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Why it would be criminal to give a child the COVID-19 Vaccine

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The UK Government and Health Officials are planning to give school children aged 12 and over the experimental Pfizer Covid vaccine at the start of the 21/22 school year. But they won’t stop there. Not long after they will attempt to roll this out to children as young as 6-months-old. This is madness.

It is madness because children do not need an experimental Covid vaccine because they are virtually at zero risk of contracting Covid-19, and even if they do, their chances of developing serious disease and dying is so low that the number is negligible.

According to official NHS data from March 2020 through to the 31st March 2021 just 40 Covid-19 deaths were recorded in those aged 0 – 19. But 32 of those were in children / teenagers who had serious underlying conditions. Just 8 allegedly died of Covid-19 alone in twelve months. But we cannot even be sure the number is that high due to the fact deaths are recorded as Covid just because the person has received a positive test for Covid-19 within 28 days of their death. They could have died due to a head injury and be recorded as a Covid death if they had received a positive test within the 28 days prior.

Yet for some sinister and unexplained reason the authorities are desperate to get the Covid jab into the arms of children. It’s sinister because none of the Covid jabs are licensed. They are currently under emergency authorisation.

In October the government made changes to the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 to allow the MHRA to grant temporary authorisation of a Covid-19 vaccine without needing to wait for the EMA.

A temporary use authorisation is valid for one year only and requires the pharmaceutical companies to complete specific obligations, such as ongoing or new studies. Once comprehensive data on the product have been obtained, standard marketing authorisation can be granted. This means that the manufacturer of the vaccine cannot be held liable for any injury or death that occurs due to their vaccine, unless it was due to a quality control issue.

Why are they only under emergency use authorisation? Because none of the Covid jabs have concluded phase three trials.

The Pfizer phase three trial is not due to complete until April 6th 2023.

Whilst the AstraZeneca phase three trial is due to complete slightly earlier on February 14th 2023.

But what does this mean? Well 2023 at the time of writing is up to two years away. This means that the current worldwide Covid vaccine roll-out can be described as the largest human experiment ever conducted in history. Anybody who takes this vaccine, which is only temporarily authorised for emergency use is essentially a guinea pig, or a lab rat taking part in a trial.

There’s also the fact that all the Covid vaccines being used in the UK are types of vaccine that have never been authorised for use in humans before.

The Pfizer and Moderna jabs allegedly work by delivering mRNA, which Pfizer and Moderna tell us is the genetic code for the spike protein found on the surface of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus, to a human cell inside a lipid membrane. Once the mRNA is inside the cell, the same machinery that is used to make our own proteins can make the spike protein. This then causes the immune system to act and initiate an immune response.

Many people are under the illusion that the AstraZeneca vaccine is a traditional vaccine – “It’s no different to the flu jab”, we hear them say time and time again. They couldn’t be more wrong. The AstraZeneca vaccine is a viral vector vaccine, and like the mRNA vaccines they have never been authorised for human use on a mass scale before.

The genetic information inside a viral vectored vaccine like AstraZeneca’s is DNA rather than RNA. This DNA is a short linear piece of double stranded DNA which contains the viral genes along with the gene for the spike protein. The viral vector first infects the cell and then delivers this DNA to the cell nucleus. The cell can then transcribes the viral genes (DNA) into mRNA using the same RNA polymerase it uses for our own genes. After transcription, the mRNA gets tagged so it can leave the nucleus and be made into spike protein by the cell machinery. 

Considering the fact that children are at virtually zero risk of contracting Covid it would be madness to give them an unlicensed, emergency approved, experimental vaccine of which not one single person on this planet has any idea of what the long term consequences of having it are. Because there is no data to tell us.

But there is data on the short term consequences in the form of the MHRA Yellow Card scheme in which people who have suffered an adverse reaction to the Covid vaccine can report it to the MHRA. The 13th update which includes data inputted up to the 21st April 2021 shows that there the reported adverse reactions to both the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccine include –

  • 7,699 cardiac disorders,
  • 10,633 eye disorders including blindness,
  • A terrifying 152,273 nervous system disorders including brain damage, seizure, paralysis & stroke
  • and 1,047 unnecessary deaths

That is just a snapshot as there had in fact been 722,732 reported adverse reactions to the Pfizer and AstraZeneca jabs as of the 21st April 2021. The scary thing is the MHRA say that only 1-10% of adverse reactions are actually reported. So the true number could be anywhere from 7 million to 70 million adverse reactions to the Covid-19 jabs.

