then President Trumann stating

”The fight against infantile paralysis cannot be a local war. It must be nationwide. It must be total war in every city, town and village throughout the land. For only with a united front can we ever hope to win any war.”

A familiar rhetoric.

At this time under the false premise that mosquito’s were responsible for the spread of the Polio virus the government launched a mass spraying campaign covering public spaces and even the public themselves in a highly, vicious and toxic chemical known as DDT, Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. DDT was known to causes symptoms often indistinguishable from Polio. It is hard to deny that as a consequence a steep rise in cases was recorded, which climbed steadily until figures began to dip once more around the same time the DDT spraying campaign subsided.
Though Polio cases were still being diagnosed they had decreased significantly by the time the vaccination was introduced. At the same time something else changed, the methods of diagnosis became more stringent.

Paralytic Polio cases and deaths, United States

Dr. Bernard Greenberg, chairman of the Committee on Evaluation and Standards of the American Public Health Association, stated in 1960,

”Prior to 1954 any physician who reported paralytic poliomyelitis was doing his patient a service by way of subsidizing the cost of hospitalization and was being community-minded in reporting a communicable disease. The criterion of diagnosis at that time in most health departments followed the World Health Organization definition: “Spinal paralytic poliomyelitis: signs and symptoms of Nonparalytic Poliomyelitis with the addition of partial or complete paralysis of one or more muscle groups, detected on two examinations at least 24hours apart.” Note that, two examinations at least 24 hours apart, was all that was required. Laboratory confirmation and presence of residual [longer than 24 hours] was not required”

This was highly significant since prior to 1954 all cases presenting Polio symptoms and temporary muscle paralysis were diagnosed as Polio. At the time the vaccination was introduced the diagnosis was redefined if paralysis was not visible after 60 days. This led to the illusion that a decrease in cases could be attributed solely to vaccination. Prior to the redefinition of diagnosis a whole host of diseases such as Guillian Barre Syndrome, Coxsackie virus and Aseptic Meningitis would have been wrongly diagnosed as Paralytic Poliomyelitis. The new standard for diagnosis alone would have revealed a huge decrease in cases regardless of a vaccine being introduced.

With the introduction of vaccination posters and traumatic footage of children in braces and iron lungs bombarded terrified parents who readily rushed their children to the doctors surgeries to be vaccinated. Post vaccine, the fear campaign waned to be replaced by happy images of healthy children and families working together to keep the country safe through vaccine compliance. Many people today still remember those images and both encourage and praise vaccination for exactly that reason.

The work of Sister Elizabeth Kenny is also relevant. An advocate of physical therapy in the treatment of Polio, Kenny spent years trying to convince the medical establishment that they had been causing more harm that good in their treatment of Polio and were directly culpable for both paralysis and deformities in Polio patients.

It took many years but eventually they began to come around. Subsequently the children in braces struggling to mobilize became less prevalent as the practice of surgeries which included breaking and casting limbs for extended periods of time until the muscles wasted away was replaced by physical therapy.

Iron lungs were replaced with ventilators.

With hindsight it is easy to see how the public have since been misled into an almost mythical or religious view that vaccination was a hero in this story when it in actual fact it was little more than an extra who credited itself as star of the show.

In 2009, The Auto Immune Epidemic published a paper by Dr. Douglas Kerr, Johns Hopkins University who stated ”Infants as young as five months old can get Transverse Myelitis, and some are left permanently paralyzed and dependent upon a ventilator to breathe. My colleagues at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and I hear about or treat hundreds of new cases every year.”

Once upon a time Transverse Myelitis would probably have been diagnosed as Poliomyelitis.

Does that mean as George Bernard Shaw once suggested that a disease could be reclassified, knowingly or otherwise in order to maintain the established version of events.

That version being once more that vaccination was entirely responsible for the eradication of a deadly virus and that the participation in accepting that vaccination is essential for the continued health of our children and the wider community today.

The general public today are largely unaware that the Polio vaccination itself has been responsible for several epidemics of Polio around the world. Or that Transverse Myelitis, Guillian Barre Syndrome and Acute Meningitis are all Polio like illness that prior to 1954 would have almost certainly been diagnosed as Polio. Interestingly all three are accepted side effects of vaccinations currently being administered to the public today.

