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Why are Authorities so desperate to vaccinate every man, woman, and child? – Hancock, Van Tam, Vallance & Co. all heavily invested in Vaccine Industry

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The UK Government is on a mission to vaccinate the entire population of the UK with an experimental gene therapy. Their supposed reasoning is to protect us all against a “deadly” virus. But that just isn’t the case, the resulting disease statistically kills only 0.2% of those it infects and the majority of those deaths are aged over 85 and have underlying health conditions.

So the question remains, ‘Why does the Government and it’s scientific advisors so desperately want to vaccinate every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom?’.

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In April 2020, the ‘Chief Scientific Advisor’ to the UK Government – Sir Patrick Vallance was placed in charge of the new ‘Vaccine Taskforce’. The aim of this taskforce was to “drive forward, expedite and co-ordinate efforts to research and then produce a coronavirus vaccine.”

So isn’t it interesting how by July 2020 the UK Government signed a contract with GlaxoSmithKline to secure 60 million doses of an untested, experimental “vaccine” treatment that was still being developed to combat SARS-CoV-2? Interesting because the chief scientific advisor and head of the ‘Vaccine Taskforce’ has £600,000 worth of shares in the pharmaceutical giant, GlaxoSmithKline.

Sir Patrick, who has had huge influence in dictating the Government’s response to the alleged SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, has over 43,111 shares in the company. But the conflict of interest doesn’t end there. Sir Patrick Vallance used to be the president of GlaxoSmithKline.

 He joined the company in May 2006 as ‘Head of Drug Discovery’, going on to become Senior Vice President of Medicines Discovery and Development, before finally becoming President in 2006.

When the pompous Health Secretary, Matt Hancock found out about this he said “Well, I didn’t know about it until I read it in the newspapers,”. Pushed on whether he thought he should have been informed as Health Secretary, he replied: “No, not particularly”.

Just recently, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England – Jonathan Van Tam said that it was “perfectly possible” a “Covid” vaccine could be licensed for children by the end of the year. Stating that he believes “most of the major manufacturers are beginning to turn their attention “to licensing vaccines for under-18’s”.

But we’ve been repeatedly told that children are at no risk to the Covid-19 disease, so why on earth do we need to vaccinate them?

Well Professor Van Tam’s career history can possibly clarify why he is so eager to see children vaccinated against a disease they supposedly don’t suffer from.

Van Tam joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1997 as an associate director at SmithKline Beecham. He then went on to become Head of Medical Affairs at Roche in April 2001, before joining Aventis Pasteur MSD in February 2002 as the UK medical director.

In 2010 he became an advisor to the World Health Organisation, during the over exaggerated H5N1 influenza pandemic. His advice was to roll out a mass vaccination programme to combat the H5N1 influenza virus, and that advice was followed. But guess who manufactured the H5N1 influenza vaccines and made billions of pounds? SmithKline Beecham and Roche, two pharmaceutical giants that Van Tam worked for.

So do you think Van Tam wants to vaccinate children for their good of their health? Against a disease we’ve been told they don’t suffer from. Or do you think he wants to vaccinate children in order to make billions for the companies he serves?

That’s two of the main influencers on UK Government policy so far who have major ties to the pharmaceutical giants, with both Vallance and Van Tam having ties to GlaxoSmithKline, and Van Tam also have ties to pharmaceutical company ‘Roche’. Well there’s another man who has had great influence on the Government’s “Covid” strategy, and he also has major shares in ‘Roche’.

His name is Sir John Irving Bell, and he is a Canadian immunologist and geneticist. Sir Bell also had a role in the ‘Vaccine Taskforce’ alongside Sir Patrick, but there’s another role he held that is of particular interest to our investigation.

