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Dr Jean-Paul Théron arrested by military police in France for prescribing Ivermectin to Covid-19 patients

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A doctor who was arrested for prescribing Ivermectin to Covid-19 patients has been arrested again due to alleged violence against a bailiff who informed him the state had filed further complaints against him.

Due to four complaints made against him by the state, Dr Jean-Paul Théron was arrested Monday, August 20th, in Paea, Tahiti; an island in the French Polynesia.

The reason for the arrest was due to treating Covid-19 patients with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and dazitromocicin.

A bailiff then returned to Dr Théron’s home on Thursday 16th September to notify him of further complaints filed against him by the state. Dr Théron reportedly expressed his outrage by hurling a tray and various other objects, injuring the bailiff’s arm.

This forced the ‘gendarmes’; a military branch of the French police, to return to Dr Théron’s home on Monday 20th September to arrest him again.

However, footage of the arrests shows that Dr Théron was subjected to violence himself by the French police which resulted in the doctor requiring treatment for cardiorespiratory distress at the Taaone Hospital Centre.

As can be seen in the following footage of his arrest –

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2 years ago

Irony. These people, docs spent many years on universities, educating on how to make diagnoses and treat people. The whole went wrong when they accepted to follow upper, pushed rules and methods but using their brains. Sadly they (their obedience) are part of the problem. They trapped themselves when they accepted a bribe level high salary in exchange to keep their mouths shut on vaccines, harmful treatments and drugs. Now everyone pays the price, them and us.

2 years ago

Dr. John-Paul Theron is one of the few doctors in the world who qualify for the title. The so called educated population of the planet have lost touch with the truth. However the strength of FEELING in those who see will never diminish. Over time it will grow and grow and grow. It seems as if it can be no other way.