By 2017 70% of all Polio cases globally could be attributed to vaccination. Today that figure has been estimated to be as high as 98%. The World Health Organization admitted in 2020 that more people have contracted Polio through vaccination itself than natural contagion with a wild strain of the disease. In recent years outbreaks in Afghanistan, Africa and the Philippines have all been linked to vaccination.

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Vaccines can be credited for a decline in many dangerous diseases?

Dr. Friedberger of Berlin, is quoted in the Lancet , March 14th, 1931.

“The remarkably favourable results that followed the introduction of antitoxin in the nineties of last century were really due to a natural decline in the severity of the disease. As result of a study of a large series of European and American statistics he had come to the conclusion that the diphtheria curve had been in no way affected by the introduction of antitoxin.”

In an article published in the British Medical Journal on July 22nd, 1933, Dr. Louis Cobbett, expressed his disappointment that diphtheria antitoxin had such a comparatively small effect in lowering the death-rate from diphtheria during the last forty years.

With a little research other reports can be found in medical journals and books from the same period that all echo the same thing. That the vaccination had little to do with a decline in case numbers or deaths attributable to the Diphtheria vaccination. Doctors also expressed concerns that those vaccinated who became infected suffered even greater symptoms than their non vaccinated counter parts. Reactions to the vaccine including vaccine induced anaphylaxis were common in the case of the Diphtheria vaccine.

Physicians for informed consent, an organization of medical professionals, infectious disease experts and health freedom advocates attest to the fact that 90% of measles cases are benign and never reported to the CDC therefore distorting the ultimate case fatality rate to that 10 times higher than the actual reality. Studies that can be found on their website link naturally acquired measles infection and a reduced risk of Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas, reduced risk of numerous diseases including eczema and asthma. Moreover they offer evidence to suggest that infants born to mothers who have had naturally acquired measles were protected from measles via maternal immunity longer than infants born to vaccinated mothers.

It does not take too much time reviewing data to discover that mortality rates attributed to Measles had declined considerably in the developed world before a vaccination was ever introduced.

I think it has become clear in recent years that statistics can be manipulated to make us believe just about anything when we have no background information.

One thing left unexplained by the governing health bodies is the incidence of diseases declining simultaneously in countries where we have no vaccination compared to their largely vaccinated counterparts.

Why do some diseases for which we have never had a vaccine decline or seemingly disappear naturally?

Another thing not discussed with the public when figures are simply presented, is the change of diagnostic methods in practice or the criteria for a disease to be officially diagnosed and the subsequent increase or decrease in cases reported. Providing little content to draw comparison.

There can be no doubt that certain diseases have declined naturally for a variety of reasons already covered in this article. There is no doubt that we have seen a decline in reported cases of certain diseases which has been contributed to vaccination. Whether or not vaccination was the sole reason behind the decline of any such disease is far from definitive for the discerning.

History like statistics can be manipulated when we are not provided with context or accurate information

As George Santayana said ” Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Obvious parallels become apparent when we look to the past and compare it with the current climate.

As modern day science becomes further polluted with conflicts of interest. Information that directly impedes the profits of others is suppressed whatever the cost. It is up to us to seek out and review the full spectrum of information available to us at any one time. Looking at the numbers is rarely enough.

When the information is essential for us to make decisions on matters that directly effect our health and the health of our children and loved ones we must take the time to study the facts and leave no stone unturned. We cannot rely solely on a chart or the word of another whatever position of power that person may currently be holding. Neither can we merely accept any and every medical treatment that is presented to us as the only means to maintain our health. If the last year has taught us anything, is it not that health is about so much more than the absence of disease.

In the case of vaccination I believe we can learn from history. The vaccine mandates of days gone by cannot be credited for an increase in public health. In reality it appears the opposite may be closer to the truth.