Sir John Irving Bell has worked as an adviser to the Department of Health and Social Care since 2017, and headed the ‘National Covid Testing Scientific Advisor Panel. He also chaired the Government’s new test approvals group, which assesses virus diagnostic tests. One of the tests assessed and approved, back in May 2020, was an antibody test. The manufacturer of this antibody test being the pharmaceutical giant ‘Roche’. So it must just be a coincidence that Professor Van Tam has ties to the firm, and Sir John Irving Bell has shares amounting to £773,000 in Roche?

£13.5 million of the British taxpayer’s money was spent on these antibody tests but Public Health England later declared they were “unreliable”.

Which brings us to the elected members of parliament who are voted in to serve the people of the United Kingdom. The one’s who have had the final say on the policy to combat the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.

The Health Secretary – Matt Hancock received a £10,000 donation for his leadership campaign in 2019 from Wol Kolade, the head of Livingbridge private equity firm. This firm owns Vanguard Healthcare, which provides mobile facilities such as operating theaters and wards. We wonder if Vanguard had anything to do with the Nightingale hospitals that were erected, never used and dismantled at a cost of half-a-billion pounds?

Mr Hancock has also awarded a contract to the tune of £5.5 million of taxpayer’s money to a family friend for the provision of mobile testing units. The contract was awared to EMS Healthcare, which is run by an Iain Johnston – the former business partner of Shirley and Robert Carter, Hancock’s mother and stepfather.

Education secretary Gavin Williamson received £3000 from St Philips Care Caledonia Ltd in November 2019, while Waveney MP Peter Aldous registered a donation of £2000 to the General Election Fighting Fund from Althea Healthcare Properties.

Mike Freer, MP for Finchley and Golders Green, registered a £10,000 donation in January from Advinia Health Care, which operates care homes.

Steve Brine , MP for Winchester, who is listed as an event speaker for Sigma pharmaceuticals company, receiving £1667 a month for up to 16 hours of “speeches, networking and Q&A sessions”. He is also a strategic adviser to Remedium Partners, a healthcare recruitment firm, working on an “ad-hoc basis” at a rate of £800 a day. Brine states in the register he consulted ACoBA about both of the appointments.

Finally we come to the Vaccine Deployment Minister, Nadhim Zahawi. Mr Zahawi’s wife, Lana Saib is the owner and director of ‘Warren Medical Limited’, which was incorporated under the name ‘Zahawi Warren Limited’ on the 10th June 2020. The company has another two directors named Ahmad Shanshal and Jaafar Shanshal – who are the sons of Nadhim Zahawi. It is not clear what this newly formed company currently does in the healthcare sector but we’re sure the vaccine roll out will have something to do with it.

We could go on forever as the corruption doesn’t end there. But perhaps we’ll save Professors Neil Ferguson and Chris Whitty for another day.

The question was ‘Why does the Government and it’s scientific advisors so desperately want to vaccinate every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom?‘.

We think we’ve just answered it for you.

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2 years ago

That money is the motive behind all this is the best-case scenario. Personally I think it’s something far more sinister but what exactly, I don’t know.

2 years ago


Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

we know it is an experimental; test vaccine, but where does it say that in blurb from Pfizer, AstroZeneca, J & J and Moderna before its release, please?
Reminds me of ABBA: Money, Money, Money, It’s a rich man’s world

Hope Forbetter
Hope Forbetter
2 years ago

Totally agree with previous comment – that if money is the motive behind all of this, it would strangely be comforting because greed is a known attribute. But I fear it is far far more sinister and worrying than just this. I am genuinely worried for our future lives, and in particular those of our children. And given all the data – as shown by this article – surely, no one is that stupid, sincerely. These are intelligent people with expert advisers. Greed is simply too easy an answer. And they cannot currently be challenged on any thing they do or say due to the Ofcom censorship ruling. Therefore, no one can “prove them wrong” so they continue. The pandemic law act is purely an enabler to allow them to use emergency vaccines, without it they would be unlawful. So if it’s not greed or stupidity, then what is it? Are Johnson and his cabinet and advisers really puppets of a quasi-socialist, population-control agenda as has been cited? Are they now suddenly all maniacal sociopaths? This also seems very difficult to believe. The jury is out. But it’s still extremely worrying in the absence of any certainty. And to that end, surely Johnson is aware of the mental damage he is doing to many of us, so if it isn’t sinister why not just come out and say that and put our minds at rest to some degree?

