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Australia’s Lockdown restrictions have nothing to do with the Covid-19 Virus and everything to do with Control, and we can prove it…

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Much of Australia has been living under what can only be described as dictatorial tyranny for the past few months in response to what the authorities would have you believe is a raging coronavirus posing a danger to the lives of each and every member of the public. But this is a lie, and we can prove it.

Dan Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, Australia, has enforced lockdown restrictions on the general public for the most part of 2021. Each time it has been under the guise of needing just 7 days to stop the virus in its tracks. But the most recent 7 day lockdown has turned into 49 days and counting at the time of writing of this article, and there are no signs it will end any time soon.

The citizens of Victoria, Australia have not been permitted to venture more than 5km from their home to buy essentials or travel to work. However, in order to go to work they have required a permit authorising them to do so, and every waking minute of life outside their home requires them to wear a face mask which dozens of scientific studies have proven to be ineffective at preventing transmission of the Covid-19 virus, with some even proving wearers are more likely to catch the virus.

Dan Andrews stated that he would not lift lockdown restrictions until at least 70% of the population of Victoria had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. A vaccine which does not prevent infection, and does not prevent transmission. As proven by three recent studies published by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA, the UK Government, and Oxford University.

However, the studies only confirm what we already knew, as the vaccines have only allegedly been proven to reduce the risk of hospitalisation and death, and even this is debatable if the latest Public Health England report is anything to go by which shows 72% of Covid-19 deaths since February 2021 have been among the vaccinated population.

The Premier of Victoria’s coercive tactics seem to have worked and nearly 70% of the population of the state of Victoria have now had a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, and this is what Dan Andrews has gifted to the people he is supposed to serve –

  • There are now six reasons that a person can leave their home under the regulations. These include:
  1. Shopping for essentials;
  2. Authorised work, if you cannot work from home, or education;
  3. Care giving, compassionate and medical reasons;
  4. To get vaccinated.
  5. Limited outdoor social interaction will be allowed.
  6. The sixth reason is to partake in exercise, which Dan Andrews has “kindly” increased from a period of two hours to four hours.
  • People in greater Melbourne must still stay home between 9pm and 5am, but the curfew is not in place for regional Victorian local government areas under lockdown orders.
  • Instead of only being permitted to travel within a 5km radius from home, Premier Dan Andrews has kindly allowed Victorians to venture a further 5km by increasing the radius to 10km.
  • Masks must be still worn everywhere except for in the home. This includes both indoor places and outdoor areas. It also applies to all workplaces and secondary schools. Primary-school-age children must also wear masks indoors and outside, except when at home or if an exception applies.
  • Construction workers statewide will need to show evidence to their employer that they have had a first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine by 11:59 pm, 23 September. Construction sites can have up to 50% of their capacity returned, if 90% of the workforce has received at least one vaccine dose. (This has thankfully led to mass protests, although sadly they have turned violent on the part of the State who have instructed the police to shoot protesters with rubber bullets.)

The above is Dan Andrews, the Premier of Victoria’s version of freedom. Except it isn’t. It’s evidence that Dan Andrews was lying to Australians when he said restrictions would be lifted once 70% of the public had been vaccinated. It’s evidence that he said this in order to coerce the population into taking an experimental injection that they did not and do not need, you only need to look at the official Victorian Governments Covid-19 Dashboard to see that.

There are 6.7 million people living in Victoria, Australia and as of the 21st September 2021 just 0.089% of those people currently allegedly have an active case of Covid-19, with 0.009% of them testing positive on the 21st September. This translates to 6,000 active cases, and 603 positive test results on September 21st, an incredibly small number.

However, these numbers are actually the highest they have been in Victoria, Australia during the whole year, despite the fact almost 70% of residents have now been vaccinated, and despite the fact they have been in a strict lockdown for the past two months.

Since the alleged Covid-19 pandemic began in early 2020 up to the 21st September 2021 the state of Victoria has recorded 29,596 positive test results for the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus, 0.4% of the entire population. Therefore, the current 6,000 active cases make up 20.2% of all cases recorded since the pandemic began.

The Covid-19 dashboard also reveals that more tests have been carried out than the number of people who reside in Victoria, with 10,594,601 tests having been done up to the 21st September 2021. The extremely contagious Covid-19 various suddenly doesn’t seem so contagious when you see numbers like that.

You would assume the people of Victoria may have been put under strict lockdown restrictions to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed, and therefore prevent deaths.

Well, the hospitals of Victoria, a state which has a population of 6.7million people are currently overwhelmed with an “extremely worrying” 241 Covid-19 patients, 60 of which are in intensive care.