While some vaccines provide a degree of immunity for a limited time period, that immunity is not absolute. Vaccines are not a full proof plan neither are they the only means of controlling the spread of disease. The UK city of Leicester once taught us this. Vaccines may benefit some people yet we must remember that along with the immune response a vaccine generates come ingredients that can and do cause side effects, up to and including death. This is exactly why the public of England rose up to demand the end of vaccine mandates during the early part of the 20th century. They did not seek to stop those who chose vaccination for themselves from having that option available to them. All they wanted was the freedom of choice. The right to choose what was best for their body and the bodies of their children according to their current situation, health and beliefs. They did not find it acceptable that they should be fined or imprisoned or otherwise penalized for making a decision that related directly to their bodily autonomy.

Effective or not the idea that someone could force or otherwise coerce a person against their will into taking a medical treatment that has even the smallest potential for ill consequence was no more acceptable in 1907 than it is today.

Especially when the success of such a treatment and the full consequences for both the individual and the greater community are yet to be definitively established.

Look out for Vaccination – The Greatest Story Ever Told (Part 2) tomorrow…

Neel JV et. al, 1964. “Studies on the Xavante Indians of the Brazilian Mato Grosso.”Am J Hum Genet, Mar;16:52‐140 PMID 14131874
Ralph R. Scobey MD, The Poison Cause of Poliomyelitis and Obstructions to its
Investigation, Arch Pediatr, April 1952, Vol. 69, pp. 172‐193
The Poisoned Needle Eleanor McBean 1957
Dissolving Illusions, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, M.D, Roman Bystrianyk
Dr. D. Killick Millard, The Vaccination Question

Authored by Rachel M of

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2 years ago

Only just started reading your interesting article….. noticed a name that needs a tiny correction
Glen Dettman

2 years ago

[…] (You can find Part 1 here) […]

2 years ago

Not all of Italy was hit by the covid virus, and not even the whole of northern Italy, where 3/4 of all deaths occurred. The epicentre of the covid virus was in Lombardy which accounts for 2/3 of all the victims. Why there? Well, in January 2020, Lombardy implemented a major vaccination campaign against meningococcus, following a mini epidemic of bacterial meningitis that affected just 6 people (with 2 deaths). The regional authorities decided on a massive and free-of-charge vaccination of the whole population. Within a few weeks, more than 33,000 people were vaccinated.—meningitis–she-ran-to-the-vaccine-in-the-lombard-surgeries-.BJZLehrA1I.html

The vaccination status should be checked of the deceased in Italy as well as other regions (in France and Spain) where an abnormally high number of covid19 cases and deaths were reported. Could it show a correlation between vaccines and cases of covid19? I believe so, but big Pharma and it’s media pundits will use the usual argument of a “coincidence in timing” between vaccinations and covid19. But who will still be fooled?

2 years ago

Not all of Italy was hit by the covid virus, and not even the whole of northern Italy, where 3/4 of all deaths occurred. The epicentre of the covid virus was in Lombardy which accounts for 2/3 of all the victims. Why there? Well, in January 2020, Lombardy implemented a major vaccination campaign against meningococcus, following a mini epidemic of bacterial meningitis that affected just 6 people (with 2 deaths). The regional authorities decided on a massive and free-of-charge vaccination of the whole population. Within a few weeks, more than 33,000 people were vaccinated.

The vaccination status should be checked of the deceased in Italy as well as other regions (in France and Spain) where an abnormally high number of covid19 cases and deaths were reported. Could it show a correlation between vaccines and cases of covid19? I believe so, but big Pharma and it’s media pundits will use the usual argument of a “coincidence in timing” between vaccinations and covid19. But who will still be fooled?

Gundel P
Gundel P
Reply to  The Daily Expose
2 years ago

Sorry, you didn’t ask me and I don’t know about the meningitis vax but the flu vax. Back then – for us who followed the whole covid scam – it was clear that the covid epicenters were those areas where the 5G were up and running. There might be another ‘covid cases’ but the high numbers and high deaths numbers were from the part where the 5G was up. Wuhan, Lombardy, New York, cruise ships (the big ball shaped antennas). There was even a map on SOTN (I think) showing that if you put the map of 5G cover on a map of covid epicenters it was a perfect match.
I guess you also followed (La Quinta Columna) findings but if not it is worth to do. They stated about two flu vaxxes (with names) that those also had GrO in them, the connection between Gro and 4-5G are clear now – first Karen Kingston interview with Stew Peters, GrO is neutral but if it gains energy / charge from the environment it gets excited and ruins everything around it.
According to La Quinta Columna, flu vaxxes and 5G together caused the deadly covid cases, they even mention that they loved to install those antennas close to elderly homes and many hospitals use 5G.
There was an interesting video uploaded (I don’t know it can be found somewhere), Italian docs made autopsies despite that the WHO suggested not to do. One of them uploaded a video, a testimony telling that what they found in every deceased elderly were small blood clots in their lungs, vein type (rare).

