The NHS has never been overwhelmed due to Covid-19. It is now overwhelmed due to the Covid-19 Vaccines. Oh the Irony.

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It is Summer and the NHS is officially overwhelmed. But not because of Covid-19, instead its because of its obsession to transform from the National Covid Service into the National Vaccination Service, and the severe repercussions of those experimental jabs being administered to millions.

The NHS has not once been overwhelmed due to Covid-19. During the entire first wave from April – June 2020, A&E attendance was 57% down on the previous year and the number of beds occupied was 30% down on the previous year.

The NHS has been so slack for the entirety of this alleged pandemic that not a single Nightingale hospital was used, instead they have now been disbanded, and nurses had so much time on their hands they were choreographing, rehearsing, and filming TikTok dancing videos.

  • 2018 – April – 1,984,369 attended A&E / November – 2,036,847 attended A&E
  • 2019 – April – 2,112,165 attended A&E / November – 2,143,505 attended A&E
  • 2020 – April – 916,581 attended A&E / November – 1,485,132 attended A&E

So it’s rather ironic that the miraculous vaccine; alleged to reduce the chance of suffering serious disease if infected with the alleged Covid virus, has been the one thing throughout this entire alleged pandemic that has caused the NHS to become overwhelmed.

You will be familiar with the flurry of NHS headlines that routinely accompany the winter months. Every winter there are fears about hospitals collapsing. Every winter there is talk of unprecedented strain, of a burnt-out NHS workforce. Well we can confirm that June 2021 has broken all records for the number of people attending A&E, outdoing any winter month on record.

While we may be wearily used to headlines about NHS crises, this one is different. The pressures are coming from every side and nowhere in the system has the space to deal with it, because of the farcical Covid-19 controls and restrictions that have implemented in hospitals. Of course there’s a simple solution but we doubt anyone in charge has the capability to think of it or the bravery to implement it…

Scrap the farcical Covid-19 controls.

Greater Manchester’s health chief Sir Richard Leese, who this week warned hospitals were running at 90% capacity, much higher than at any point during this alleged pandemic has described the situation as unprecedented.

“In effect, the overall number in the middle of June is what we would expect in the middle of winter,

“Sometimes you get lots of pressures on GPs, or the ambulance service, or A&E, or urgent operations, or on pharmacies or dentists,

“What you don’t normally get is all of that at the same time and that’s why clinicians are saying this is ‘unprecedented’ – the escape valves aren’t there.”

Parts of the system are seeing demand at least 30% higher than before the pandemic, a time that was already much busier than what the NHS seen during the pandemic.

Why? Well one of the reasons is that GP’s are not treating people because they have turned their practices into mass vaccination centres. But even the GP’s that haven’t done this are unable to see as many people because of the farcia infection control measures they have implemented in their surgery’s.

At the same time, a great many people who simply held off seeking care during the height of the pandemic are understandably now coming forward – and often those conditions have got worse in the meantime. But why did they hold off seeking care? Because of a fear of overwhelming an NHS which has been extremely underwhelmed for the entirety of this alleged pandemic, or because of a fear of catching an extremely underwhelmingly “deadly” virus.

“We’ve got this situation where people’s angina hasn’t got better, people’s mental health hasn’t got better,” said one senior GP.

“Everything that was hidden has been revealed. There’s not been secret cures, just deferrals.

“The silent majority have kept their lumps and bumps to themselves, partly because of fear and partly because of not wanting to overload the NHS.

“Most estimates suggest that around 92% of NHS patient contacts happen in primary care, so even a small amount of over-spill will have a disproportionate effect on the rest of the system.”

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Many patients frustrated with being unable to get a GP appointment – and often directed there by 111 as a result – are now ending up waiting in casualty, especially parents worried about their children.

Backlogged work, and people unable to get into their GP – alongside the reduction in space as a result of farcical Covid controls, are the reasons A&E departments across the country are overwhelmed.

