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Dr Vernon Coleman – “The BBC employs 22,000 traitors”

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2 years ago

uh yeah ,

2 years ago

[…] ByClifford James July 15, 2021July 15, 2021 Dr Vernon Coleman – “The BBC employs 22,000 traitors” […]

Eileen Bailey
Eileen Bailey
1 year ago

I wrote many emails to BBC and they say they show complaints to the announcers. I showed evidence there was not a pandemic including the government own wording on their website that covid was similar to a mild flu and had been downgraded and this was three days before the first lockdown. As far as I am aware it’s still there.

I showed them evidence that Boris Johnsons office and p h England under foi had admitted they had no evidence that covid was ever isolated.
I explained to BBC cdc a private vaccine company also had no record neither did Wuhan china Ireland Canada Germany etc etc and how could their be variants when no one couldcput an isolated virus on a slide and compare with another virus and pronounce it a variant of the first virus.

I know so many wrote in they said they could t address complaints anymore due to the pandemic

They lied and they know they lied..same as newspapers..they are guilty of genocide imo when a young child is jabbed with an experimental gene therapy that they know does nothing to stop a mythic virus but is sterlizing injuring and killing them. Dr Cole is correct.