I think that the killing methods were different in different countries or mixes of more types but all were labelled as covid.

Gundel P
Gundel P
Reply to  catattack999
2 years ago

I had another story about Lombardy. That area was a developed area, high air pollution (causing pneumonias rather often) and elderly vaccinated against flu during the previous autumn. Since then La Quinta Columna ( stated that they found graphene oxide in two different vaxxes, if you read back the site you’ll find the names.
Independently the Spain group: Doctors for the Truth found that there was a connection between flu vaxxes and 5G an empowering, cross poisoning effect which should have researched further ( – Doctors for the Truth 640 – search)
Lombardy also was a 5G area.
It looks that in Spain and Italy the graphene oxide activated via 5G caused the so called first wave, interestingly those who died were all flu-vaxxed previously.

2 years ago

An education.

2 years ago

One of the most comprehensive and thoroughly researched pieces I have found on this subject to date.

Last edited 2 years ago by Rowena
2 years ago

This article starts with a strawman arguement (even the title) which is then easy to dismantle.

The smallpox vaccine was so effective, we have gone from 300 million deaths in the 20th century, to no longer needing a vaccine. I think it was 1980 when the vaccine program stopped. The situation in Leicester was due to mandatory notification and quarantine for a small population. As with covid, quarantines can help stop virus transmisison.

Also, in 1850s the average life expectancy was not much above 40 years, and 15% of children died before the age of one, so not a great period to chose for a medical sucess story.

Showing spurious graphs such as the proportion of deaths in London up to 1902 caused by smallpox, is entirely meaningless. Citing quotations from over 150 years ago, is probably not using the latest knowledge either.

In the US – Polio vaccinations started in 1955, by 1979 the country was Polio free.

In 2017 the WHO declared the UK measles free. Due to misinformation campaigns, the take-up of vaccines declined and by 2018 England alone had nearly a 1000 cases.

Also, this article only mentions deaths, what about Polio survivors permanently disabled by it or the smallpox survivors with horrific scaring and blindness.

Also, no one in science speaks from authority – there is data derrived from studies using the scentific method and published in peer-reviewed journals and there is opinion. Einstein didn’t believe in quantum physics, yet it has been proven to exist.

Yes, vaccines are an effective tool, but so is quarantine (as in the Leicester model) . For me I am taking the vaccine to help get us all out of lockdown.

Reply to  Jon
2 years ago

I don’t usually like getting into debates online because I never feel that well equipped to express my opinions in written word but something about your commented baffled me. While I appreciate the title may not be to your taste your claim that the article can be easily dismantled is lacking in substance. The points you go on to raise seem to be explained and disputed by the very article itself along with numerous other sources that do provide peer reviewed papers from numerous experts. I think you probably just skimmed over the surface of the piece which is what many people do these days when it comes to news. I don’t blame them as so much of the news is nothing more than an advertisement. My family are very pro vaccine so I rarely send them any of the alternative ideas I have stumbled upon in relation to the subject because they would too easily write them off as conspiratorial. I could not say the same about this piece. The information is presented fairly. Why are people are so quick to call people anti vaccine if they say anything negative about vaccines? Why don’t we label anyone who promotes the idea as a pro vaccine propagandist? I think it is because of the manipulation of information and the mainstream rhetoric being so heavily controlled. Any medical treatment can be a risk not just vaccines. If the piece was about deaths related to another drug I doubt anyone would complain. Think about the opioid crisis. Vaccination has taken on an almost mythical status. I do however have to respect your right to choose to participate and wish you continued good health.