“Our attendances are much higher than we’d expect,” according to Carole Gavin, vice president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and an A&E consultant in Greater Manchester.

“If you look at the national statistics for the last week in May you can see they are the second highest ever recorded in emergency departments.

“It indicates how much the system is under pressure that we are seeing these numbers in the summer. It’s really concerning because in winter it’s going to get worse.

“That’s why we are pushing from the college for the government to consider some planning for that.”

Hospitals in both Barnsley and Plymouth this week declared ‘black alerts’ – an official ‘serious incident’ that means the hospital cannot deliver comprehensive care. This is a trigger most commonly pulled in the depths of the winter, not the middle of June. .

“Emergency is the canary in the coalmine for the local system strain,” according to a senior doctor.

“So in Barnsley, it will probably be more about community services buckling and failing.”

Not all of that community buckling is within GP practices though. Some of it is within mental health services, which were notoriously struggling already before the pandemic.

Many people with existing mental health conditions have now seen them deteriorate through 2020, while everyone else has been through a period of uncertainty and some have been continuously locked into domestic environments that were already bad for their states of mind.

While demand for services dropped during the pandemic, community mental health services then saw a 26% increase on pre-Covid levels in March.

Referrals to specialist child and adolescent mental health services have increased, with more children presenting in crisis and with increased complexities, draconian lockdown measures have also hit access to psychological therapy and dementia diagnosis rates.

Meanwhile most people with learning disabilities had not been having their annual check-ups and most vulnerable children had not had their assessments carried out in the month after being taken into care, a further health and social crisis looming in the background as a result of lockdown.

But it’s not just the consequences of lockdown and the governments insistence of turning the National Health Service

into the National Vaccination Service causing the NHS to finally become overwhelmed 15 months into an alleged pandemic. We imagine the exponential amount of adverse reactions being suffered to the Covid-19 vaccines could have something to do with it as well.

According to the 21st update on the MHRA Yellow Card scheme there have been 973,435 adverse reactions including 1,356 deaths reported up to the 16th June 2021. This accounts for an adverse reaction being suffered for every 74 vaccinations administered. But these are only the ones that have been reported.  

It is estimated just 1% to 10% of adverse reactions are reported, so there could be as many as 97,343,500 adverse reactions suffered so far or as little as 9,743,500. We can’t imagine this is doing the NHS any favours?

The adverse reactions being reported aren’t just a sore arm, headache, or fever either. They include events such as blindness, deafness, cardiac arrest, heart attack, seizure, paralysis, brain damage, stroke, miscarriage, blood clots, among many other serious reactions.

If it wasn’t for the fact people are suffering and dying because of these vaccines we would have to laugh at the irony that the NHS has not once been overwhelmed because of Covid-19, but is now overwhelmed because of the Covid-19 vaccines. Vaccines that were meant to end the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.

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Ian Black
Ian Black
1 year ago


John Fugazzi
John Fugazzi
Reply to  Ian Black
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1 year ago

It’s actually not ironic really , its expected. If you remember the grim reaper plague of hiv aids was the first act ,SARS swine fle hn15 bird flu ,the second then you realize this is the third in their trinity .Professor ron Penny ,the eminent leading authority in hiv aids led a research investigation by a team known as the Perth Group ,which conclusively demonstrated beyond any doubt that the claims of having discovered a retro virus were totally spurious and based on flawed experiments and that there is no truthful basis to ever say a retro virus called aids struck Everyone in the 80s in educated circles knew never to get tested and if you did and were told it was positive ,ie a colour change ,then if you followed their treatment you would be dead in a very rapid response rate ,because that’s exactly how the figures evolved Just like covid Nothing new People are as if amnesiac or under a spell where they dont think and where they forget everything Like Gore Vidals Amnesiac America ,except it’s the world, and its drug induced by ” recreational ” and prescription medications. So that people only think of today De Jure .