Do you honestly think these numbers justify giving the jabs to children?

Well unfortunately the authorities seem to think so as health officials are drawing up plans to offer the Pfizer vaccine to secondary school pupils from September. ‘Core planning scenario’ documents compiled by NHS officials include the offer of a single dose to children aged 12 and over when the new school year starts.

And apparently education leaders would be willing to help facilitate a vaccine roll-out at schools around the country, according to Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), the largest union for secondary school heads.

He explained that vaccinating children at school could result in higher take-up because pupils would not want to feel socially isolated by refusing to have the jab.

“The peer pressure of seeing that your friends are lining up to do it is likely to make the overall numbers taking up the vaccine higher,”.

Somebody should maybe tell Geoff Barton that what he just described is known as coercion.

The choice is yours whether or not you will allow your child to receive a dose of an experimental vaccine which neither prevents the recipient from catching Covid-19 or spread Covid-19. They only thing that these vaccines allegedly do is reduce the risk of hospitalisation and / or death. Which is why it makes no sense for any single child to have the jab, as they are already virtually at zero risk of hospitalisation and / or death according to official NHS data.

First they came for the elderly, and I did not speak out because I was not old.
Then they came for the disabled, and I did not speak out because I was not disabled.
Then they came for pregnant women, and I did not speak out because I was not pregnant.
But then they came for my children because I did not speak out for those before them.

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2 years ago

Is there any news of children being harmed or dying in the trials? A girl called Maddie, from Canada aged 12, is paralyzed from the waist down..

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

As you know, there are 2 schools of thought about how “we” go about saving ourselves from the Covid 2021 disease (2021 being now).

1) You take the Government experimental test vaccines model after Coronavirus has been allowed to mutate into Covid 2021, over the 10 to 14 days of self isolation, firstly in your head and then in your body, when Covid 2019 test vaccines, are supposed to stop the Covid 2021 from occurring, after you recover from the Flu like symptoms that the infection will punish you with, but nobody knows if the Covid 2019 test vaccines will protect anyone, because that is not proven and viruses are evolving daily, with dual and treble viruses becoming commonplace, now, here in 2021..

These new viruses combine 2 or 3 different viruses to become one new virus whose purpose is to overpower Covid 2019 test vaccines – those of you test vaccinated with 2 shots are said to be 6x less protected from the above strains, which is why booster shots are now necessary every 9 months to 1 year.

My point here is that viruses have already combined to make 1 powerful virus, so what is to stop those 2021 viruses from evolving constantly, but made up of multiple different viruses, which 2019 test vaccines won’t have any effect on, sooner, rather than later?

2) My simple salt water cure, which murders the Coronavirus in your head (irrespective of how many viruses it is made up of), while it is at its most vulnerable, before it has a chance to mutate into Covid 2021, in your head and in your body, is my solution to the above, irrespective of if you have had the 2019 test vaccines, or not, after all, why put up with the symptoms of a really bad flu over 10 to 14 days, when you don’t have too, or to prove a point – do you live or die afterwards?

I have been doing my salt water cure on myself and others, for over 26 years and I/we are never ill, my salt water cure has never harmed any of us and I am here now as proof of that, otherwise I/we would be dead.

Let me put that into some sort of perspective: 9,600 days, my simple salt water cure (which have never hurt me/us) vs test vaccines, 160 days and the numbers of people they have destroyed, as above, so far, one way or another.

Personally, I think there is an ulterior motive for the Government wanting everyone to be test vaccinated, bearing in mind that Virologists and Scientists have known about SARS since 1979 and trillions of dollars have been thrown at research laboratories for the past 42 years and these experimental untested vaccines are all they have managed to come up with so far – you are kidding right?

I am 74 and I have identified myself by my name as proof I believe totally in my salt water treatment over the past 26 years plus, of my life, I am never ill. I could have concealed my name, but that does not sell my self belief, in my free simple cure, or why it is important for me to give my point of view and put it out there.

I don’t get anything out of my simple salt water cure and my life probably will end from natural causes in the next 10 to 15 years of retirement, so it is not as if I potentially have that many years ahead of me, my pensions income is sufficient to meet my needs and I want for nothing, so “more money” has no attraction for me, at all.

Past experiences have taught us to never trust those who hold power over us, Brexit being a fine example, after the event – do you feel safe and secure in your homes now, who will feed you when the links to the EU dry up (as they are) and nothing comes to England any more because of Tax & Duty requirements on all imports, which are too much trouble and inconvenience for EU exporters to do?

There has been a drop of infections from Covid 2021 because we are in our summer months now, but wait until the colder weather arrives and I bet you, Covid 2021 will become much, much worse.

We are all air breathing animals on this planet and what of the other species which don’t get test vaccines – there were some Gorilla’s which got Covid 2019 in a zoo and Mink, on farms, in Scandinavia, which were all slaughtered because they got Covid 2019, so what goes around, comes around, sort of thing.

In answer to the person below, a 6 month old child was vaccinated and it died in America – how do you tell a 6 month old child of the after effects of a test vaccination – “they” plan to give their test vaccines to kids 6 months and older – shudder!!

The scuttlebutt is that un-vaccinated kids and adults will spread Covid 2021 and reinfect those who have been vaccinated, which begs the question HOW? if Covid 2019 test vaccinations work?
So do they, or don’t they? – time will tell, if you are around long enough to find out.

Your life, your choice, your death if you choose wrong – but don’t do my salt water cure and then have the test vaccine shots – Duh!!


Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

I posted but it has not been approved yet that 95% efficiency rate, could actually be 19% efficiency rate, depending on how the statistics have been manipulated – so the point, which I missed is, if 95% really computes to 19% efficiency rate – then 76% is really a percentage where the test vaccines simply don’t work, which explains the high rate of deaths and complications from the experimental test vaccines which are occurring according to VAERS and the UK yellow card system.
In this scenario, test vaccines could potentially be absolutely no good at all against Covid-19 and Covid 2021 and the reduction in Covid infections is due to the summer weather, when viruses tend not to thrive, but in winter weather they do see:
While the data is far from conclusive, initial studies indicate that P.1 is more transmissible than the initial virus, and is associated with a higher death rate among younger patients and patients without pre-existing conditions. It can also reinfect people who have already had Covid, though it’s unclear how often that occurs.
P.1 is now present in at least 37 countries, but appears to have spread most thoroughly through South America, said William Hanage, an epidemiologist at Harvard University.
Across the region, doctors say that the patients coming into hospitals are now far younger and far sicker than before. They’re also more likely to have had the virus already.
In Peru, the National Health Institute documented 782 cases of likely reinfection in the first three months of 2021 alone, a surge from last year. Dr. Lely Solari, an infectious disease doctor with the institute, called this “a very significant underestimate.”
Official daily death tolls have exceeded previous records in recent days in most of South America’s biggest countries. Yet scientists say that the worst is yet to come.
The New York times
Australia: The TGA then publishes the results of this independent assessment on its website. This is accompanied by a summary of the case(s) and extra clinical advice for doctors. The TGA also feeds the results back to the state/territory health department and treating doctor.
This information will also be included in weekly updates published on the TGA website and is reviewed by other key advisory groups, including the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation and the government, who monitor the progress of immunisation programs, including for COVID-19.
So UK Yellow card system, VAERS for America and TGA for Australia for the moment – add all of the effects of test vaccines together to get an overall picture of how effective 2019 test vaccines are, after the first injections?

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

The COVID-19 vaccines are killing “huge numbers” of people and the government is hiding the data, according to Dr. Peter McCullough, a professor in medicine who is the most cited doctor on COVID treatments in the National Library of Medicine.

In a video interview, he says the United States government, Gates Foundation and all the world health agencies have made a “commitment to mass vaccination” while sitting on information showing that mass numbers of people are dying from those vaccines.

McCollough, who also has a master’s degree in public health, is an award-winning doctor whose own COVID treatments successfully helped get people well as outpatients and keep them out of the hospital. McCollough has already testified before the U.S. Senate about effective treatments he’s used.

Yet, despite the fact that these treatments are inexpensive and easily available, the world’s governments and health agencies have colluded to simply concentrate on getting everyone vaccinated, McCollugh says — and it’s killing tens of thousands of people. And, as governments and health agencies purposely choose not to acknowledge it, he’s calling it an effective “scrubbing” of the truth.

A “lot of Americans don’t understand how tight these stakeholders are,” he says, and any other vaccine would have been pulled from the market long before now.
The Liberty Sentinel April 30, 2021