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What happened to all of the Midazolam? #WeNeedToTalkAboutMidazolam

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  • Midazolam is a commonly used drug in palliative care, think of it as diazepam on steroids.
  • Midazolam is also a drug that has been used in executions by lethal injection in the USA.
  • UK regulators state that you should only receive midazolam in a hospital or doctor’s office that has the equipment that is needed to monitor your heart and lungs and to provide life-saving medical treatment quickly if your breathing slows or stops.
  • This is because Midazolam can cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems such as shallow, slowed, or temporarily stopped breathing that may lead to permanent brain injury or death.
  • At the start of the alleged Covid-19 pandemic Matt Hancock ordered a two year supply of Midazolam and then went back to France for more.
  • This was confirmed in a parliamentary committee meeting which included Hancock, Professor Van Tam, and Tory MP; Dr Luke Evans, who said a “good death” needs three things, one of those things being Midazolam.
  • At the same time Hancock and the Government changed the law on the certification of deaths under the guise of the coronavirus act.
  • And the law on cremations; removing the need for a confirmatory medical certificate.
  • And the law on indemnity for health service activity.
  • The final And the law on visiting loved ones in care homes; which was banned.
  • April and May 2020 saw a huge spike in deaths occurring in care homes, many were attributed to Covid-19.
  • In late 2020 the Care Quality Commission found 34% of Health and Social Care workers said they had felt pressured to place ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ orders on care home residents without informing the resident or their loved ones.
  • An Amnesty report also found the blanket use of DNR orders in Care homes.
  • The two-year supply of Midazolam purchased at the beginning of the alleged pandemic was gone by October.
  • What happened to all of the Midazolam?
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2 years ago

Jailed? No thanks. String them up or else we’ll be paying millions to keep these evil serial killers alive for life. strap them to beds and nil by mouth the lot of them.
Haven’t they stolen enough already?

Today old Mr creepy Chris Whitty is again warning of another lockdown within weeks.

Scared of getting a real well earned terminal cuddle from the public , instead of a badly slung together smokescreen play act crisis actor cuddle perhaps?

Midazolam Matt. They’ve caught the 2 crisis actors for the staged snog video with his half “so called Jewish” girlfriend.
The press have tried to make the 2 stooges involved sound more criminal than the mass murders committed by Midazolam Matt and his khazar kill squad.

Where’s big gormless lesbian dopey Dick head of the MET?

There’s only one kind of rat she’s interested in sniffing out.

Reply to  Sorcha
2 years ago

Give them Midazolam

Reply to  Nexus321
2 years ago

That’s what they a deserve. No food or water and jabbed with Midazolam until they suffocate to death like al the old and disabled people they murdered.

2 years ago

Synagogue of satan strikes again.
Meanwhile “so called Jew” the Chris Whitty of America, Fauci wants all kids from 2 years old to wear masks until they get the “vaccine” even though he admits that this could be for more than a year since the FDA may not approve vaccines for children under the age of 12 until the end of the year.

2 years ago

JUNE 22 2020 Did Covid-19 open the door to euthanasia in Sweden? “The health authorities have received many complaints about how elderly relatives were treated. A consistent theme is that nursing home residents with suspected Covid-19 were immediately placed on palliative care and given morphine and denied supplementary oxygen and intravenous fluids and nutrition. For many this was effectively a death sentence.
“People suffocated, it was horrible to watch. One patient asked me what I was giving him when I gave him the morphine injection, and I lied to him,” said Latifa Löfvenberg, a nurse. “Many died before their time. It was very, very difficult.”

2 years ago

Where are all the tens of thousands of caregivers who administered the Midazolam? Can you find at least some of them? That is the proof in the pudding.

Reply to  ms45143
2 years ago

Maybe some have come forward? If they haven’t had the little talk about how breaching the official secrets act could have them put in prison.

1 year ago

[…] What happened to all of the Midazolam? […]