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VIDEO – “Cov-idiots” eat out for Dinner and wear a Face Mask between bites

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Alan J Hamilton
Alan J Hamilton
2 years ago

Coming to a restaurant near you soon?😁

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

Face masks don’t work. The holes in the face masks are .05 microns in size, but Coronavirus is .012, which is 5 times smaller, so Coronavirus could go through any face mask like driving a car through a tunnel.
To wear a face mask fine enough to catch Coronavirus, it would suffocate you, because you would not get enough air through, to be able to breathe.
The only reason why lock downs occurred and face masks were ordered to be worn, was because the powers that be, wanted to herd and scare people into believing what they were told and to get as many as possible injected with the experimental trial vaccines as a means to exterminate as many as possible, the next time a Coronavirus (or flu) epidemic comes through.
The great reset is upon us and everyone in any position of power is in on it and the only way to survive it is to never have a vaccine, bearing in mind that if you do, you won’t be insured or insurable for anything, ever again and the ramifications of that, a bit like your life starting to unravel.
Use my salt water cure, which you should see on one of the other pages I have commented on and take it to heart, it will keep you safe, if you follow my directions precisely as it has done for me these past 26 years – it might seem silly to you, but the things that don’t take much effort to prepare, always are the most effective as you will quickly discover.
If you want to pay with your life, do nothing and Covid will finish you off, if the vaccines they give you “to help you fight Covid” don’t first.
We re like animals being rounded up for the slaughter house and those who have their injections will be first, foremost and last, if you know what I mean – we who don;t might survive this – who knows.