Richard noakes
Richard noakes
Reply to  Hope Forbetter
2 years ago

Mercola is an anti vaxxer and has made millions pushing homeopathic Drugs which have little proof of working, one way or the other, so anything “he” says is subject to query and most of the articles under his name are written by ghost writers where the end result is selling his products to advance his wealth, currently estimated to be around 10 million dollars.
The New York Times, is for vaxxers (getting the shot) and won’t print anything that detracts from that and all of the TV and other Media outlets are for being vaccinated, irrespective of the possible outcomes in the more immediate future, or later on in life, with the prospect, when anyone inoculated with a test vaccine, potentially loses their insurance, when they go to claim, because written into their insurance policies somewhere, there is a clause which cancels their policy if they submitted to a test vaccine.
Of course, insurance companies are not in place to pay out, but to make money off those who feel threatened by life and want an extra level of security.
Have you ever tried to get money out of an insurance company, they employ heaps of solicitors whose employment is to stop payments being made by fair means or foul, the only way you can get a payment is if you potentially will cost them more, than what they will spend, trying to stop that payment being made. Been there, done that.
Having an escape clause written in about having a test vaccine, is like manna from heaven, they take all of the premiums (why tell anyone vaccinated they have defaulted on their insurance policies and won’t get payouts), while still getting payments, in the false theory that they remain insured, after their vaccine injection.
So really it comes down to whatever you believe in, either you are pro vaccination or negative vaccination and then I throw in my 2 cents worth, about killing off Coronavirus or any virus in your head, while it is vulnerable, which nobody seems to do from either camp, which is remarkably silly, after all, we breathe the infection into our head, so why not kill it then and there and not allow it to get into our bodies, or brain stem and potentially kill us – hence my salt water cure, which has never killed me and kept me safe for over 26 years, otherwise I would be dead now.
So at days end, there really is no firm conclusion one way or the other, that I can see, except wait and see and then we can decide which way we might jump, but I’m sticking with my salt water cure, at least I have a defense where having nothing, for the rest of you, potentially, is suicide to me.

2 years ago

Thank you for your research. Behind the obvious answer of a vested interest in making money from vaccines and privatising the NHS, there may be an even bigger one.
After all, these front men who are in charge of the health service would not be appointed if the Govt didn’t agree with them.
The article I have put a link to below, is interesting in that it sheds light on the really powerful forces in the world and the preparations they’ve made for a “pandemic” such as this one. The really big changes are to the economic system and the society in which we live. There are dangerous parallels from history, notably Nazi Germany.

2 years ago

The reason for all this is not medical, but a massive change in the financial system. The Rothschilds, who’ve run the world for 200 years plus are being brought down and the phoney pandemic used to disperse people to avoid massive reprisals from them.
It’s nearly over!
Hang on and don’t have the experimental vaccine.

