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Public told to only visit Royal Bolton A&E if “absolutely necessary” due to being full of “fully vaccinated Covid patients”

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Doctors at Royal Bolton Hospital’s A&E department have urged the public to only attend A&E if absolutely necessary due to allegedly being full of Covid patients who have been fully vaccinated.

There are allegedly 41 people being treated for coronavirus at the hospital, including eight who are allegedly suffering from the most serious symptoms on intensive care wards.

This is an increase from the alleged 33 Covid patients at the hospital on Sunday morning, May 23.

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Bolton has the highest infection rates in the country, with more than 1,200 positive tests in the week ending May 20 adding up to a transmission rate of 450.7 cases per 100,000 people. In comparison, the average for England is just 22.4 cases per 100,000. But don’t forget these are nothing but positive test results using a high cycle PCR test that should never be used to test for viruses.

This rise in cases has been driven by the allegedly more transmissible B.1.617.2 strain of the virus, often called the “Indian variant.” The same variant that the Indian Government said does not exist in a cease and desist sent to Social Media Companies.

Greater Manchester health leaders have confirmed that the majority of Covid patients within the hospital have had the experimental Covid vaccine.

Andy Ennis, chief operating officer at the hospital, has warned Bolton residents that the number of people visiting A&E usually increases over Bank Holidays and asked people to avoid coming if possible.

“The Royal Bolton Hospital is currently very busy,” he said.

“People are presenting at our emergency department with a range of problems and staff are working very hard to ensure they receive all the care they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“However, we are also now seeing more people requiring hospital treatment from the effects of Covid-19, and whilst we have discharged a number overnight, today we still have 41 inpatients with Covid, including 8 in critical care.”

The hospital is now taking steps to make sure it will be able to manage the expected demand over the coming weekend, Mr Ennis has said.

“Going into the bank holiday weekend and half term, which is always a busy time for the NHS, we anticipate this pressure continuing. As such are taking urgent actions to ensure we can continue to manage this demand effectively,” he added.

“We urge the public to continue to take all necessary steps to protect themselves and others, follow the relevant national guidance, and to only attend our emergency department if absolutely necessary.

“Please contact NHS 111 first if you are not sure which service is most suitable for your needs at this time.”

Bolton, like many others parts of Greater Manchester, has taken to a policy of trying to jab as many people as possible.

We wonder if that’s the real reason the Royal Bolton Hospital is allegedly overwhelmed with “Covid” patients?

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2 years ago

Good advice to stay away from the vaxxed due to their shedding mysterious pathogens –
And those who get covid after being fully vaxxed are being hospitalized at the rate of 93% and dying at the rate of 18% –

2 years ago

The Daily Mail is claiming that the majority that are hospitalised are the unvaccinated .

Love world
Love world
2 years ago

What happened to this world is covid paranoia. How could this have been allowed to happen? If two or three countries were bribed, it happens because they have stupid politicians. But the whole world?

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

Too many people running around on this world, not enough resources to pay for them all, as the super rich want to get even wealthier and paying for people not to work and lose even more income makes no sense = Covid.
Do my free, simple salt water cure and never get Coronavirus, or Covid. you can’t catch Covid, as you know.
Scietists and Virologists are careful to avoid talking about Coronavirus, they are only interested in their own agenda which is Covid.
Just think, do you get a cut, let it become septic and then treat it – No?, but you get the flu, let it become Covid and then treat it, does that make any sense to you – me neither.

2 years ago

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2 years ago

the vax is the pandemic just like the spanish flu, Rockefellers just doing what they do, poison people