Gundel P
Gundel P
Reply to  Jon
2 years ago

The rewritten history…
Smallpox came with bed bugs, we got rid off bed bugs (better living conditions) and smallpox ‘disappeared’*
There were many errors, human errors around smallpox, eg. the treatments what made it worse and killed far more than the disease otherwise would have killed.

*Take time to read after it. Look for photos and compare the illnesses (chicken pox, rubella, small pox, scarlet fever, etc) which causes outbreaks. Look for PHOTOS and compare them. Then look for symptoms and compare them. Surprisingly similar. As far as I know we don’t have the small pox virus isolated… (or any virus as the matter of fact).

Gundel P
Gundel P
Reply to  Jon
2 years ago

In the US – Polio vaccinations started in 1955, by 1979 the country was Polio free.

‘…“Salk vaccine is hard to make and no batch can ever be proved safe before it is given to children.” This is an admission that was made by Dr. Scheele, (Surgeon General) before the Atlantic City Convention of the American Association in 1955. (Reported in New York Times, June 8, 1955.)
Being fully aware of the hazardous aspects of the polio vaccine, Dr. Scheele announced that it was the intention of the U.S. Government to inoculate 57 million people before August 1955. (Report from the Lancet, June 4, 1955)


$9,000,000 of public funds were gambled on this financially promising but highly questionable venture before it was even declared safe and usable. Later, when the over dramatized announcement was made that it was “safe” there was still no scientific evidence or factual proof of its safety. The promoters of this inflated vaccine “scheme” expected a 5 billion dollar profit in the first year of operation. (Direct quotations supporting this statement are given under the topic heading, THE MONEY MOTIVE, at the end of the chapter.)
Even after the vaccine had killed 7 people and the number was mounting every day, the propaganda committee put words into the mouths of important government officials, still insisting that the vaccine was “safe” and must be continued ….’

Susan Pierce (age 7), Pocatello, Idaho, died April 27, 1955
Ronald Fitzgerald (age 4), Oakland, Calif., died April 27, 1955
Allen Davis Jr. (age 2), New Orleans, La., died May 4, 1955
Janet Kincaid (age 7), Moscow, Idaho, died May 1, 1955
Danny Eggers (age 6), Idaho Falls, Idaho, died May 10, 1955…”

“..Shortly after the Salk vaccination program was swung into action, the American Public Health Service (June 23, 1955Announced that there had been “168 confirmed cases of poliomyelitis among the vaccinated, with six deaths……How many vaccinated children will eventually be reported as developing the disease is as yet unknown . .
“The interval between inoculation and the first sign of paralysis ranged from 5 to 20 days and in a large proportion of cases it started in the limb on which the injection had been given. Another feature of the tragedy was that the numbers developing polio were far greater than would have been expected had no inoculations been given. In fact in the state of Idaho, according to a statement by Dr. Carl Eklund, one of the Government’s chief virus authorities, polio struck only vaccinated children in areas where there had been no cases of polio since the preceding autumn; in 9 out of 10 cases the paralysis occurred in the arms in which the vaccine had been injected.” (News Chronicle, May 6, 1955) …”

(The Poisoned Needle)
and its carry on and carry on, there are much more but I wish to keep the comment short(ish).

Mother of 3
Mother of 3
2 years ago

Extremely interesting and well researched article presenting some very relevant information from history that is not always easy to find for those who wish to understand more about the principle and history of vaccination.

Gundel P
Gundel P
2 years ago

Great article, was highly time to write about it.
There are some other excellent sources to those who wish to read after.

nomorefakenews – go into an article, on the right there will be an archive / search part, type any diseases / pandemic and read the archive on it. Most of them were not a virus’ work but a cover for environmental poisonings (Ebola, Zika, etc). Read the proof.

Dr Susan Humpries made some good educational videos.

Better chance to survive tetanus without its vax – Dr. Susan Humpries:

The best (historical documentary) book ever is E. McBean: The Poisoned Needle – because its base are historical notes but a rewritten history.
You’ll find it free if you use duckduck: the poisoned needle

But what causes disease then:
Dr Tom Cowan – Contagion Myth (Amazon banned it with reason… but can be found and bought on Cowan’s site.

2 years ago

I found a link to ‘poison cause’: