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Fact Check – What are the risks of getting the Covid-19 injection?

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The original inventor of the mRNA vaccine (and DNAvaccine) core platform technology currently used to create the vaccines is Dr Robert W Malone .

Dr Malone has been expressing serious concerns about how therapeutic approaches that are still in the research phase are being imposed on an ill-informed public.

He says that public health leadership has, “stepped over the line and is now violating the bedrock principles which form the foundation upon which the ethics of clinical research are built”.

Dr Malone asks why health leaders seem to be so afraid of sharing the adverse event data. He says, “Why is it necessary to suppress discussion and full disclosure of information concerning mRNA reactogenicity and safety risks?”

He goes onto say that we should be analysing the safety data and risks vigorously. Again he asks, “Is there information or patterns that can be found, such as the recent finding of the cardiomyopathy signals, or the latent virus reactivation signals?  We should be enlisting the best biostatistics and machine learning experts to examine these data, and the results should- no must- be made available to the public promptly”.

For any drug it has always been important to have systems in place for monitoring adverse events. However, for an experimental, genetic modifying approach that has not been fully tested, and where the public are effectively the guinea pigs, this information should be immediately and readily available.

As previously reported in Total Health, the fact that it is so difficult to access and make sense of the US VAERS, and UK Yellow Card reporting systems – along with low reporting simply raises further concern about what is actually happening.

Global analysis 

According to the official summary yellow card reporting website, “Vaccination is the single most effective way to reduce deaths and severe illness from COVID-19. A national immunisation campaign has been underway since early December 2020”.

However, as widely reported in 2020 and following a meta-analysis of work performed by doctors around the world treating Covid patients, the drug Ivermectin could well have been a more effective and safer alternative to experimental genetic modification.

In podcasts with Lex Friman and with Joe Rogan, research biologist Bret Weinstein clearly explains the situation with regard to research, biology and censorship – Truth, Science, and Censorship in the Time of a Pandemic.

Truth is always the first victim

Bret Weinstein points out that, “Public Health has a self-assigned ‘right to lie'”.

He states, “Once the right to lie exists it serves the purposes of the pharmaceutical companies. Emergency authorisations that do not require the treatment to be safe.

“This means they get immunity from liability for harms caused by their product. That’s a recipe for disaster”.

He goes on to make the point that it is to even greater benefit to the pharmaceutical companies if other products (such as Ivermectin) happen to fail to be noticed.

Block on information on treatments

Dr Peter McCullough testifying to a Texas Senate Committee asks why COVID patients are not being offered information on – or standard treatments that can prevent hospitalisation and death.

He says, not a single paper tells doctors how to treat patients. “Not a single one. When does that happen?”.

He goes on to point out that the reason why there had to be senate testimony is because there was, “a near total block on any information on treatment for patients”.

Selective under-reporting, re-defining and excessive exaggeration with amplification 

The UK government Coronavirus vaccine – weekly summary of Yellow Card reporting (to 16th June) starts the report with the following sentence: “At the time of this report, over 127,954 people across the UK have died within 28 days of a positive test for coronavirus (COVID-19)”.

This opening statement is probably an example of the nature of the difficulty that Dr Weinstein refers to. The problem with this statement is that you are lead to believe that 127,954 people have died of Covid, but this is simply not true.

The reality is that these people have died with a positive test for COVID-19, which is a very different thing, and may well have died of other natural causes.

We know that the PCR tests have suffered high levels of false positives and a test positive does not mean you have active disease or are a ‘case’.

Because of this PCR tests are to be withdrawn in the USA – CDC issue ‘lab alert’ on PCR tests – but not until 2022.

What is the false positive rate?

By re-defining the medical term ‘case’, the daily public health messages became excessively exaggerated and this along with other methodologies (including excessive PCR Ct amplification), ramped up levels of public concern.

Official public petitions requesting that the government release the data on the levels of false positive reporting were simply not adequately responded to.

The big questions remain unanswered – and these are:

How many people actually died from Covid ‘the disease’? and

How many people are being harmed by the vaccines? 

Dr Malone says, “.. what is being done by suppressing open disclosure and debate concerning the profile of adverse events associated with these vaccines violates fundamental bioethical principles for clinical research”.

With regard to the use and abuse of misinformation, the inventor of these vaccines says that the public have to be given accurate information to allow informed consent.

He says, “The suppression of information, discussion, and outright censorship concerning these current COVID vaccines which are based on gene therapy technologies cast a bad light on the entire vaccine enterprise.

“It is my opinion that the adult public can handle information and open discussion. Furthermore, we must fully disclose any and all risks associated with these experimental research products”.

In short, it is simply not possible to arrive at a position of informed consent unless you have access to the full facts around your options and the associated risks and benefits.

In a paper published in, Professor Stanley Levinson et al summarise some of the evidence concerning the false positive testing rates with PCR.

At an individual patient level he points out why some people ‘seem’ to get the disease twice, but the second infection was actually caused by the initial false positive result. He indicates that as many as 5 in100 test results are false positives.

This may not seem like a big number, but when you are testing 100,000 people a day this would give a number of 5,000 so-called ‘cases’ a day. Sound familiar?

False positive tests cause hospitalisation and infection

Prof Levinson points out that there are negative psychological implications of thinking you are infected when you are not.

Therefore some people with illness other than COVID-19 who test false positive might be hospitalised along with actual COVID-19 patients and become infected.

“This may explain why some persons seem to have been infected twice: the first time being a false positive.

“It seems to me it is important for practicing medical professionals to be aware of these issues so that they can appropriately advise and direct suspect patients for additional testing”.

Natural immunity may over-rule need for vaccine anyway

According to a recent peer-reviewed paper in the journal Nature, “findings suggest that SARS-CoV-2 reactive T-cells are likely to be present in many individuals because of prior exposure to flu and CMV viruses”.

This probably explains why Covid primarily affects the elderly and patients with co-morbidities, and is either asymptomatic or has mild symptoms for the rest of us.

The authors state, “Healthy humans not exposed to COVID-19 show pre-existing CD4 and CD8 T-cellimmunity to SARS-CoV-2”.

This cross-immunity is possibly not too surprising as the common cold is caused by a coronavirus”.

Are vaccinated more likely to drive variant evolution?

The HART group are informing us that several media outlets in the UK have simultaneously released a story alleging that, “unvaccinated people are risking their own health and will become potential factories of coronavirus variants”.

Commenting on these news items, Dr Gerry Quinn who is a post-doctoral Researcher in Microbiology and Immunology (and therefore appropriately qualified to comment), points out that the reverse is more likely to be true.

He says, “there is the as yet unproven (but not discounted) theoretical possibility that vaccination may be making the situation of ‘mutant variants’ worse”.

The reason for this is that natural immunity, which is now estimated to be at over 80% provides a far broader protection as it is not narrowed to a reaction to just the spike protein.

Providing the relevant references, Dr Quinn highlights a recent study of people who developed natural immunity during the first wave of SARS-CoV-2 showing that their plasma contains four antibodies that are extremely potent against 23 variants of SARS including variants of concern.

To add to this protection, it is even thought that the innate immune system which is the first line of defence against disease can be trained to have a decreased activation threshold to new pathogens that are structurally similar to those that have been encountered previously.

Dr Quinn then explains how unfortunately many of the novel COVID vaccines are designed to evade most of the innate immune system so they will not prime this process.

The importance of the innate immune system can be seen in people who have deficiencies in the production of interferon, an important signalling compound in the innate immune system. People with this deficiency have higher rates of severe illness and death.

“Natural immunity is superior to vaccination-induced immunity because it includes the innate immune defences as well as specific immunity which is directed at multiple parts of the virus and not just the spike protein targeted by vaccine-induced immunity”.

How can the vaccine cause herpes?

One of the post-vaccination reported side effects has been ‘herpes infection’. A recent paper from a group of Oxford researchers published in the journal Rheumatology explains how this could happen.

Varicella zoster virus (VZV) is the virus responsible for shingles and is a type of herpes virus. These viruses are known to lurk in our nerve cells awaiting an opportunistic moment to reactivate. Sunburn is a well known cause of herpes virus reactivation, and is often associated with cold sores.

Cell-mediated immunity plays an important role in the prevention of VZV reactivation, and so any interferences (such as mRNA vaccines) with this process could trigger the reactivation of other viral infections.

However, as the authors state, “While the causality between both events cannot be proved based on a small number of cases, further vigilance and safety monitoring of COVID-19 vaccination side effects is warranted”.

Summary of vaccine safety data

In a summary of the vaccine safety update, Dr Tess Lawrie recently wrote an open letter to Dr June Raine, head of the MHRA, arguing that: “The MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the Yellow Card system to declare the COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans”.

Only via the provision and publication of these reviews can readers reach their own conclusions about what is best for them (informed consent), based on the available data.