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
Reply to  Anon
2 years ago

It has nothing to do with politics or religion. Those in power can do whatever they like and there is nothing you can say or do to stop them, after all, you voted them into the positions they now hold, so if anything, you are as much to blame for whatever they do as they are.
This is not about money, nor is it about power, or anything like that.
Vaccinating a community of sheep does not compute, unless there is something much worse in those test vaccinations, about which we know nothing – but they do.
Those of us vaccinated (never me) are the ones who will find out what that is – bio-labs play around with vaccines and weaponize them and all it takes is for one maniac to get the rest believing in his cure for humanity and once the ball starts rolling, it will be impossible to stop it, as is where we are now.
Religion has nothing to do with anything – it is just another way to extort money, just another con job, otherwise how come the clerics of any religion get the same chop as the rest of us from Coronavirus – you would have thought their God would have protected them, but did he – no.
There is no God, it is all bullshit, along with any other way to extort money for nothing is.
I am an Atheist and have been all of my life and for my money the religious who screwed money out of the believers all go to Hell, or at least the dark side, for eternity – know a priest, cannon now – I can’t stand the sight of him, he seems to be a simpering twit, so sure of how clever he is at what he does best and guess what, he is a millionaire several times over, from property investments.
If you believe these people, you deserve whatever test vaccines bring, especially if The Pope said it was OK to have vaccine shots, as I believe he has and his servants have been preaching in church, everyone must have theirs.

2 years ago

[…] Why are Authorities so desperate to vaccinate every man, woman, and child? – Hancock, Van Tam,… […]

2 years ago

I understand that it’s the vested interests (conflict of interest) of these people that are behind the ‘vaccine’ push. But what I don’t understand is why it’s the new gene modifying agents and not just a vaccine in the traditional sense.

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
Reply to  Robyn
2 years ago

My understanding is that they are using a new and untried molecule called mRNA which has never been allowed to be used in humans, prior to the Covid scare and what scientists have done is take the mRNA molecules and wrap them in Lipids, which go through the Blood Brain Barrier, where, on the other side, the mRNA molecules are released into the bone marrow, heart, brain, liver and lungs making the T-Cell see these mRNA particles as an infection and in the bone marrow, for example, in which mRNA particles are now embedded, as an infection which the T-Cells attack, causing low blood platelets, which in turn cause blood clots and death – the theory behind healthy bone marrow is what creates new cells in the body, which the body needs to replace old or redundant blood cells, so that the body continues to function normally.
In the case of the brain, it has been theorized that the mRNA particles, will again be seen as an infection by the T-Cells as will the brain, in which mRNA particles now reside, so the T-Cells will attack the mRNA particles and the brain, which the T-Cells now see the brain as being an infection potentially destroying the brain altogether in the process, bearing in mind the brain is not designed to regenerate.
The mRNA particles are encased in Lipids, on the one hand, which won’t ever reach the BBB, while on the other, the Lipids themselves are the means that scientists use to kid the BBB that Lipids are safe and can pass through the BBB, which is a contradiction in itself, as above.
As events are starting to show, mRNA particles are being found in bone marrow and occasionally in the head, resulting in blood clots, which potentially could be end of life experiences.
In order to continue their experiments on humans and discover how mRNA particles affect the internal organs, they need lots of trial subjects to experiment on, hence the need for lots of volunteers, who, to all intents and purposes, are those who have signed their lives away ,by agreeing to having the experimental test vaccines.
Back to square one. These test vaccines have gone direct from the laboratory, straight into patients arms, without any animal testing having been done, so those injected with a test vaccine are volunteers, who have replaced test animals and in the fullness of time, it will be discovered how to perfect vaccines better, depending on the side effects and deaths the, volunteer test subjects get.
All of the test vaccines have successfully gone through phase one and phase two testing, but none of them have gone through phase three testing, because that will not have taken place before 2023 and will involve thousands – pretty much along the lines of the test vaccine volunteers now and how the test vaccines will impact on them over the next 2 years, to determine if these experimental vaccines are safe and can be “Certified” as safe for, general human population use, like the pills you get with a prescription from your doctor.
The more who die from the vaccines, or have unexpected side effects, the more subjects for medical examination, to discover what happened and what went wrong.
A lot like Eichmann, if my memory serves me correctly, experimenting on Jews during WW2, to find out what happened to the internal organs, when they were injected to different sorts of drugs, to find bio-weapons to be used against “the allies”, like mustard gas, for example.
So the Eichmann’s of this world are now injecting their combinations into people, for the good of humanity against a flu which is allowed to become a disease in the body “Covid”, to theoretically stop that from killing off the multitude, whereas their victims are the people who have volunteered to be lab animals and the producers of these vaccines are protected from persecution, because they are using a test vaccine, at a stage, where normally, it would be tried and tested on lab animals, but not humans.
Now Scientists have jumped a barrier and can process anything they like into humans with 100% efficiency, where before 95% of new “drugs and vaccines” would have never reached human use – because they were discovered to be too dangerous for human use and only 5% ever got through and made it to the prescription stage.