Dan Andrews has enforced a curfew, restrictions on how far people can travel, a permit system to be allowed to work, mandatory mask wearing even in outdoor public spaces, and enforced a no jab – no job policy for construction workers because 0.003% of the population of Victoria are in hospital, and 0.0008% of the population are currently in intensive care after testing positive for the Covid-19 virus.

If this wasn’t having a devastating effect on people’s lives then you would have to laugh at how ridiculous life in Australia has become, but because it is having a devastating effect on people’s lives you should feel nothing but outrage.

The last saving grace for Dan Andrews to justify ruining the lives of Victorian’s and enforcing dictatorial tyranny of course comes in the form of people who have died with Covid-19. You would hope that he is forcing primary-school aged children to wear masks indoors and outdoors in schools because he wants to put an end to the frightening number of deaths occurring due to the alleged disease.

But the Covid-19 Dashboard reveals that just 0.01% of the entire population have lost their lives after testing positive for Covid-19. This is a grand total of 822 people in eighteen months.

To summarise, 6.7 million people living in the state of Victoria Australia, are only permitted leave home for 6 specific reasons, they require a permit to work, can only venture 10km from their home (this was 5km just a few days ago), must wear masks indoors and outdoors (primary school children must wear them all day at school), are not allowed to leave home between the hours of 9pm and 5am, and now have to suffer the loss of their job if they do not get the Covid-19 jab.

All of this has been enforced by their elected Premier Dan Andrews, who is supposed to serve them, not rule them, because just 0.4% of the entire population have tested positive in the past 18 months, 0.089% of the population are currently infected, 0.003% of the population are currently in hospital after testing positive, 0.0008% are currently in intensive care after testing positive, and just 0.01% of the population have sadly died after testing positive for Covid-19 in 18 months.

And this is what is happening, courtesy of rubber bullets fired by the police, to people in Australia who are trying to fight for the right to be able to work without needing to take an experimental Covid-19 injection –

Now that you know that, do you really believe this has anything to do with the alleged Covid-19 virus? Or do you believe this has everything to do with control?

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2 years ago

The prisoners are waking up Dan and they are fuming, what are you going to do about it? Dan -” Extend the lockdown, increase the police force and increase the restrictions, we will have to keep lying to cover up our other lies, there are still plenty who still believe them, we can get away with it forever”

Lee M
Lee M
2 years ago

i’m from Victoria and living this nightmare
Interesting stat as of today (22 Sept ’21), in 2021 there has been a grand total of 16 deaths from 9,879 positive cases (0.16% CFR)
And on the hospital numbers. They are over-stated. From an ABC article “experts told Fact Check for those aged under 18, the primary reason for admission to hospital was as a place for safety while parents were sick or alternative carers were unavailable rather than for medical care”

Last edited 2 years ago by Lee M
Elisa Valentine
Elisa Valentine
2 years ago

American s keep your guns, buy more guns!

Cindea Mulholland
Cindea Mulholland
2 years ago

The people already know this is about control. This is the last ditch effort by the globalist to turn the world into a garbage dump so they can bring about the NWO! That’s easy to see! Turn us all into their beck and call slaves! Not happening!

2 years ago

The percentage of alleged Covid deaths in Australia is nearer 0.000045% & not 0.01% since the start of the Plandemic

2 years ago

the plan is obviously this:

  1. ‘mandate’ vaccine for a group (eg. construction workers)
  2. some will refuse to be vaxxed
  3. sack them, fill their jobs with the lower paid immigrants that they are importing
  4. let those that refused the vax starve to death
  5. go back to 1.

this is the divide and conquer approach. as no one will fight back you’re done for. either die of the vax or starve to death without the vax.

Rosie Smith
Rosie Smith
2 years ago

Where is the Prime Minister ? The Victorian Premier is totally out of control. He needs to be reeled in and moved on. He is creating civil war. Why ?

1 year ago

The trouble is the mass of people don’t understand. And our boring texts full of proofs and arguments and data etc. don’t help.
Keep them for when they ask for them.
Right now just say two simple things again and again right up front in their faces:

  1. The virus is not/never was as vicious and bad as they make out and isn’t worth all this trouble.
  2. If it were that bad none of these measures would fix it. Out there in the world you can see they haven’t.

Hopefully they’ll ask you to prove something. Well there’s masses of proof and more pouring out each day.

Or maybe we can flatfoot them by asking them to prove it when they maintain the opposite. They can’t. That’s the whole point.

But I do believe there’s nothing we can do at this point but just keep banging those flat statements over and over:

. The virus isn’t so bad.
. These measures won’t fix anything.

And here’s today’s collection of ‘new data’ that I got:

ivor cummins summing it up and showing it.
Time to Think: The Basic Data says It All – Simplified and Clear! 46,459 views Oct 24, 2021