Senior international microbiologists urge caution

One of the most cited international microbiologists, Professor Bhakdi has issued a video explaining the good news – as reported in the latest scientific publications – that there are already very high levels of population immunity to coronaviruses.

This is largely due to the broad cross-reactivity of our immune systems to different strains (with shared antigenic sites), and also thanks to natural immune memory.

However, he also has major concerns about the dangers of vaccine-induced bloodclotting, and he explains why – see video:

The scientific literature references for the above video include: 

Response to mRNA vaccine: 

As with any medicine, vaccine or gene therapy, there is always a balance between the potential benefit and risk.

It should never be forgotten that iatrogenic illness is one of the biggest causes of hospital admissions and fatalities.

New guidance issued on post-COVID vaccine blood clots

The medical term for these new form of blood clots is VITT, which stands for vaccine-induced immune thrombocytopenia and thrombosis, or sometimes also called vaccine-induced prothrombotic immune thrombocytopenia (VIPIT) or thrombotic thrombocytopenic syndrome (TTS).

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) say, “Because VITT is a new condition, there is limited evidence available to inform clinical management, identification and management of the condition is evolving quickly as the case definition becomes clearer. This guideline was produced to support clinicians to diagnose and manage this newly recognised syndrome”.

The new guidance recommends that people with suspected VITT are referred to the emergency department immediately.

Were you aware of all the above before you decided to get an experimental injection?


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2 years ago

Thank you for this article. Don’t assume I decided to get the shot. I did not. I will avoid it at all costs.

2 years ago

you know its not in your interest to get this shot when they have to
bribe and threaten you to take it

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

This Research Doctor says that Covid is a bio-weapon: Research Paper JB Classen MD Covid-19 RNA Based Vaccines & The Risk Of Prion Disease Print Out & READ 3 Pages!!

Also it is interesting to note that those countries which are not using vaccines anymore and learning to live with the virus, are have a rapid reduction in Covid cases (like the UK now) and those vaccinated are the ones who now are getting hospitalized Covid, so with over 5 billion of 7.5 billion world wide vaccinated, it might be assumed that the total world population could drop to 2.5 billion or less, it has been suggested within 3 years (unconfirmed) thanks to vaccines.

However, we need something to deal with a potential Coronavirus infection, which everyone will get, irrespective of if vaccinated or not: My Twitter Blog RichardNoakes19 the Secular Heretic post for the full blurb – your life, your choice.

Reply to  Richard Noakes
2 years ago

Very clear that the jab is infinitely more deadly than a virus that with drug interventions up to 99% survive – depending on age and underlying health.

Reply to  Nexus321
2 years ago

Most dont need any drug intervention at all Most dont even know they’re such and there is no need to vaccinate 95% of the population Only the old and sick. According to many many doctors and specialists Luke 500 german doctors who had a web site and the American frontline Doctors and the aussie Covid medical news site I think too .And far too many others to even remember .

Reply to  Richard Noakes
2 years ago

Then some experts say it will kill Africans 4 times more than non africans yet others say they’re protected because they take that medication for malaria or some african disease anyway .I know quinine is for lots of diseases from hot humid climates where bugs thrive so maybe hydroxy quininechlorine Anyway it’s in tonic water .

2 years ago


Last edited 2 years ago by Sorcha
2 years ago

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2 years ago

NEW ZEALAND PAVING THE WAY WITH THIS NEW AWARENESS ACTIVITY Khazar fake Jew tranny traitor Jewsphincter Adhern won’t like that much.

Jo Kayne
Jo Kayne
2 years ago

Be Nice if You Could ask all relevant UK gov advisers and public health england etc if they have proof the virus exists the isolated purified Sample..
Then we have the Ammunition
If anyone of us goes to Court over a Covid regulation then we can do what that man in one state in America did stopped all the rules and regulations..
No Covid no more regulations..
If it worked over there it could well bring the Covid Fraud to an end..

Paul Jury
Paul Jury
Reply to  Jo Kayne
2 years ago

Well said and I agree. That’s been my push too, make them prove they have a master copy that this entire shit show has been based on.

A recent Australian FOI has shown they have no master specimen of the alleged Delta variant.

I’m unaware of the “man in one state in America” which I usually take to mean the US of A, but I am aware that Mr. King in Alberta, Canada won his case for a $1,200 fine, based on the “prove it” question. I have seen that Trudeau is hitting back at Alberta for lifting all restrictions. Yet to see an update.