Hope that answers your question.


Reply to  Richard Noakes
2 years ago

From what I have read, the ‘gene altering interventions’ passing as vaccines had previously been trialed several times in animals with the result that the animals died when confronted with the ‘wild’ virus they were supposed to be protected against.

You may be confusing Adolf Eichmann, most notorious as one of the architects of mass expulsions and deaths of Jews, with Dr Josef Mengele who is most notorious for medical ‘experiments’ he conducted and oversaw on prisoners in the camps.

A peripheral note, the Nazis weren’t investigating mustard gas as a possible bioweapon – it had been used extensively in WWI and its properties were well known long before WWII.

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
Reply to  Robyn
2 years ago

You are perfectly correct re Mengele, I could not think of his name, which is why I chose Eichmann, you are correct about mustard gas too, I know it was used in WW1, but I wondered if anyone who reads the stuff here, would know the difference, so thank you for correcting that one too. I agree that “normally” animals were tested before humans, but this time around that did not happen – the so called “vaccine cure” went from the laboratory, after 45 or 54 days, into human arms, the belief being that it was important to get a cure of some sorts into human arms, to stop the spread of Covid, which Coronavirus, or a flu like virus, becomes, it it is not treated first and killed in the head, which nobody seems to do, but me.
Also it was thought that by cutting out the animal model, a satisfactory cure would be found much quicker than taking upwards of 10 years to eventuate, before finding a cure, while Covid was killing many – so scientists were given approval to go from the lab to humans, without any animals involved, unless you consider, we are all animals and now none of us are separated from scientific testing of experimental vaccines which we are told are safe now, but how can anything be safe, after only say 54 days tops, it took to make from zero to a test vaccine – if scientists were so clever, how come, they have not come up with a way of extending our lives, while we remain young, or younger than we are now, into centuries, rather than “just” one?.
I suppose the people who consent to test vaccines are saving the rest of us, from Covid (not that I would ever consent to being a human lab rat), by providing themselves as test subjects. with abandon – as opposed to us anti vaxxers, who potentially see the same issues as those Mengele created, considering test subjects as potentially being the stuff of nightmares, in their millions, through unclear medical practices and experiments, if this were to go that way, but otherwise they are the testers for phase three, which will take until 2023 to establish if the experimental test vaccines are safe, or not.
What remains unknown to me, is whether the scientists who came up with these test vaccines were given the vaccines they themselves created. I am inclined to think No, because that would be counter productive to the long term experiments they now have permission to do on the willing population, willing to have test vaccines, because they have been told to.
So you must be in my age group and more on top of what happened in WW2 that me. I have been to death camp, with my parents when I was a kid – there were poppies unlike anything I have seen anywhere else, growing outside, which my parents said was from the spirits of the dead and my father, who was in the RAF used to take us to the Russian/German border to watch the Vopo’s on the other side of the border, armed with rifles watching us, in the West – Celle, was where he was stationed.


barrie singleton
barrie singleton
2 years ago

In today’s world, wealth and power are synonymous. To the infant mind, CONTROL is a visceral imperative. The world is under EXTREME MALE ethos. Obscenely wealthy, male juveniles are obsessed with CONTROL.

2 years ago

[…] –Why are Authorities so desperate to vaccinate every man, woman, and child? – Hancock, Van Tam, Vallance & Co. all heavily invested in Vaccine Industry – Daily Expose (tweet, website).– […]