Last edited 1 year ago by Annonymous
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1 year ago
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1 year ago

the crux of it—- you have to purify it…OK…this is the second step…then you try to purify the virus from all this mess”. 6. It is true that Gallo banded the culture supernatant in sucrose gradients. It is this material, not the culture, that he called “purified” virus. The proteins and RNA he defined as “HIV” were obtained from the density gradient banded material, not from the culture. It is also a fact that Gallo, like Montagnier, did not publish electron microscopic images of his “purified virus” material.Gallo versusMontagnierAs far back as 1984 Gallo stated that Montagnier’s evidence did not prove “true isolation”.79 During the Parenzee hearing in 2006/2007 Gallo was asked if Montagnier purified “HIV”. He replied: “He did a 116 cross gradient [1.16 g/ml sucrose density gradient] in that paper, yes. I don’t know if he said it was purified. If you do that you don’t have much virus”. If in the 1.16 g/ml band “you don’t have much virus” then why did Gallo recommend the publication of the Montagnier paper which claimed proof for the existence of a new retrovirus based on the “purity” of the 1.16 g/ml band?Since Montagnier and Gallo agree purification is necessary to prove the existence of a new retrovirus then, according to Gallo, Montagnier could not have proven the existence of HIV. If this is the case neither did Gallo. In his 1984 Science papers Gallo, like Montagnier, claimed his 1.16 g/ml band, not the culture, was the “purified virus”. The proteins and RNA Gallo claimed were HIV were defined on the basis of their presence in the 1.16 g/ml band, not in the culture.In 1997, when Tahi asked Montagnier if Gallo had purified the virus and thus proven its existence, Montagnier responded: “Gallo?…I don’t know if he really purified. I don’t believe so”. So Gallo says he does not believe Montagnier obtained proof for purification, the absolutely necessary requirement to prove the existence of the new retrovirus HIV, while Montagnier says the same thing about Gallo. And the whole world believes that Montagnier and Gallo proved the existence of HIV and HIV is the cause of AIDS.ANSWER: NoCONCLUSION “To prove that you have a real virus” one must purify the viral particles. To date nobody has published evidence of purification of particles with the morphology attributed to HIV. At present the only scientific conclusion one can draw is that neither Montagnier nor anybody else has proved the existence of a “real virus”. Yet the scientific community continues to maintain an “overwhelming scientific

43 consensus” that a retrovirus HIV has been proven to exist and is the cause of AIDS.Is it possible that in the early 1980s, in the rush to find the cause and cure for a new and deadly malady, claims were made which, in retrospect, were overstated? In her Nobel lecture of 2008 Barré-Sinoussi stressed the importance of avoiding dogma in science. Brent Leung’s video casts a considerable shadow over the HIV theory of AIDS thereby providing the scientific community such an opportunity – to set aside dogma and critically re-evaluate the current “overwhelming scientific consensus”. To quote from Anthem by Leonard Cohen, “There is a crack, a crack in everything.That’s how the light gets in”.

1 year ago

The drug and medical cartels make no profit if people are well. The plan is to make as many people as sick as possible. Nothing fulfills that role better the vaccines.

Barbara Roth
Barbara Roth
1 year ago

I wonder whether politicians are too stupid or totally corrupt & bribed – if the latter, by whom?
This mass destruction of the population of Europe and the US makes me think of the Nazis – and their crazy search for room to settle it with the Germanic „super race“. So which country is behind all this?And why do all politicians play along the lines of those people and kill off their own population, first of all professions that are vital to keep up a state (nurses, police, fire brigade, military,…)???

Reply to  Barbara Roth
1 year ago


1 year ago

They and the law are the greatest frauds on earth Except for the first estate Which takes the crown .Always have been For ever

1 year ago

[…] The Daily Expose published an article with a headline claiming the NHS was never overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients in the last year, but […]

1 year ago

[…] The Daily Expose published an article with a headline claiming the NHS was never overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients in the last year, but […]